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  1. Akio kept his head down as he walked through the halls, making sure he wasn't noticed. He hated attention. He absolutely despised it. He kept a tight grip on his books, but because he was walking with his head down it meant it was very easy to bump into people. He did look up once in a while, but sometimes it didn't work. There were plenty of people in the school who would take great pleasure in bullying him. He certainly looked the type. Quite suddenly, the worst happened. He bumped into someone.
  2. Tiger was heading towards the western section of the Academy, into the Weapons Master's office whom earlier had confiscated his dual pistols during History. The teacher didn't even bother to listen to his reasoning, all he wanted to do was clean his precious weapons - it's dirtiness was really starting to tick him off. Turning the corner, Tiger walked into something solid, he angrily looked down to see a male student. With an impatient snarl, he snapped, "Watch where you're going, kid."
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  3. Akio's head snapped upwards, his eyes wide in shock. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." He looked down, fidgeting nervously. He waited for Tiger to walk right on pass without a second thought as most usually did. He felt the dagger tucked up his sleeve for reassurance. Even though he didn't look like much, he could hold his own with his dagger.
  4. Tiger took a deep breath, remember what she always says: breath and calm down. Tiger choked down his anger and looked at the boy more closely. "Who are you? I've never seen you around before, you new?" Oh, how proud she would be right now, years of putting up with his temper and teaching him how to calm down finally paid off, he owed her a big debt.
  5. Akio blinked. "Uh..." He had a temporary mind blank, and panic attack. Why isn't he moving past like the others?! "I-I'm not new... I've been here for a while..." Of course no one notices, he thought bitterly. "I'm Akio..."
  6. "Akio, huh..." Tiger blinked, trying to scan his brain for such a name. "Never heard of you, I have a name I'd rather not share, so call me Tiger," he clasps his hand and dips his head. He knew in this world, people acknowledged others with handshakes and hugs, but from where he came from it was a custom to bow to a newly introduced person. He never really got into it, she had to beat it into him.
  7. Akin stared at Tiger, blinking. "Um. Ok. Uh, nice to meet you." He watched him, before awkwardly copying his movements. He had absolutely no idea what he was doing, or what he was doing.
  8. Tiger cracked a smile, he obviously wasn't from his motherland, but it was amusing to see a foreigner do the bow. "Where are you from, Akio?" he asks.
  9. "I don't know," Akio mumbled. His cheeks had gone red. "Never knew my parents."
  10. His smile fell, "I'm sorry." Feeling awkward, he tried to change the subject he had started, "Where you heading off to? Got a class?"
  11. "No it's ok," Akio said. "You're not the first." He wondered why someone had taken an interest in him all of a sudden. This wasn't normal. "I have history..." He mumbled. Then he checked his watch. "Shit!"
  12. Tiger laughed, "Well, you'd better get going, I need to get my weapons back and then head to Practise. See you around!" Walking around Akio, Tiger takes a left turn and heads towards the Western offices.
  13. "Yeah I need to go," Akio muttered. He stared after Tiger. "I guess do?" With a shake of his head, Akio headed for his class at a run.
  14. After some persuading, Tiger walked out of the office holding his magnificent half-cleaned pistols. "I'd better not catch you cleaning those again, m'boy," said the professor before closing the door. His pistol were a bright silver, custom-made M1911, with thundercloud patterns etched on the sides. It glowed an eerie blue, which came from the magical bullets containing a special material that could store his magical energy. Turning around, he smiles as he sees his closest friend, a girl named Dragon. She was at least a head shorter, but she was a kind and selfless girl. She was also a fellow Deva like he was, she had small stubby horns, large bat-like wings, long elf-like ears, a hidden tail and extremely soft, scaleless skin.

    "Have you been up to something naughty again, Tiger?" she said with a wink.

    "Uh, nope," he laughed, there was no way he could lie to her. She knew him too well.

    "We'll be late for Practise, I'm not going to join you in detention like last time!" Dragon spreads her giant wings and takes off without looking back. Shaking his head and smiling, he buckles his pistols to his belt and pounces after her on all fours, his white and black striped tail trailing behind him.
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  15. Akio made it to class just in time. He was out of breath, but glad that he wasn't getting a detention because of it. He quickly took his seat, at the back of the room and took out his books. History wasn't his favourite class, but it was one he didn't mind. However, today he didn't pay that much attention. Most of it was Tiger, and why he had paid any attention to him at all. During class, he was told off for daydreaming and that caused snickers round the class. Embarrassed, he tried to get Tiger out of his head and focus.
  16. Tiger was pretty terrifying in combat, anyone could tell you that. However, he was always so focused on offence he never looked behind his back, Dragon had to do that for him. For Practise they were let out into an holographic woodland, filled with holographic demons. It was impossible to physically get wounded, but when hit you could feel the pain. Dragon was a summoner, writing down complex magical formulas on the ground or in the air to call on dragons of all a shapes and sizes. The back of her wings were rock solid, and she wielded metal fans that could easily deflect arrow and guide a demon's claw somewhere else. After an hour of Practise, they were dismissed. They took a shower, and headed to the cafeteria, while waiting for food, Tiger was thinking about that boy earlier. He seemed quite interesting, he'd never met someone like him before. Exiting the line with a tray of food, he sat down with Dragon on a table near the entrance.
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  17. Once class had ended, Akio was the first one out of the door. He headed for the cafeteria, hungry and wanting to see Tiger again. Though he couldn't be sure if they were in the cafeteria. That was, until he walked in and saw him on a table close by.
  18. He was picking at his food, normally after Practise he would be starving to the point he was convinced his stomach was eating itself, but today he kept thinking about Akio. What kind of person was he? Fighting style? What house did he belong in? Beside him, Dragon looked quite worried. She offered him a chocolate bar, and he accepted with thanks, he should at least eat something.
  19. Akio hesitated, trying to decide whether or not to go up to him. Did he want the attention of what was probably his girlfriend? At that thought, he looked away. No, he didn't. He tried to move past him, unseen.
  20. Tiger turned around at the first whiff of Akio's scent, he had quite a unique scent, it was a smell that he had never smelt before. Tiger waved arms, trying to catch his attention, with the half eaten chocolate bar in his mouth.
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