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The Citizens [Playable]
The citizens of Golden City are diverse, as it includes people from all layers. Most of the population exists out of self-employed scientists that have come to Golden City in order to pursue their intellectual freedom. They support themselves by opening a tinkershop in the city in which they create trinkets, or offer repairs on automatons and other mechanics. Because of their sheer number, the competition between tinkershops is murderous and they have to be especially outstanding if they wish to maintain their clientele. It could be that one shop specialises itself in offering protheses, while other shops could be focusing on making their automatons as humanoid as possible. Those who wish to survive in this business has to be resourceful, innovative, and creative. To be a tinkerer in Golden City is to be what the city represents.

These that have succeeded in Golden City usually live in The Sky. The founding family of Golden City, along with the scientists that have been exceptionally successful in their endeavours, and savvy merchant families, are usually thrown under one colloquial name: the Floaters. They are the privileged folk who can breathe in the filtered air in The Sky and enjoy the fruits of success. Some call them scornfully 'Fetuses' in reference to the bubble that is surrounding them, as well as the tube connecting The Land with The Sky. Floaters are usually considered nobility within Golden City, as the majority of them are founding families that made Golden City what it is today. The odd few that joined later are usually successful engineers, or merchants that made bank, and considered to be new blood.

The Rats [Playable]
The Rats are the citizens that the city forgot about. These are the unlucky few that fell down so hard that they can't afford themselves a life on The Land even. Forced to live in the Underground, they usually open up a tinkershop there, in the hopes to scrape their lives together. Others resort themselves to the waste business, hoping to find their salvation there. All of them wish to get out, but the circumstances are difficult and their options are limited. Some of them turn to darker business, selling body and soul to survive. Others hide in The Underground from the authorities for crimes they committed. It unfortunately happens often that children are born and raised in the sewers as well. These born Rats are the most pitiful of all as they often don't know any better than the existence they have now, and the city doesn't know that they were born because they were never registered. This makes them especially vulnerable to these with dark intentions, which leads to a spiral of negativity and tragic fates.

The Criminals [Playable]
The numbers of crime in Golden City are high. From stealing oxygen tanks from The Sky, to Medicine trafficking for the addicted, to human trafficking, it all happens in Golden City. The Council tries their hardest to combat it, but they lose sight of most of the criminal activity happening within Golden City because of their negligence of The Underground. However, what is more worrying is how the media depicts the criminals. Sensationalised, with a dash of vigilance, the papers have made some of the most notorious criminals in Golden City celebrities. The most infamous criminals are given an animal name, one that refers to a particular trait they share with the animal, or to symbolise them. To be given an animal name by the papers, small or big, means that the criminal has caught the attention of all, and worryingly also their encouragement.

The Cloaks [Playable]
The Cloaks is what the active law enforcement of Golden City is called. They are usually distinguished by the black capes they wear, protecting their identity, and hiding them in the dark. The Cloaks are responsible for the safety of the citizens, but also to keep an eye out for criminal activity through patrols. Despite their notable appearance, the Cloaks aren't usually seen by the public, stealthily hiding within the shadows. The only time a citizen catches a glimpse of the Cloaks is when they are actively giving chase to apprehend criminals. Even then, the citizens only get to see their black cape moving like shades over ground and roofs.

Little is known about the Cloaks. The identities of its members are kept secret to ensure their own safety in their civilian life, as well as that of their families. The Cloaks are highly trained and allowed to enforce the law immediately if needed, and are given cuffs, weapons, and other means to combat crime. Despite the good work they deliver, their low-key profile and illustrious image impends fear in every child in Golden City. There are many stories that go around about their activities, with most not as heroic as their actual purpose.

The Council [Playable]
The highest authority in Golden city, the engine, the driving force. The Council is what keeps Golden City running; they make important decisions on plans and changes, give direct orders to The Cloaks as needed, and maintain the courts. Their base of action is the Centre in The Sky, and the members are usually selected amongst the crowd. However, it is no secret that there is no representation from the lower layers. All of the Council members are Floaters, the majority even hailing from founding families. This makes them incredibly unpopular to the crowd, as they are frequently accused of nepotism and corruption. However, no matter the changes made, The Council remains the highest power in the city.

