demons and angels and humans and mid creatures

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  1. Rosalind wandered down the corrider with her backpack tightly strapped on. The walls were lifeless and bare of any decoration. It felt more like an mental asylum than like a school. She hadn't even seen another student since her arrival the day before. It was like they were all hiding... Rosalind shook off the thought as she arrived to her room. She turned the key and with a click pushed open the door. She slung her backpack on the closest bed and glanced around. The dull room was exactly how she left it, two beds, a small set of chairs and a table, an empty closet space, and her luggage pushed aside in the corner. There was a window looking over the courtyard but Rosalind kept the curtains closed at all times. There was something about that area that made her cringe but no matter how hard she thought about it she couldn't pull up anything significant. In fact, she couldn't even remember most of her life. The memories felt so close but slipped away right as she began to touch it.
  2. Freya skipped down the hallway, skidding to a stop in front of the door with the numbers 214 in gold lettering. She searched for her key in the messenger bag at her side.
    "I know it's here somewhere..." she mumbled to herself. A few moments passed and she was still looking, a bit more frantically now. She stopped and sighed.
    "God, I can't do anything right," she groaned, hitting her head lightly against the door.
    It swung open, revealing a dark room.
    "Oh..." she glanced around making sure no one had seen her and, feeling extremely embarrassed, slowly stepped into her new room. Aka: her home for the next year and a half. When her eyes adjusted, she noticed someone else's backpack on the bed.
    "Huh, I didn't think she'd be arrive this earil-" she turned around to see two eyes staring back at her.
    "Ah... uh, Hi! You must be Ros...Rosa... My roomie!" she exclaimed with practiced enthusiasm, and stuck her hand out to shake.
  3. Rosalind turned around as the sound of the door clicked open behind her. Her eye quickly fell upon a girl. The stranger was oddly spirited for the given environment. She looked as if she could burst from excitement and spray rainbows all over the gloomy walls with her guts. Her greeting lived up to her enthusiastic aura. Rosalind took a step back, slightly overwhelmed.
    "Um yea... hey." She figured the to her new room-mate, Freya. Freya extended her hand and Rosalind hesitated at the gesture. When it registered in her brain, she murdered 'oh' before shaking her hand/
  4. Freya smiled, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet.
    "So... I guess I'll take this bed!" she tossed her messenger bag on the bed that wasn't already taken and plopped onto it herself. A few seconds later and all of the contents were spilled out on the mattress.
    "You similar with these parts, Rosie? I hope it's ok if I call you that. I know this town by heart. There's a really cool tea shop down by the grocery store. I'll have to take you there sometime... unless you don't like tea," she paused to take a breath, then continued. "But If you don't we could always go to the World Market, you know they always have the coolest places in these tiny communities. I guess it's 'cuz those huge monopolies take over everywhere else. Of course if you ARE familiar with this cities then me telling you all of this would just be awkward," she sang the last word, a grin on her face.
  5. Rosalinds eyes followed Freya as she walked over to the other bed. She flinched at the high excitement that rung in her ears. The thought of having to bear it for over a year was daunting. Freya rambled on about this and about that as Rosalind settled herself at the edge of her own bed. "My name is Rosalind." She muttered under her breath. The prattle ended and Rosalind turned to Freya with a fake grin and her eyes darting around not knowing what to say. She didn't want to be blatenly rude on the first day. "Ok. Well, I'm not familiar so, thanks for the notice..." Rosalind bit her bottom lip hoping she didn't come off as too unpleasant. She had never encountered a girl like this before and had no idea to respond to her peppy discourse. This thought struck a point in Rosalinds mind. The only other person she remembered meeting was the lady in the school office. She frowned in frustration before deciding that she was just over-thinking everything.
  6. She nodded happily. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why do I always talk too much!? ​She thought to herself, not letting her own disappointment show through. Damn, she probably thinks I'm a freak now.
    "Well, I'm going to the main office to get my schedule," she grabbed her ID from the pile of thing on her bed and got up to leave, "It's been revised, Again. God, my parents are sooooo strict," she laughed, hiding the fact that both of her parents were on a life-time vacation, leaving her to her own demise.
  7. "Alright." Rosalind got up as Freya swung the door behind her. Her curiosity struck at her own luggage in the corner. It wasn't much for the length of time she would be attending the school. She searched her bag to find a good weeks set of outfits with a few books and an empty journal. Rosalind left her luggage opened with its contents littered around. She rummaged her backpack for a pencil and took the notebook to her bed leafing through every page for some sort of note to explain what was going on. When she announced the book to be empty she flipped to the first page scribbling the date. She wanted to remember everything that happened from now on. Could it really be possible to forget even more? Unsettled by this thought she neatly printed what she could remember. I have arrived at a school with not a memory of my past... Under the words, inattentively she begins to doodle a figure with wings.
  8. When Freya got to the front desk, there was already a line. She rolled her eyes and sat down on against the wall. The door swung open and in came another student. He was tall, with dark black hair and a calm expression.
    "The line ends over here!" she waved to him with a friendly smile.
    He grinned back and walked over, sitting next to her.
    "Have you been waiting awhile?" he asked.
    "A few minutes," she shrugged, "I'm Freya."
    "Nate," he shook her hand politely, "Is this your first year at Lexford?" he asked, standing. The line was starting to move along faster now.
    "Yeah, but i'm pretty familiar with the area... Freya Jackson," she told the woman at the desk.
    "This is my third year, unfortunately I don't know many of the people because the people I meet never come back," he chuckled.
    "Really!? Hey, you should come by my dorm sometimes. You can meet my roomie! Number 214," she walked over to the door, her scheduled in hand. "Later, Nate!" she skipped out, not giving him a chance to reply.
  9. Rosalind awoke from her trance and stared at the pencil in her hand. Sketched on the page of her journal was a somber woman with a single tear resting on her cheek. Behind her, as if sprouting from her back, were two magnificent wings detailed with feathers. Rosalind carefully eyed the picture taking in every detail. Something about it scratched at her brain pressing her to remember...remember what? Out of simple vexation Rosalind threw the journal on the floor and buried her face into the comforter of the bed. What is so obviously wrong with me?
  10. Nate caught up with Freya, "214 you say?"
    She jumped, not expecting him to sneak up on her.
    "Oh my god! you scared me! Haha, yes I'm on my way there!" she pointed to the end of the hallway.
    "You don't mind if I stop by now, right?"
    "No! no of course you can! But when do your classes start?"
    Freya glanced over to him, "Wait a minute, your a night student?"
    "You're soooooo lucky," she giggled, unintentionally flirting with him. "Well, here we are. Rosie is really nice, I'm sure she'll be happy to meet you."
    She pushed open to see Rosalind toss a book to the ground, frustrated.
    "...I think."
  11. Rosalind piped up as the sound of footsteps entered the room. Her gaze shifted to Freya and then to the stranger. "Uh.." She tried to explain. Rosalind stood up with the others. "I'm Rosalind." She quietly offered trying to release the pressure.
  12. Nate stopped short, "Have we... met before?"
    "What happened?" Freya hopped over to her room mate's side, picking up the book off the ground, "Are you ok, Rosie?"
    Nate shook his head, trying to clear it. Of course we haven't met before, i've never seen this girl in my life. "Sorry if I interrupted..."
  13. Rosalind studied the boy over. "No." She said in a soft tone. "I..was just drawing and I made mistake." She nodded reassuring herself. Rosalind saw her journal in Freya's hands and panicked. She quickly snatched it from her and closed it to the cover. After setting it aside on the bed she gave the others a fake little grin. Turning her attention to the boy she said a little louder. "Excuse me, but I don't think we have met before. What's your name?"
  14. "Er... Nathan- Nate," he then realized he had been staring at her with his mouth open for too long, he glanced down. "Nate Foster," he smiled sheepishly, offering a hand to her.
    "I thought I'd introduce you two, he's really nice," Freya chimed in, flitting to his side. But instead of responding in the flirtations way she wanted him to, his eyes stayed fixated upon Rosalind.
    "Well, I'm not really THAT nice," he snorted.
  15. Rosalind shook Nate's hand right as Freya popped up right next to him. As always, she was yipping about something but Rosalind blocked her out. She could feel Nate's eyes set on herself. When she looked back at him time seemed to slow while a sharp distorted image assembled itself within her mind. All she could feel was the pain that came with it. She looked away at the floor when she relized what was happening. It felt like it had been several minutes even though it had only been a few seconds. She glanced up at Freya and Nate for only a moment to make sure she hadn't made things awkward...again.
  16. "Uh... well maybe I should go, I-I have classes..." he stuttered, losing the all-calm cool he had been maintaining.
    "I thought you said you were part of the night school," Freya tilted her head to one side.
    "I do. I mean, I am. I... should get prepared," he nodded to himself, his eyes flickering back up to Rosalind. He didn't recognize the feeling he got around her and that scared him.
    "I'll see you later Freya... Rosalind," he smiled at her again, then turned to leave.

