Demons and Fairies

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  1. Harmony hummed softly as she wandered through the woods. She didn't really walk through it, but lightly floated. She was in a slightly sitting position a few inches from the ground and simply watched as the animals went about their day.
    There was a town just a few miles back from where she had come from.
    Her wings fluttered lightly, keeping her off the ground as a cool breeze blew by. To be honest, she had no idea where she was really headed. She had no plans and just went wherever her wings took her. She did know her way around these woods, that was certain but with no plans on where she was to be heading it was a little hard to tell where she was going to end up.
    It was quiet to. The only sound she could hear was the howl of the wind that blew by every so often. Sometimes she could hear the birds or a few animals move around, but not much.
  2. Denji wandered through the trees, unsure of which direction to take, and tired. It had been days since he'd seen a village, and he wasn't in so much a rush as to fly above the trees and find another nearby. Not too far away from where he was, he caught sight of a small rotten treehouse nailed between two large oak trees. It had a beautiful wooden set of stairs that wound up the trunk to the large structure. Whoever had build it took their time and did it right. He nodded in approval and puckered a lip, shifting to one foot and tapping his chin.

    This would make a good place to stay. It looked by now as if it were falling apart, but he wasn't very heavy and he figured he could fix it up as he went. As nicely built as it was, he didn't feel it deserved to fall apart now. He inspected each step to see if it would break through, and then climbed into the flat space inside. He smiled. It was roomy, and there was a set of cabinets and a small cot on the far side of hay. He curled up to relax before going any further. If he was going to start working on it as his personal hideaway, he would have to make sure he could find it the next time he wandered this way.
  3. Harmony continued floating through the woods, going in between large rocks and trees. Eventually she laid down on her back as she floated, starring up at the sky. She watched as the clouds floated by, not exactly paying a whole lot of attention at to where she was going now. Tilting her head, slightly to the side, she tried to make out shapes within the clouds.

    "If only this forest was more lively." she said to herself. "Perhaps then it wouldn't be so boring." she added, losing herself in her thoughts, floating at a steady pace, towards an area she wasn't aware of.
  4. He woke up with a sniff. Confused, he sat up and took a deeper breath, then scrunched his brow. Can't say I've ever smelled something like that before, he thought to himself. He peeked out of the door, and then crawled back down the ladder, following his nose. It had the smell of magic on it, but didn't smell like an elf or a human, or anything he'd caught scent of before.

    Before he got too close, he caught scent of Denye, his brother, and then ducked down into a stalking position. He apparently wasn't the only one who caught scent of it.
  5. The only thing that made Harmony stop now was when she flew into the trunk of a tree behind her. "Should pay attention next time. . " she said, rubbing the back of her head as she put herself up right and lightly put her feet to the ground. She'll walk this time.
    However she didn't get very far till she sensed there was someone in the area. At the same time she saw an odd looking home attached to trees in the clearing up ahead. "Well isn't that a strange looking house. . ." she said quietly to herself as she slowly made her way to it, forgetting about what she had sensed before. Curiosity always tends to get the best of her, it seemed to be a common thing with fairies. They were always such curious creatures aside from their playfulness.
  6. He caught scent of it again, this time closer. He peeked from behind his hiding spot to glance around the place, looking for a sign of it. But he couldn't hear crunching leaves or twigs. Where was it?

    Before long, he saw Denye boldly step into the open, grinning, his fangs gleaming. "Hello," he said to the nothingness. Denji tipped a pointed ear in his direction, confused. As he glanced around, he saw he was talking to a fairy. He cocked a brow. He'd heard of them in stories, but couldn't say he'd actually ever met one.
  7. Harmony was stopped dead in her tracks when something suddenly stepped out and spoke. She moved back a bit and was quite confused. This forest sure does have some strange looking things. . . she thought. In a way it was true, to her at least. Even though she knew her way around the place, didn't mean she knew what all it had to offer. There were still many mysteries she has yet to see. Perhaps this man, or whatever he was, was one of them? He surely wasn't someone she's seen before.

    "What are you?" she suddenly asked, very curious.
  8. "A demon," he said simply, and then finally caught scent of his brother, hiding somewhere in the brush. "And it appears I'm not alone either," he said flatly. "Come out, Denji, I can smell you like the stench of bear vomit," he said nastily.

    The blue fool crept from the underbrush, and took in the sight of the fairy. He bowed then, deep and dramatic, then smiled at her, warm and calm. "Hello," he said in turn, quietly. Caution. Something his brother didn't understand. "Don't bother her Denye, she didn't do anything to you."

    The red fool tipped his head. "What? Of course not, that would be preposterous," he said and waved a hand in dismissal. "I was merely curious." He stepped forward, slowly, like a cat, and inspected her pretty wings. "You're so small," he said curiously. "I would lose you if you were to pop into my house one day and I wasn't paying attention."
  9. Harmony saw another one appear and she watched them both. "A demon?" She's read about them before. There were many different kinds of demons, some dangerous and some harmless. It wasn't an easy thing to tell who was what kind half the time. Her elders have told her about how they were good at tricking people.

    As the one stepped towards her, she moved her feet about 3 inches from the ground and moved herself back. "Small?" She tilted her head to the side. To her, she wasn't exactly what she would consider to be 'small'. She was just about the size of a human, only maybe a few inches smaller than the average size. However, she can shift herself the to the size of the fairies one hears in stories if she wanted to.
  10. "To me, about everyone's small," the red fool laughed. "I stand about 6'9" which apparently baffles humans to Hell and back." He couldn't hold his grin back. "I had a cat once. I could barely keep track of where he slept. Then I found him curled under my table, the last place I'm able to see under unless I duck down." He tapped his chin.

