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  1. A group of kids are stuck in a room together for 4 hours because they all did something to cause trouble in school. These kids have never seen each other around in the school. Their detention time will bring them close together.
    -My Quick Character Info!-
    Name: Bridget Marie Corey (Bridge for short/ nickname)

    Age: 16 (almost 17)

    Height: 5'6''

    Personality: Tough, Mysterious, Bad ass. Is nice to you if you are nice to her, but if you arent you better watch out! She is pretty outgoing but is short-tempered

    Look: (Also look at the pic below) Long beautiful natural red hair, high cheek bones,, full lips, and deep forest green eyes. Wear only a very small amount of make up because she is already naturally beautiful. Perfect slim body as well. While she is in detention she wear black skinny jean that had some holes in them (it was made that way) and it has a small chain attached to two of the belt loops, a green t-shirt, green converses, and green gloves that were fingerless.


    Bridge's mom parked in front of the school and sighed, "Alright," she began, "I will pick you up in 4 hours. Behave yourself." she warned.
    Bridge looked at the school then at her mother, "Alright," she said, "See you then." she got out of the small car. She slammed the door shut. She couldnt believe she had to be in detention on a Saturday! This was cruel and unusual punishment to her. She glared at the school then walked in.

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  2. Name: Vincent Maple [Scooter]
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'1"
    Personality: Imaginative, Childish, Strong Minded, Short tempered, and Witty
    Looks: Blond neck length hair with long side bangs that stop at his chest -- dyed his hair -- and dark blue eyes that gets lighter around the pupil. He'll always wears a black beanie --half way on his head-- with couple of buttons and Dino on the middle of the hat. His pretty tall and the average build --never been the one to work out -- tanned almost a light brown skin, for Detention he wore a slightly baggy but fitted indigo jacket with a splattered different colored paint on the back of his jacket -- he made the design for it and half way zipped -- dark coal washed out jeans and blue snickers with a domo printed on them and also wore a plain v - neck t - shirt.


    Vincent sat in the car with his parents in the back of the seat drawing on the sketch book that he recently gotten as he waited until he made it to the school. He could feel the car halt with a stop and heard his mother getting ready to speak but instead his father did with a soft but stern tone. He would see why, one his mother was in the car and he didn't want her upset or anything since she's sick and two.....he was grounded for the 'trouble' he caused for the school. Before he could let his father speak he gotten out the car. "I know ...I know what I did was wrong but do I really need to be grounded and be here for something so small?" He asked then added. " No, wait don't answer that you know what's best for me, no?" He held his sketch his hand tightly as the other held his messenger bag. "Sweety I know what you did was everyone your talent or what you wanted to gain from others...but it wasn't the right why how you did it..." He heard his mother said with putting her hand on his fathers shoulder to keep him shut. Vincent just gave his mother a kiss on the forehead before he left with a groan. "Whatever...bye see you guys at 4, kay?" He said then left toward the school opening to go in.
  3. Bridge entered the gigantic library and looked around. Well at the moment it seemed like she was the only student there. She sighed and took a table in the last row. She sat in the chair and tilted the chair back a little bit.
  4. Once he entered the school he walked down the hall and into the library, it was pretty big and a lot of room to hide away from others when he didn't want to be around people while he is in his thoughts. Vincent glanced around and seen that there was another student there as well and asked. "Detention also?" Though pretty sure he knew the answer for that and sat down at a table in front of her and in the chair. He put his book and bag down on the other sit and the table before he turned around to face her.
  5. Bridge looked att him, blinked, then nodded. She thought that was a pretty stupid question but then decided to let it slide, "Yes I am." she said.
  6. "Well then and now the real question is what did you to get in here?" He asked. He really wanted was conversation to pass the time but if she didn't want to talk the its just a shrug and he could finish his sketch...speaking of which, Vincent went back and opened his book and began to grab his pencil and draw as he waited for her answer now or not which ever one he didn't really care...well not right now since it was a weekend he was pretty tired himself. Should have not stayed up all night drawing and hanging out with friends.
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  7. Name:Dee
    Personality: Keeps to himself most of the time. Quiet. observatory. smart. logical thinker. loves to laugh.
    Appearance: He wears black cargo shorts and a black tshirt with a black and red Nike book bag and red and black shoes. Athletic build. brown eyeys and black hair.
    As I wal up to the school I stop and sigh "detention" as I enter the room I pull my book bag off and find a seat near a wall and lean against it. ... looking around I se a boy and a girl .. the teacher overseeing us has not yet arrived. I give a small smile and lay my head back listening to the sounds in the room.
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  8. She sighed, "I can tell you dont really care so I am just not going to say what I did." Bridge heard the door open and turned her head to the direction the sound came from. She saw a boy.
  9. "Yea partly..but wanted to make little conversation really. " He said then looked over seeing another come in the room as he tapped his pencil on the book. Vincent closed his eyes and gave out a good yawn then blinked before finishing the rest of the creature he was making.
  10. Name: Alena Mayze
    Age: 16 (Just turned)
    Height: 5'5''
    Personality: She's trustworthy and calm, sweet and caring. Rarely will you find her in a bad mood, and she has very good patience.
    Look: [​IMG] She wears a white tank top underneath a black hoodie in which she keeps pulled over her head. Black jeans and navy tennis shoes.

