Demons and Angels (Dante and RacingtheSunRise)

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  1. All sprawled out on his sofa, the silver-haired half demon was fast asleep on it. Light snores were heard from his mouth, even a bit of drool was running down his chin. Dante had worked hard and was overly lazy to take a shower. At least he had his trousers on. Dante twitched his nose as he was sleeping ever so soundly, enjoying his time at peace. His coat was thrown on the floor. Maybe it covered his body a while ago when he was asleep? The male was only wearing his trousers, that was it.

    Pizza boxes were scattered all over the floor as the demon was snoring. Muttering a bit, the half breed would roll over on his side, curling up into a semi small ball.

    "Neeeh.." He muttered a bit as he was asleep. Maybe he was dreaming? Who knew. Who really knew. The male then rolled onto his belly as he snored a bit louder now. Seemed like whatever he did did wear himself out. It would seem like it. Dante was on one of his missions from a while ago after all. The same missions that he did everyday.

    Demon slain.

    Kick ass and took names. Same ol' shit, but never gets old. At least he did get paid for it, which he could not keep the money for himself. After all, most of that money paid off his debt.

    On his floor were pizza boxes scattered across it, some in a pile, some just tossed around. HE had to clean this place up, even if he had guests come in. Human guests that is. Though, for the time being, the male needed his rest. Rest was good. Everyone needed that. Everyone likes to rest, right?

    Maybe something eventful would come to his day, brighten it up.​
  2. Cordelia looked around, scanning the apartment in disgust. At first all she saw were the pizza boxes, scattered around on the floor or in piles, but after a moment her gaze turned to the man on the couch. Taking in the drool dripping from his mouth and the disheveled appearance of his clothing, she felt a smirk tug at the corner of her mouth.

    Had she really been sent to recruit him? Corrie was sure they could find someone better suited for the job. Maybe someone who ate healthily and wore more clothing than this one. Still, orders were orders, and she couldn't disobey them and hope to live to enjoy it.

    For a moment, the small angel did nothing but sit on the arm of the couch, perched precariously on the edge. She was studying him, close up now, as she couldn't do from Heaven. The coat, for example. She couldn't help but think how much more effective he would be if wearing something more convenient. And he could use a bit of a hair cut. Finally, she spoke her thoughts out loud.

    "Funny, you don't seem to live up to what people keep telling me."
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  3. Dante was unaware someone walked into his shop. HE was fast asleep after all. He always left the door open all the time. It seemed like the only people who'd come in his shop around this time were Lady or Enzo who would just barge in his shop with no word whatsoever. His nose twitched in his sleep as he rolled to one side, letting the cover that was on his body flutter to the ground.

    Opening one eye, Dante saw someone... or something. His vision was a bit blurry as well.

    "Mm..?" He asked. "Welcome to the Devil May Cry..." He said in a sleepy tone. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. State yer nam,buisness and whatcha need and I will get back to ya."
  4. "Excuse me?" Cordelia, frankly, was offended that he would expect her to wait. Her orders came from someone very important, and this man couldn't bother to show some respect? She crossed her arms over her stomach, hip stuck out slightly, and tapped her foot softly against the ground. She was struck suddenly at how easy it would be to overtake him now, to pin him against a wall- or at least how easy it seemed it would be. For both their sakes, she hoped it would be a bit harder than that.
    "My name is Cordelia. I'm from Heaven, and I need you to get off your ass and kill something for me. Now, preferably."
  5. "Keehh.."

    It was like he was being scolded by his mother or by Lady. Either way, Dante slowly pulled himself out of his seat and picked up his jacket that was on the floor. He pulled it on his bare body and rested his elbows on his desk. A smile came across his face as he would stare at the other.

    "You want me to kill somethin' for ya? I can do that. State what it is and I will bring it back however you want it. Any payment?"
  6. Cordelia smiled, though it was an almost unsettling sight. "Group of demons." She stated, and pulled a sheet of neatly folded paper out of one of the many pockets in her jacket. She was glad that her vessel had been dressed as she was at the time of possession- the dark bomber jacket provided space to hide things, and there were extra weapons hidden in her tall boots. The rather short dress was starting to get on her nerves, but she could move freely, which was a good thing.

    "Plotting something bad. In any other case, I'd have gone in myself and ended this, but they've got the place covered in protection runes. No angel can get in. I want them dead before you leave there." With a slight shrug, Corrie sat down again on the arm of the couch and crossed her feet at the ankles. After a moment she handed the man her hastily printed map, thought of as an after thought to please simple human-ish minds.
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