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  1. Kei Umura looked for all the world like any other college student as he walked off-campus to his new 'home'. For the next several months, he would have to act like that was his true identity, which was difficult for him, to say the least. In any event, it would become difficult after awhile. He had never been able to blend in for very long periods. At the moment, though, he looked fairly harmless. His clothing- just a black tank-top, tight blue jeans, and black sneakers- was fairly nondescript. The thick armband on his wrist, almost long enough to look like an archer's bracer, happened to be something in style at the moment. Kei had a casual, disinterested look about him as he walked, which didn't attract attention, so much as his looks sometimes did. The tank top he wore showed off his slim, muscular frame, as well as a few prominent scars ("car crash" was his story). His short, rather wild black hair fell into distinctive blue eyes, a color not common in his heritage. ("Mum was Caucasian"). His persona as a college student seemed pretty average, if a bit boring. However, looks were always deceiving, and if anyone knew this rule by heart, Kei did. After all, he looked young...

    Kei had never spent much time in school for a number of reasons, so his senses being on high alert as he walked toward off-campus housing was understandable. The rest of the student body, and the teachers here, would hopefully only see him as a slightly strange but otherwise normal person. His new roommate, whoever he was, would probably think the same. There was nothing even about Kai's looks to set him apart, except for the somewhat Asian features with blue eyes. He was just a rather quiet college student, the calm veneer masking a whole world most humans were unaware existed. That was as it should be. Kei had a job to do, and humans tended to mess things up royally if they interfered.

    As he reached the steps of the small, Craftsman-style house that his Handlers had rented near campus, Kai looked out over the lawn, and back to the college buildings for a few minutes. At the moment, it was nice out. The sun was warm, the flowers still blooming, trees green and swaying in a light breeze. Yet he knew this area better than he would have liked, and was not at all surprised to find out that there was possibly something dark going on here. It was like the weather- wait long enough and things could change dramatically. Kei had a feeling this one would be tougher than he could imagine.

    Sighing, and hefting his backpack off one shoulder, he unlocked the door, noting the steady hum of a protective talisman at once. Kai frowned a bit, shutting the door again, spotting the talisman that had been nailed over the door. A human-made one, no doubt, pretty common in this area. There were probably some 'occultists' living here at one time. Kei shook his head- such groups were laughable at best, harmful at worst, but rarely if ever knew what they were getting into. The talisman would interfere enough that he would have to get rid of it as soon as he could, without calling more attention to himself. There were other things besides humans here that, and that was the point of his presence in the first place.

    For now, he headed into each room, checking them out quickly, noting that there was only one bedroom, with two small beds crammed into its tiny space. He just hoped his rommate didn't mind sharing, or this was going to be like getting wisdom teeth pulled. The whole house was very small- he even felt cramped settling down on the old couch in the living room. Kei touched his wristband briefly, then pulled out his tablet, which was made to look like the normal kind of thing a college student would have. His was triple encrypted, with the outer layer being totally innocuous. The third layer was where the real meat lay, and he pulled that up, sending a brief message. His Handlers were not as adept at technology as he was, but then, he was from a younger generation. It was something he'd had to learn quickly in order to blend in. Sending frequent messages by the usual means was a good way to get discovered. No one really questioned tablets.

    After sending his message, Kei put the tablet away and got up to examine the talisman. He could feel that it had some actual power of its own, though limited. The thing that annoyed him was that the talisman was acting like a kind of beacon, when he was pretty sure this sort of thing was put in by humans to protect their homes. More evidence that they didn't know what they were doing. He made a few signs in the air with his fingers, then, with a flicking motion, caused the talisman to wrench itself from the wall. Quickly, Kei sealed it in an envelope of blue flame, grabbing a small, black box from his backpack and sealing the thing inside. He'd send it off to his handlers for observation, but Kei was pretty sure it was just a low-level artifact, and could be easily destroyed. There were plenty of other things humans put up in their homes that were merely symbolic and perfectly ordinary. This one was more unusual.

    Kei stood in the middle of the floor and made a few basic signs, setting a perimeter around the home that no one could see. The perimeter would only be good for advanced warning if something bad approached the house, but would do little for other protection. Kei was capable of so much more, but the spells had to be weak enough to go undetected by those he hunted. Anything stronger would be like hanging a neon sign over the house that said "A Hunter lives here!" with a giant arrow pointing to him. There was more than enough low-level electrical interference around him to mask these weaker spells.