    "Weird. Did you see the way he looked at you? Sheesh! How creepy," Freya sat next to her, "At least he was cute, right?" she laughed.
  17. Despite Nate's sudden urge to leave he managed to flash Rosalind a smile that she was pretty sure made her heart skip a beat.
    Biting her bottom lip, Rosalind gazed over at Freya now. Rosalind ogled at her as if to question if she saw anything of what just happened. She shook her head and turned away picking up her journal. "Uh..sure." She walked over to her things opening a flap at the bottom of her luggage. She hastily stuffed the book under it. Rosalind then turned back to Freya. "Should we get some lunch or something." Although she shuddered at the idea of spending more time with Freya, she offered the idea anyway. Rosalind wasn't planning to stay locked up in her room all day to drown herself with questions and thoughts.
  18. Freya made a face, "The cafeteria? Why don't we go out to a restaurant? Come on, It'll be my little treat!" she flew to her bed, stuffing everything back into her bag.
    "Now that we're signed in, we can basically do anything. We don't even need passes until tomorrow!" she grabbed Rosalind's hand and pulled her towards the door.
    "I feel sorry for anyone who isn't here already. It sucks to sign in late."

    Nate stood outside of the dorm, still baffled about what had happened. Then began making his way to his own dorm on the next floor. He had five hours before 10 oclock, when his first class started.
  19. Rosalind didn't have time to say anything before Freya started pulling her along. She didn't resist her pull and instead went along with her. If everyone else refused to help Rosalind, at least she would have Freya. Her energy annoyed Rosalind very much but she would deal with it for now. She rolled her eyes at the thought of Freya rubbing off on her. They made their way down the dull hallways until they stumbled upon a large wooden door. Rosalind gave a questioning look at Freya and before she knew it Freya was tugging her outside the door.
  20. Freya pulled in the restaurant parking lot.
    "If you like Mexican food then you will love this place, of course there are other options too..." she got out and walked over to the door, holding it open for her friend.