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So liked him/her. Wanted to get to know them, hung out a lot, had fun, you know. That same old jazz. But when you finally have the balls/tits to ask them out, they reject you!

My question to you, Iwaku peoples, is...

What was your worse rejection?

Was it a rejection of love? Of a job?

How did you take it? Did you throw a fit? Suck it up? Or object that it was even happening?

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Tell us!


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Well, I've only been rejected the once but it hurt!
I made little handmade sweets, bought a special box, filled it with tissue paper and the sweets... Presented it to the guy on Valentine's day...

And he took it, without even a word to me. Walked away! And then I found out that he gave it to another girl. T_____T
I was humiliated.


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My WORST rejection was from a guy who couldn't even show up and TELL me.

At the end of my tenth grade year I had a boyfriend, and he was very serious about making sure I showed up for school. Cause I had a bad habit of skipping. >> I finally promised him that I would stop skipping school after he told me that if I skipped again he'd break up with me. (I thought that was reasonable, because he cared about my education!)


I got so sick, that I couldn't even get off the couch in the living room. It got REALLY bad and I missed the -entire- last month of school.

He didn't call. He didn't show up at the house. He didn't answer my calls. NOTHING. Didn't even try to find out -why- I missed school. You'd think after I didn't show up for an entire month that would be a concern...

Anyway, I never saw or heard from him again. Ever. Not a goodbye, it's over, nothing. D:

Sucked ASS. Cause while I could have handled the breakup if he decided to break up with me anyway, the fact that I never got closure pisses me off.


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Crush for 4 years: "I don't want to go out with you, but what's up with your sister though?"



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My worst rejection is actually a lot like Diana's, except for the skipping school/coincidental plague part. Really, the girl went from "always around" to "phone, pager, and even parents phones disconnected." Friends of hers, years later, told me she moved, and felt it would be better to just end it like that, rather than tell me what was going on.

Needless to say, it was a very heartbreaking experience.


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First crush/love thing - Second grade.

Little Staci in pigtails in her catholic school dress jumper thing, high socks and black mary jane shoes, walks upto Little David, with his messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and little catholic school boy outfit. He sits in his desk, it is the night of the Christmas play, the second grade is chilling and watching movies in the classroom until our cue to go downstairs and on stage.
Little David and Little Staci were best pals. They would call each other and play Pokemon Stadium from their houses, pick the same Pokemon, do everything the same at the same time. They laughed, they smiled, they enjoyed being awesome pals and friends.
Little Staci really liked Little David, and wrote in her diary about wanting to marry him and have a Pokemon wedding.
Little David was shorter than Super Tall Little Staci, but that was okay. She drew him on a pedestal in her diary so he was taller than she.
Little David smiles at Little Staci as she sits opposite him at his desk, pulling up a chair. They talk of Pokemon, and Digimon, and SpongeBob.
And then Little Staci looked around, turned bright red, and decided to do it.
While fidgeting in her lap, Little Staci fumbled over her soft words, but forced them out with the courage within her soul.

"David.. David, I.. I really..I really like you. Like..Like you."

Little David looks up, startled. His mouth drops open, he stammers, he looks around.
Then he hits his head down against his desk, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to emit a soft thud-thud-thud.
He looks up, Little David winces and smiles kind of awkwardly.

"Let's just stay PokePals."

Little Staci felt little heartbreak for the first little time.

{true story}


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So, it was freshman year of high school, and he was in my P.E. class. At that point in time he had this reaalllyy long hair that covered his eyes and was kinda poofy. He was always quiet and hung out with this black dude; he was also in my P.E. class if you couldn't figure it out. Well, I knew he was dating this little chick. She was like to his stomach.. he was really tall.. Anywho, I just looked at him from a distance and every so often I'd catch him looking at me. Well, summer of sophomore year came and Patrick, a mutual friend, gave him my number for some reason ( I didn't ask him to). So we started texting and talking on the phone, but I got to him too late because he started dating this other chick who was like a body builder >.< she had a weird looking face. He dated her all through the school year and into the summer but then they started having problems. Next thing I know he was hanging out with me all the time and we were like dating but then he said something like "It isn't fair to you that I have feelings for someone else. Anywho, this became a cycle through junior year then on through senior year.

June 4th. Prom. 1am on the 4th he asked me out when he dropped me off from our date, but he didn't go to prom. He stayed the night in our hotel room. -sighs-

July 4th.. end of it all. Same reason.

August 13th or so we had a huge fight. Haven't talked to him since.


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Recently, a friend that i like {she knew i liked her} got together with another friend who i feel hates me. neither of them told me until i found out over a Facebook relation status. fml. :|


But does he know about second breakfast?
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The following isn't "the most heartbreaking" but it was one of the more maturing of experiences. Rejection and love seem to go hand in hand. But THAT is a story for another day. =)

Derpina (I will call her) and I had been dating for a few months. There were rumors of her sleeping around. (I was beginning college.) Of course, I was naive. "Until you have evidence, I won't ruin a new relationship on speculation."

Fast forward about 6 weeks later

Her aunt died and school was getting to her. Every night that week she cried. Normally, it was when we were on the phone. Of course I tried to calm her down, be understanding, etc. The following Tuesday Derpina brought it up that "trying to keep up this relationship was making her situation worse." So trying to be helpful, I suggest that we could cool it. When things were better, we can resume the teenage love fest. That was the point I went wrong.

Not a week later, she began dating an ex.
That hurt. The funny thing is, the whole time she told me she hated him. She actually talked smack about how terrible he was. The guy often called her names, slapped her, ditched her. She even had the audacity to tell that he was so under endowed that she could not even fell it. As a guy, that would hurt if I knew she said that.

So I chose to ask Derpina about it. After a discussion, he admitted to manipulating me into taking a break. She ALSO admitted to cheating while I was gone.

I cracked a little at that point. Apparently: Mentally + Physically Abusive, arrogant, small weiner, obese guy > Me? v.v

That sucked.


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I think this was 4th or 5th grade... I was crushing on this guy for about two years or so and finally got up the courage to make him a Valentine's Day card. It was recess and I give it to him while another one of my classmates was hanging around. He opens it and then tosses it into the trash right in front of me, without saying a word. My classmate sees this and blows up in his face. She calls him a heartless jerk and asks him how he could do something like that in front of me. So the guy proceeds to take the card out of the trash, reads it (I think...) and mumbles that it's nice and walks off.

Needless to say I never spoke to him after that.

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There was once this guy who I knew had a crush on me (his best friend told me so) and I was totally into him too. I finally got the nerve to ask him out, and we had a great time, but had no sexy business. I saw him a few days later at a party and went and said hi, and he hardly even looked up from the tv, where The Simpsons was on.

I finally wandered away, feeling very crushed.

I did get the last laugh though, because he asked me out a few weeks later, and I turned him down. Sucker.


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Well I'd have had to get accepted at least once to give a fuck about the rejections first.


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