    Satisfied, he went to the bedroom to set his backpack down, starting to unpack its slim contents. He had never needed much. As he did so, Kei heard footsteps outside. It sounded like his roommate was finally here; the perimeter indicated a human. Kei just continued to unpack, not one for cheery greetings pr pleasantries. He didn't expect anything particular out of this mission, so being buddy-buddy with his roommate was unnecessary. Not that he wouldn't be perfectly civil, perhaps even friendly to a point. Kei just never bothered getting too involved. He was never around long enough to form attachments of any kind, and that was how he liked it.
  2. The door to the apartment opened and closed and the foot steps stopped.

    Peter paused at the entry way looking around the apartment for a moment before relaxing. Apparently the service people at the college were fast. He had come to the small building earlier only to find an annoying humming sound hanging in the air. Assuming it was the AC on the fritz he had called it in and gone to lunch. Now that he was back, the dull annoying sound was gone.

    He kicked off his shoes, using one foot to line them up near the door out of the way while balancing on the other, a box in his hands. He headed to the room-- having been here earlier-- and tentatively peered inside. A quiet looking man was already at work unpacking. "Hey." he greeted, moving over to the unclaimed bed with his box. he set it down then shrugged off his backpack.

    Peter was a simple man. His long blond hair, blue eyes and height tended to make sure he stood out a little, but all in all he was plain. A couple of scars from sports injuries, a denim wind breaker and a wife beater underneath. He wore loose fitting black cargos with no name brands on him worth mentioning. Mostly he kept to himself, at least his thoughts. While he found it easy to make friends none of them were what he would call close.

    He was a late starter for college. Though he was a freshman, he was already 21. He had taken a couple of years after High school to work and gather a small 'nest egg' of money, and took the time to figure out what exactly it was he wanted to do with his life. He had settled for Psychology as his major. It seemed like a logical choice... He wanted to know more about himself and what better way than understanding how the mind worked?

    He emptied out his backpack. A pillow, sheets, and blanket. Nothing special. With the ruck sack now empty, he tossed it back over his shoulder. In the box was an alarm clock, a photo frame and what looked like an assortment of other items he planned on putting into his end table. "I have to run out to grab some more stuff out of my jeep." He announced, turning to his room new room mate, offering his hand out in a friendly gesture. "I'm Pete."
  3. "Hey." Kei wasn't much for greetings, or small talk, so he just nodded at the other man over his shoulder. In spite of his casual stance and look, he was carefully assessing his new roommate. It was necessary in his line of work. This one seemed to be a light traveler like himself, and didn't gush about having a 'new roomie' or anything. At first glance, he seemed pretty quiet and ordinary. That was all in his favor, as far as Kei was concerned. The last thing he needed was someone loud and wild and irritating. So long as this one didn't bother him too much, and wasn't involved with the case at hand, they shouldn't have a problem.

    Kei took his hand and shook it, giving a slight smile. "Kei. Pleasure." Strong grip, broad shouldered, probably an athlete. Pete reminded Kei of a surfer he'd once met in California. If this one was from somewhere like that, coming here to this wretched place and not knowing about the climate, he wouldn't last a month.

    Keeping his thoughts to himself, and letting Peter do his own thing, Kei finished his own unpacking and went to see if there was anything in the fridge. His Handlers had mentioned that it was stocked, but he wasn't too sure. It turned out they were only half-right. There was very basic stuff; milk, eggs, cheese, a few vegetables in the crisper. Not much to go on, and the pantry shelves were pretty bare. Kei frowned, mentally planning a trip to the store. He didn't know about his roommate, but he had plenty of money coming to him a month for groceries and such. He wasn't a big spender or into partying or anything, so he got whatever money he asked for. If he needed to cover things should Pete run out of funds, that didn't bother him.
  4. Peter passed the kitchen with another two boxes and his back pack. One box clearly was full of books and the other clothes. He paused at the hallway, blinking at Kei. "Looks like a trip to the store might be in order." He mused. "Let me drop this stuff off, and if you like we can take my car."

    It was a simple friendly offer, one clearly made offhand. The blond shifted his boxes and continued on his way. He'd been reserved enough not to shout across the apartment, which was nice. Too many people were too loud, nowadays. Peter was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant town.

    At the foot of his bed he placed the box of books and the clothes he quickly stored in his side of the dresser. The backpack, this time, held a laptop computer, some wires and an external hardrive. With that, he had unpacked.
  5. That was about what Kei expected- Peter seemed like a casually nice guy, used to doing casually nice things. He nodded over his shoulder, "That sounds like a good idea." Friendly, no shouting, not pushy…. Peter would do.

    Kei closed the door to the fridge and took his phone out, locating the closest grocery store to them. Just four blocks, and they delivered free to college students. That would be a good thing when winter kicked in; the last thing he needed was to be carrying bags of groceries through a blizzard.

