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It's been fifteen years since an old woman had ventured into our town and told us all that people would start to appear out of no where. They wouldn't be human, yet at the same time they would. This scared the people and like usual, a rumor spread around. The rumor spoke of people who wore hoods over their head all the time, entering the town from all over, one after the other. The rumor told us that they'd be dangerous and might kill off humanity. After a year of nothing happening, the rumor died off and everything went back to normal.

Until recently, that is.

The Smith family thought it was strange enough that the old woman appeared and spoke of these... these things on the same day as their daughter was born. But now it was even scarier. On her fifteenth birthday, someone saw a group of people wearing hoods enter Orleans, France. The police tried to get them to take of their hoods but the people ran off. After hearing about it, the rumor started back up again and the people were afraid all over again. It's been two months since the first sighting, and there were already five more! All groups as well. The police hadn't caught any as of yet but there was no doubt they were hiding.

There was a problem though. Because if was Winter, many people wore the hood son their jackets to stay warm. So the police have decided to hold the case until after Winter. Which meant that the Unknown, as the people called them, were safe for now. But not for long. Winter would end in two weeks and then the search would be on.
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