Demons in Your Head

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  1. "I wish you would just keep quiet when I'm doing business with others. Or walk, or talk, or do anything," he hissed, though there was no one around that deserved such a berating snap of a comment.

    That's no fun, human. I like to play with your kind. So easily frightened and chased off. You ought to work on your social skills.

    "If you left us alone for just two minutes, I could get food so I can, I don't know, stay alive? If I die, you die."

    Hmph, was all that came from the demon in his head. Shea sighed, fixing the hat on his head. It kept the sun from bearing down, but more importantly, he felt like it kept his brain from bursting out with how much was going on in his head.

    Shea was lucky today, or so he hoped. He was traveling through a small village, one untouched by the massive war ravaging the land. Though the populace was tiny, most people ignored him and his sometimes incessant, quiet arguments with himself. It was harsh trade-backs with Aehs, the arch-demon that possessed half of his body, but Shea couldn't really stop him from talking. In fact, the more Shea ignored him, the more Aehs chattered about how weak humans were.

    For once, he was staying silent as Shea maneuvered his way to the least populated area, feigning a limp with the cane at his side. He often faked a crippled limb to justify him drinking alcohol or finding something to soothe his fabricated pain, which dulled Aehs's thoughts and opinions about... everything.

    Aehs was completely aware of Shea's attempts to get rid of him, as well as truly rid the demon from his body. They'd been battling for control of Shea's soul ever since Aehs had first showed up almost a year ago. They'd come to a tentative agreement: once a week, Aehs could roam for a day, killing and sating his lust for blood and power. In exchange, he wouldn't try to completely take over Shea.

    Sometimes it worked, sometime it didn't.

    In that moment, Shea was only trying to get away from the crowds so he could have some sort of peace. He limped his way through the people, doing his best to avoid physical contact with anyone. If provoked by deigning to brush a human, Aehs would be more likely to attempt to show himself and kill someone.

    Next time, human, try to find a better location. These humans are stupid and incompetent.

    "You think every human is stupid," Shea muttered, lowering his head to keep his eyes away from the crowd. He was less likely to draw attention if he appeared meek, or so he hoped. It had backfired sometimes when street rats in the bigger cities tried to rob him.

    Shea didn't like to think about those people.

    The village held promise that nothing terrible would happen, and he had to roll with it. He'd been walking for too long and if he ran himself down, Aehs would seize the opportunity and battle for control.
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