    In the bedroom, Peter would see that his new roommate was even more Spartan than he was in terms of belongings. Everything he had fit into his backpack, except for blankets he planned on buying later. The winters required huge, thick comforters, which he had no intention of lugging around. If he suddenly had to bug out in the middle of 'school' and leave the comforters behind, Peter was welcome to them. Otherwise, the blond would see no books, no photos, nothing that would indicate a life lived. Just Kei's few clothes, a pillow, a thin blanket, and a tablet.

    When Peter went back out of the bedroom he would find Kei in the sitting on the worn couch in the living-room, thumbing through his phone.

    (Things may be boring now.....)
  6. "Ready?" Peteasked, digging hiskeys out. He figured kei would likely ask him to swing by somewhere other than the grocer, judging by the lack of belongings. Maybe his baggage had been lost or maybe he simply planned on buying things on arrival? Whatever the case, Peter wouldn't mind if he was asked.

    Outside was his jeep with Florida plates. Kei had been right to assume the blond wasnt familiar with the cold. Hell, the jeep alone was proof enough poof that. It was a hunter green model, big tires, but out didn't look obscenely disproportionate. A rosary hung around the rearview mirror.

    "Did you happen to catch the repair man when you came in?" He asked. "I was kind of hoping to find out what that hum had been." The blind spoke passively, unaware out who he was really talking to, or that he had just informed hum that he had felt that ward.
  7. Kei noted everything around him without seeming to, storing away pertinent information for later. This included the license plate of Pete's Jeep. Florida… Kei couldn't help a tiny smirk; his new roommate likely had no idea what was in store for him when the weather decided to kick in. The Jeep would be utterly useless once it started raining in October. If Kei needed a car to carry out his mission, he would ask for something sensible. Usually, he preferred to get where he needed to go on foot. So long as the weather was nice, anyway.

    Kei saw the rosary on the mirror and had to turn away, pretending to buckle in his safety belt, because if this kid was religious at all… Well, Kei just found it very funny that Peter had a prominent rosary when his roommate was what he was. The rosary itself didn't have much power on its own, beyond a general positivity. Kei's sardonic mind took over, though, and he wondered yet again why humans liked to display the symbol of one of the world's cruelest ways to die, given that the majority of those who actually believed in the symbol professed to be good or nice. Peter was probably one of these- Kei didn't hold it against him or anything, it was just an odd dichotomy he found amusing. Otherwise, he didn't expect there to be much in Peter to deepen his interest beyond civility.

    That was, until the human mentioned something very unlike what the dark-haired man expected. Kei looked over at him, only showing a hint of the attention Peter now had. "What hum?" he asked, partly for cover, but mostly to confirm what had suddenly become a possibility. Had this human felt the talisman's power? Most humans were incapable, which was why they believed in the stupid things. If they really could feel them, they wouldn't be able to live for long with them. The hum would start to rattle their bones and drive them slightly crazy. This one had felt it…..interesting….

    "Was the hum coming from the fridge, or the microwave or something?" he asked, hoping the other man would pinpoint the actual location of the talisman. Honestly, though it would mean he'd have to be more careful around Peter, Kei felt rather excited at figuring him out, if it was true.
  8. Peter shook his head slightly as the jeep roared to life. "It was right above the entry way. I kind of figured it was something in the ac vents."

    AC... silly Floridian, he thought they had central air.

    "Kind of like that humming buzz you hear near shoddy parts of town to keep people from loitering." He added, stopping for the light. "The land lord said he was sending someone to look into it. Guess we both missed him."

    He drove well, obeying the rules without a second thought. Kei noticed a couple of things that at first he had somehow missed upon meeting Peter.

    First, dim scars along the blond man's hairline. They looked old and faded, matching on both temples. It was a pattern even Kei didn't see very often; a. tell-tail sign of a spell used to alter someone's mind. It might have been used to suppress a memory or even force a decision. What ever had been it had been done a long time ago, with no regiment energy remaining. They looked no more like old cat scratches-- nearly invisible to most people.

    Second, Pete wore contacts. He could tell as they passed a cemetery and the blond spared a second glance in the rear-view. The little clear lens over with his eyes, but not perfectly.

    Peter parked the jeep just out front of the grocery store and climbed out, not bothering to lock the jeep up behind him. Doing so always seemed pointless to him. It had no windows for crying out loud.
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  9. Kei found this human's conversation to be simultaneously interesting and amusing. The comment about air-conditioning especially made him chuckle, though he didn't explain himself. As for Peter pin-pointing the amulet's former location...

    "Yeah, I didn't hear anything when I came in," Kei lied smoothly. "They must have fixed it, whatever it was." In spite of his casual tone, Kei made a mental note to mention his new roommate to his superiors. They liked to keep track of human sensitives. Though this one might already be in the system, sometimes individuals still slipped through the cracks. Not that anything was necessarily done to or about them, HQ just liked to know for future contingencies.

