Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax X Kamen Rider Roleplay?

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  1. Say, have any of you heard of this game, or even played it? Or at least know some of their characters?

    It has a collection of various characters from various Dengeki works, and I need to see who is interested before proceeding with the initiation.

    Like a Smash Bros RP is limited to Nintendo-related characters only, this RP will be limited to Dengeki-related characters only. Don't worry, there's a lot. If you're unsure which of your favourite anime characters are and are not qualifiable, drop me a PM with everyone you have in mind.
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  2. Of course, this won't be Fighting Game-styled.

    So, here's what I planned.

    After the events of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, any memories of such events occuring were erased after the pages of reality were ridden from Zetsumu's distortion and returned to normal.

    However, it wasn't over.

    Zetsumu had rough, incomplete data of his former prisoners he had captured throughout the course of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax - and he probably has older data of his victims from his previous appearances. It was incomplete, but it was enough to create his army - an army that would aid him in rewriting the Dengeki Multiverse - and after he's done - the other sections of the Omniverse.

    He chose a certain town in a certain, supposedly-obscure world in the Dengeki multiverse, a world where no story has been written yet, essentially a blank page....


    The Denshin, now taking the shape of a fictitious reporter 'Dengekiko', once again, gathers the heroes of the Dengeki Multiverse in an effort to stop Zetsumu's almost-stealthy plans. Of course, Zetsumu is stronger than ever and the coalition forces of the Dengeki Multiverse might not halt him... but who said they didn't have backup?

    Current Working Title: Dengeki Bunko X Kamen Rider MUSOU Climax. plot in progress
  3. Very little interest I see?

    Should I initiate the crash initiation OoC? Where I just make the OoC despite no feedback here?
  4. I know a person who'd be all over this RP if I had contact with 'em.
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