Automatons [Playable]
They aren't exactly considered citizens in Golden City, as they aren't sentient. However, the fact that there are more automatons in The Sky than there are people living in the top layer, makes them notable enough to be classified as a group of their own. Over the years it has become popular to make automatons seem more humanoid, with the aim being that they can't be distinguished from humans. They can be found everywhere.

Though automatons usually miss the fine motoric skills humans have, they can be used for a variety of things. A fancy boutique in The Sky can have only one human employee whilst the rest are automatons, and tinkershops have them on display to show off their own crafts and skills. They can also be found as waiters in restaurants and bars, or as maids in rich households. Automatons are a common sight in Golden City, replacing humans wherever they can.

Lately, there have been automatons popping up with an eerie human-like appearance and a personality of their own. Though they are only a few amongst them, these automatons are becoming increasingly popular, for the fact that they aren’t so static as the traditional automaton is. While there are still kinks in their system, such as a lack of emotion, empathy, and finesse, the automatons are getting one step closer to seem more human. However, the science behind them is strictly kept a secret by these who have them figured out.

Other Beings [Closed]
While uncommon, they aren’t unheard of. Citizens that aren’t human also live in Golden City. While most of them are condemned into The Underground, because of their queer appearance, there are few who can pass for one of the crowd. Elves and sirens are such examples, but while they may look human, they possess certain traits that sets them apart from the crowd.

Elves are exceptionally tall with pointy ears, while sirens tend to emit natural pheromones that attract all sorts of attention. Other beings are considered an anomaly in the city, and as such have to do their best to keep a low profile; usually, this means that they have to hide in The Underground, as their appearance won't allow a peaceful life in the upper layers. Goblins, for example, tend to have a green scaly skin, while satyrs have tails. All in all, the other beings are a few amongst the crowd, and the few that do exist either hide who they are, or hide in The Underground for fear of the citizens.


The Inquisition
The most visible authority in the city, but also the most elusive. The Inquisition, also called the Cloaks, is the security of Golden City. The members of the Inquisition are highly trained agents, recognisable for the dark capes they wear to hide their identity, which also earns them their nickname. They patrol the city and ensure that all the rules are respected, the crimes quenched, and the order kept. They hold the authority to interfere when situations are escalating, and to arrest on the spot, but also to carry out small verdicts over smaller and repeated crimes.

Cloaks are carefully selected citizens who show both skill, and secrecy. They answer directly to the vice-president of The Council, to whom they make rapport, and look for instructions.

The Council
The highest authority in the city. The Council is shouldered with the responsibility of day-to-day decisions of Golden City, implementing new policies, and overseeing the courts. The Council exists out of eleven members. Four members should formally represent the citizens of The Land, two to represent the will of The Underground, three members to represent the Floaters, one vice-president to act as the bridge between The Inquisition and The Council, and the last one to act as the president.

The theory behind the composition of The Council is that everyone in the city gets equally represented, and that all voices are and can be heard. However, the members elected are often privileged members of The Sky with very little experience and knowledge of what is going on in other layers. It happens often that seats are passed down from senior to the junior member of the same family, keeping their powers rooted. The Council is often accused of nepotism and corruption, but so far no independent councils have been set up to investigate these allegations.

The Zoo
As Golden City makes it a habit to name its criminals after animals, and this group of troublemakers is aptly named 'The Zoo'. Why they have banded together, and what their goal is, is unclear. There seems to be no organisation, or structure behind their motivations and actions, but their impact is huge. The papers love them, The Council has a chronic headache with them, and the citizens are divided depending on if they have been targeted or not. Some whisper that someone powerful from the Council is behind them, or that it are rogue Inquisition members, but everyone can agree that the group is composed of some of the most notorious criminals the city has to offer.
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