INTEREST CHECK Demon's and Angels Roleplay?

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  1. I wanted to make a roleplay that was based on a world I had created. It takes place in modern times on Earth, but the bigger events take place in the Heaven and Hell realms, where angels and demons are currently fighting over rights to humanity. The first question I have is would this go in fantasy? I'm new here and feel I should make sure before posting. My other question, is would anyone be willing to join?
    A few needed details are:
    Hell and Heaven are very similar to earth as far as morals and things go, one is not better than the other in this case.
    Hell is based on many real life cities in different countries (some of the places included are New Kyoto, The City of Dead Voices, and Ruins of Moscow).
    Heaven is based on many realms in different mythologies. (some of the places included are Valhalla and Shangra La).
    The main difference in Heaven from earth is that the angels have wings, and are very pale skinned. They are not immortal.
    The main difference in Hell from earth is that most of the demons have pointed ears and sharp teeth, and some (specifically those from the City of Dead voices) are more like humanoid beasts than humans.
    Demons and angels both have human appearences when they visit earth.
    There are only a few situations in which angels and demons can go to eachother's realms.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, but ask if you hace any questions and tell me if you think it's a good idea. Thanks!!
  2. I think I'd be willing to join, a plot would be useful to gain interest. It would go in fantasy yes lol. Uuummm, come up with a few story ideas maybe? Might draw a bit more attention that way.
  3. Thanks for the input!
    A little backstory is that the King and Queen of Heaven had a son named Boss. The Queen had an affair with a demon, which is unheard of in this world, and had a child of mixed blood. She had to hide him, but when word got out he existed, both Boss and the half blood child, Miste, were banished and tossed from heaven into hell. Shortly afterward, the Queen and King were murdered and a mysterious man named Xioh took their place.
    Much of the lore and the bigger story stems from this, but I don't want to spoil too much.
    I like to let a roleplay tell itself, but I will say that it's going to start on earth when the war is beginning to get heated, with the angels and demons battling it out on earth in human bodies, covering it up as unexplained murders and robberies.
    Whoever joins would have a list of places to choose from as their home city, as well as three races.
    Is that enough information for you to better make up your mind?
  4. I'm down, I'll talk to a few peeps and see if I don't know anybody else who may be interested in this as well. I have a couple demon characters, never made an angel one to be honest..... huh... I think I've probably got every race you could think of and some you can't except an angel..... peculiar... I may just go angel for this one, simply to do something a bit different.
  5. Awesome! I'll try to get the sign up thread up soon!
  6. I'm interested in joining ^^ The whole Demon vs. Angel thing isn't very uncommon but I like the back story and am willing to give it a go.
  7. Thanks! :) Sunday I should have the sign ups up.
  8. I like this as well. I will defenitely sign up when the thread is posted!