    Denji raised a black, painted eyebrow, and held back a smile. "We're tall," he said simply, and shrugged. "The only other human we met taller was one man who stood seven feet." As he stepped into the clearing a little more and thought about it, he realized how much he missed the court life, watching the nobles run around. One particular little girl had looked up at him and asked if he were made of taffy. He bit his lip to hide another smile. It didn't help that he could float the way she did at will too, which often just brought him a few more inches taller than he needed to be.
  11. "I see.." They may have been demons, and many probably would have fled just because of what they were. But Harmony didn't. The one dressed in blue, seemed quite friendly. And her attention moved from the red one onto him.
    She floated over towards the blue, sort of. . examining him, her wings fluttering lightly behind her. She tilted her head lightly to the side, thinking for a moment. "What kind of demons are you?" she asked. "This is the first time I've ever really come in contact with one before. And I thought demons were suppose to be scary looking?"
  12. "Uh... hmm." He stopped to think about what he was about to say and how to word it better. "I suppose you could say he is," he said, pointing to the red and white jester with the white slitted pupils and red eyes, "but in general I try to avoid that." He thought for a moment. "If eating people is considered scary, I suppose that'd be about the only thing frightening about me you could think of."

    Denye rolled his eyes. "Details, Denji. Details." He flashed her a wicked smile. "We're not altogether terrifying looking because there has to be some way to attract prey. We don't just eat people," he said with a sneer, glaring at his brother, "we absorb their essence. I suppose it's what some would call a soul."

    Denji winced. He thought about it again. "Where do you come from? I've never met a fairy."
  13. Harmony preferred the way the blue one worded things. The red one's words just made her frown. "That sounds horrible." she said quietly.
    She remained by the blue one for the time being, not really wanting to get anywhere near the other. It was easy to tell they were brothers, but they weren't really like each other, personality wise, so far a she can tell at least.
    "Me?" She thought for a moment and looked around. She then pointed to where one could see mountains just few miles ahead of the forest they were in. "Up there." she told him, looking back over at him. "It's quite lovely there, there's even a hot spring in one of the caves."
  14. Denji looked up. "I'd never gone far from a village or city, mainly because I have a king that occasionally asks me to perform in his court. I'm actually only out here right now because I was getting sick of the suffocating streets." He winced. It must be nice to live in the wilderness, away from everyone asking questions and fighting all the time.

    The red jester looked at the dipping sun. "I'm going back," he said sullenly. "Too dark for my tastes. I'll let the king know you're not dead or anything," he stated coolly, and then began his trek back through the trees to civilization. Denji ignored him.

    "Perhaps I could let the king know you're out here, and we could hold a celebration about it," he said with a smile. "I imagine the villagers would be excited about something like that. We hold festivals and celebrations at least once a month."
  15. Harmony watched as the demon dressed in red left the area. She felt she was able to relax more now and sighed in slight relief when he was gone. And she looked back at the blue one. She was able to ask about how the city was, but soon heard him mention about letting the king know about her. That made her a little nervous. "You sure?" she asked. No one knew if fairies were good or bad, they were different in every story. "I mean. . .is it safe? Fairies don't normally converse with the outside world. . they elders always said it was dangerous."
  16. "He's a big, jolly guy. The only thing he really cares about are his mead and what he can do to entertain his subjects, peasants included," he laughed then. "Honestly, I think he's the kindest king I've ever encountered, truth be told. He gave something like my brother a home," he sneered a little, lifting a lip and revealing fangs. "Sometimes I think he's too nice for his own good. I'm waiting for him to accidentally allow an assassin into his hall with open arms one day. Besides, between the two of us, I think we both learned not to judge books entirely by their covers," he smirked.
  17. Harmony nodded. She understood what he was saying. "That is true." she said. "Even if you know someone well, you still won't be able to tell they're true intentions." Even the closest of friends, can have one hiding a dark secret. She shrugged lightly then and wondered what it'd be like to be known by other aside from her kind.
    "Well. . " she nodded lightly. "Alright, you can tell him." she told him. She floated in front of him then, crossing her arms across her chest. "But can you show me around the city as well?" she wondered. "I've never really been out of the forest before."
  18. He nodded, then thought about different places she would probably like to see. There were various places to eat and entertain ones self. A curious question came to mind then. "What do you eat exactly?" He thought back to his own diet, and winced. "I can sustain on sugar, since it spikes up my energy level. I prefer to do that the best I can."

    Aside from that, he thought back to their horse fields and harvesting festivals. There was an event coming up based around the celebration of sunflowers, which he figured would be something she'd like. The villagers had been planning it for weeks, tying flowers to their homes, planting them in their gardens, and designing meals with them as their main ingredient. "If you like sunflowers, you'd love the one coming up." He explained to her what passed through his mind.
  19. Eat? That wasn't something Harmony thought she'd be ask, but then again, with this person being a demon it was probably expected. "Well, I can eat just about what the humans eat." she said. With living in the forest though, they mostly ate fresh fruits more than anything.
    The next thing he had said however was a little surprising. "I must say. . never have I heard of a demon that feeds off people, and sugar." she couldn't help but point out.
    The mention of something that seemed to have to do with sunflowers made her smile a little. She loved flowers. "Perhaps I will."
  20. "I have a strange diet," he said, embarrassed, and tried to hide a smirk. Fruits and anything normal was out, but for some reason his body could process sugar. That was definitely something that had gotten him questions before, so he was used to it.

    He smiled at her reaction to flowers. "Perhaps I can find a few to give you when you want to go home again you can take along."