    Alena sighed, standing outside the door. She hated the thought of being caught. Pushing the door open, she noticed already three people had arrived. With that, she moved towards the back of the class, sitting next to a guy who was already sitting. "Hi." She said simply. She'd never seen any of these people before.
  11. Bridge glanced a the girl then thought, 'Finally, there is another girl in her.'
  12. Dee watched as a girl followed shortly behind him . she took a seat next to him ... "hi" he hears he looks at her. "hey was up " his right arm turns up and it beeps twice signaling the turn of the hour. he whispers "12 o,clock" then his arm falls with a sigh. he waits for the girl to respond..
  13. "Boredom, to be honest." she sighed. She didn't want to be there, but she can meet new people, so it was sort of an upside. "I'm Alena Mayze, your name?" She asked curiously, her head resting comfortably in her palm.
  14. "Dee" he responds.. he looks around again thinking he herd the door again but it was nothing.. he begins looking through his bag. he comes out with a piece of lined paper . he writes "detention 1 of four" and in essay for writes all of the events that occurred since he walked through the door. (I sometimes switch from first to third person when I type. just thought id let you all know)
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  15. Alena nodded slightly. "Nice to meet you Dee." she said before turning away as he wrote. She looked over at the other two and waved slightly.
  16. He looked up once more to see what else have happened since he was gone in his world and seen the girl talking to the other for a while then seen her wave toward them. He waved back slightly with pencil in hand. "Hey." He said with a small smile.
  17. "Hi." she said, smiling. She stood from the desk, walking over and offering him her hand. He seems like he'll be a little more interesting. "I'm Alena, you are?" She asked, still smiling a little.
  18. Bridge grumbled something under her breath then suddenly the teacher walked in, "Alright maggots shut your pie hole." Pie hole? Bridge thought to herself. Who says that anymore?
  19. still writing Dee pauses from writing as the girl leaves he turns the page and writes some math equations down. then closes the book. The teacher comes in... his hand flies in the air.
  20. He toke her hand in the shake and spoke once more looking up at her. "Vincent." He introduced then added. "I might say, Alena, is a lovely name." He smirked then looked over the teacher when he called to them. "Well then isn't this just a dainty to call kids." He said with a laugh and let go of the girls hand putting them under his chin out of boredom with a smirk on his face. "Pie Hole is rather old fashioned isn't it?" He asked the Teacher while he began to close his sketchbook with a sigh. If he didn't like them then why let them be here? Doesn't make sense to the young boy but he just left it be and just waited to see what they were going to do here other then sitting around doing nothing.
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