Demons, Humans, and Shapeshifters (MxM Plot Ideas)

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  1. Alright, so I have a few fleshed out plot ideas I'd like to try and a small list of parings if anyone's interested.

    Plot A
    Demon/Human In this world, humans are aware of the existence of demons and kidnappings are common. If you're unlucky enough to live near a demon city, no one blinks an eye at sudden disappearances. One night a demon sees a human they'd really like to have for themselves as a pet and kidnaps them. The human has no choice but to comply with the demon if they'd like to keep living.

    Lots of drama, angst and some abuse are expected. I would really like to play the human in this one, please and thank you.

    Plot B
    Shapeshifter/Shapeshifter Two shapeshifters from two different clans are forced to get married to enforce an alliance between their clans, hoping that the combined force of the joined clans would be enough to stop a third from annihilating both.

    (Italics are the role I'd like to play)
  2. Plot A would be good
  3. I'd love to do Plot B with you. :o