Demons and Their Plot for Love

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  1. When falling in love, you need to make sure the one you go after wants you and you can have her. Sadly every time he manages to find her and convince her of his love she dies some how and he's left to morun over her soul. Again. So when the king of hell decieds to resign and give his crown to the heir who has a ture lover. Things get heated up. He's her teacher now. How will he do it? Will he manage it this time or lose her for good?
  2. He awoke from the sound of his alarm going off in the background as he growled and got up. He knew if he was late no one would care because he owned the place but none the less it was bad manersims and his mother would murder him if she knew.

    He got out of bed and started his morning rutuine. showering, eating, dressing. all while watching his beloved through a one way looking glass. oh how lovely she was. such perfection, such beuaty, too bad he didn't have the right to be with her. He'd failed her in every way. from the moment he met her life times ago he was smitten by her. but his love came with a price even he didn't know. his brothers wrath. at first he tried to make her his queen his bride. he'd come close only a few of the times they were together before his stupid brother got in the way and she either killed her self or he killed her. In the end it was always his fault because he knew he could have changed it.
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  3. Amaya had gotten up at dawn to start her usual day. She opened her bedroom window but left the curtains drawn as she showered and slipped on her favorite purple and black dress. She looked in the mirror, smiling a bit as she curled her long black hair and added a simple, vibrant purple bow just for color. After doing her makeup, she opened the curtains, letting the light shine into her room, just as she did everyday. She moved swiftly over to a corner and sat down at a canvas propped up on an easel as she began to mix some paints and practice her art for a bit, her icy blue eyes focused intently on the canvas.

    Hidou silently watched his brother as he watched the human girl. Pathetic. "Face it. With me around, you'll never have her. You don't deserve her and I'll make sure that you don't get matter how many time I have to kill her," he growled coldly, knowing his brother couldn't hear him.
  4. He loved watching her paint. loved how focused and intense she was when she painted. He was glad he bought all her paintings, he'd do anything to help her, anything. he left his home to get to his job at the main office. he owned his own company that delt a varity of prouducts. from fasion to auto. he had a little bit of every thing to balance it all out.

    Sitting in his office he contuined to watch her as he worked happy to be able to see her every day even though he'd decided not to get invloved with her any more. for her sake more then his. he didn't want to see her cry or be in pain. he hated it and being with her always led to it. weather his brother had a hand in it or not. He knew it was better to watch and protect from afair
  5. She had finally stopped painting and sighed softly as she looked at the paintings around her room. Some she painted herself, but some were bought for her by...No! Don't you dare think it! Her mind practically screamed at her each time she thought about him. Sighing softly, she no longer tried to hide the pain in her facial expression. She looked down, reluctantly admitting to herself that she wanted to see him, but decided that if he felt the same then she hadn't gone anywhere. Getting up, she walked to her mirror and absentmindedly ran her brush through her hair.
  6. He looked up from the work when he noticed somthing had changed and he looked to the glass worridely. She'd gone to brush her hair in the middle of painting. He knew somthing was wrong and it hurt not being able to help her. It hurt to be appart from his mate. his parents were suprised he hadn't gone mad yet from waiting all theese years for her.

    He held strong though knowing madness wouldn't get him his desires. He held on, for her sake. It was her love that called him back from the depths of madness and darkness. both her fought with every time she was lost to him
  7. She finally sat the brush down just as something shiny caught her eye. She couldn't help but smile at the shouldn't that she had almost forgotten to put the necklace on. It seemed rather normal to others but it meant much more to her. With its bright red ruby heart as the center and gold devil horns and tail with a silver arrow and diamond on it. She stared at it as she held it from it's gold chain before finally putting it on, suddenly feeling a bit better than she had before. She had never went a day without wearing the necklace since he had given it to her, and she didn't plan on starting now.
  8. He smiled watching her put on the necklace he'd sliped to her last christmas at a party. The best part of secreact santa. if an extra gift shows up. no one notices. he smiled holding his own version of the necklace insted of horns there was a halo and no tail. his little angel. even though he was a demon.
  9. She brought her hand to the red stone and took a deep breath, forcing a smile. She turned and walked out of her room and going downstairs. She kissed her mother's cheek before walking out of the door, deciding to go shopping to get her mind off things. Walking to the mall, she went inside and went straight to the first clothing store she saw which were full of girly clothes. She began to look around, soon pulling out a green dress with a bright blue belt. She smiled and walked into the dressing room, deciding to try it on.
  10. He smiled at her sweetness and watched her leave for shopping. He loved watching her come out of the change rooms in new clothing. he'd never watch her naked. never he had more honor then that
  11. She smiled a bit once she had the dress on and walked out of the dressing room, looking at herself in the mirror. She spun around in it and giggled softly, loving how the light green brought out her black hair. She walked back in and changed back before walking out once again and kept looking around once again.
  12. He smiled watching her smile and spin about. He continued his work watching her happiness from the corner of his eye. Soon the day came to a close and he was getting ready to leave work for the day
  13. She finally walked out of the mall, her arms covered in bags of clothes. She yawned softly as she carried them home, going straight up to her room and putting them up. Glancing at the time, she decided she wasn't hungry and sat down at her canvas, starting to work on the painting she had started that morning.
  14. Getting off work ment that he could go over to her place. hidden from view and stay there till she went to bed. he got in his car and drove to her place happily. He'd watch her till she tell as sleep and assured that she'd have nothing but good dreams before he'd go home for the night and make sure his subordnates wern't causing truble for him
  15. Hidou watched his brother walk in through the door and gritted his teeth. "I thought you would learn by now," he said coldly as he stood up and approached him. His eyes showed nothing but cold amusement as a smirk played on his face. He turned and walked up to his room, closing the door without another word considering he wasn't much for talking.
  16. He hew his brother would try to kill her again. He just knew it. but what could he do? All he could do was make the days last as long as possible for her and make them as happy as possible. Soon night fell and he was getting tired. He'd heard from other lesser demons that something was brewing in hell but no one knew what.
  17. She changed into a pair of simple black shorts and a bright pink tank top as she laid down. She smiled and closed her eyes after turning off her bedside lamp, enjoying the darkness. Sighing quietly, she soon fell asleep into a world of good dreams.
  18. He walked over to her and kissed her lips softly allowing himself that one sweet display of love to her before he headed home. He intended to ask his parents what they were doing to have the lesser demons gossip so much about them and their plans? May be it was time to crown a new king? Na, his father was old as dirt but he'd never give up his crown with out a fight. not that his other siblings didn't try. they just end up dead or worse
  19. Hidou growled as he watched his brother kiss the girl's lips. He almost immediately closed his eyes, deciding to induce nightmares upon her. He smiled in satisfaction as he watched her begin to toss and turn as she breathed heavily and suddenly screamed, unable to wake up.
  20. He turned to the watch glass sensing her distress
    "curse you brother!" he thought as he rushed to her side to rid her of the demons of the dreams. His heart broke at the sight of her tossing and turning in pain. her cursed his brother as he commanded the dream to fade to something better before he got up to look for his brother. He'd said his applogies to him over and over but he never forgave. seeking harm to his loved ones to get at him
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