    Kei liked to know in case one of them accidentally got in the way, or became a target for the things he was fighting. This one might qualify, depending on how strong he was with his abilities. It already looked like someone had gotten a hold of Peter, but whether or not Kei's organization had anything to do with it was unclear. Kei had seen those marks before, and knew what they meant, rather than who put them there. It had been a strong spell to leave those marks, perhaps even strong enough to change the young blond's personality. He was following the 'good sheltered boy' routine unconsciously, so it was hard to say.

    Kei followed his roommate into the supermarket with increasing interest. Peter was like a puzzle waiting to be solved, but the dark-haired man knew it was not a good idea to go barging in all at once trying to find answers, especially with such an old and powerful spell in his system. Kei hadn't even felt the smallest twinge of magic from Peter, which was why he felt the need for caution. He didn't go around smashing minds to bits as a rule.

    "Have you ever been in Idaho before?" he asked, trying for some conversation. Just chit-chat, which he wasn't very proficient with. Kei needed to get Peter to open up and had to start somewhere.
  10. "Only for orientation a few months back." He admitted. "I'm from down south. Something different sounded fun, so here I am." He shrugged, grabbing a basket. He knew off the top of his head what he would need to grab. His logic was simple, honest-- easy to understand. He was a laid back good-ol' boy who wanted to add some spice to his life... Though, it's a sad day when Idaho was considered 'spicy'. "Still yet to see snow." He added as an after thought, "But I hear it's amazing and a lot of the sports parallel the water sports I like."

    He dropped the chit-chat and turned to his new room mate, glancing at his watch. "So, I'm going to hit the produce. Grab what you need and meet back here?" he suggested. It was odd to hear the suggestion of splitting up. The blond seemed friendly enough, most would have assumed he would want to stick close to Kei and talk-- get to know him. Yet, he seemed content with nothing but superficial chatter. Getting him to open up would be a challenge.

    Though he was civil, Peter didn't trust people very much. He didn't trust them enough to tell them the strange things he sometimes thought he saw, or heard. Part of him was afraid they would lock him up in a nice padded room and throw away the key. Sometimes, he didn't trust them for other reasons-- like his dreams. Every once in a while he would dream something then have it happen. Things out of his control-- but things that rattled him none the less. Again, it was a basic human instinct to keep those things quiet. No one wanted to share a room with the guy who thought he saw shadows moving, or on occasion heard disembodied voices.
  11. "There's different, and then there's different." Kei said, his tone sardonic. Peter clearly wasn't much of a 'plan first' sort of guy when it came to where he'd be living. "Someday, remind me to tell you what winter is really like."

    Kei said no more, content to just let the matter go, and to split up. He wasn't just here to shop, but to do some basic surveillance. The demon hunter wasn't that concerned about getting to know Peter all at once, thought it was slightly odd of the friendly man. Only slightly. Everyone needed space. They had plenty of time to get acquainted, especially during the long winter months.

    The demon hunter strolled away, grabbing a basket, letting Peter do his own thing. Kei needed to focus anyway. Briefly, with just the slightest metallic flash of his blue eyes, he activated his Sight and scanned the whole space. So far, the little supermarket seemed cut out of a TV show from the 50s, but he wasn't taking chances. His guard was up, and his senses were on alert, even as he went through each aisle, picking out what he needed for the kitchen.
  12. Around the shop he saw a few odd things, though nothing really worth mentioning... till he stumbled across someone talking to Pete in the dairy section. The blond seemed to be trying to keep the interaction with the woman short as he walked, not pausing to chat.

    The woman was tall, with red hair and dazzling green eyes. To look at her, most might assume Irish. She spoke flirtingly with the blond who showed no returned interest as he stuffed a small container of coffee creamer ino his basket. While it was hard to tell if Pete could see what Kei saw, it seemed unlikely. If he could, the human would doubtfully be as calm as he was.

    The woman was clearly Seelie. Her ears were pointed at the tips, h a flowing set of horns like antlers adorning the sides of her head, just above her ears. Wings of a dragonfly were folded against her back as she kept passe with the blond, prodding him for more information. "What major are you going to study then?" she purred, pausing mid-step to glancing up the isle. Her eyes landed on Kei for a moment and seemed to glisten. A glamour. A minimal amount of magic being emitted in an attempt to blend into humanity.

    "Undecided." Peter lied smoothly, sounding annoyed.
  13. Kei couldn't help wondering what a Seelie was doing in Idaho, of all places. Usually they preferred more temperate places. Since he'd only ever met one before, however, he could have been wrong about that. This one had a pretty substantial aura, though whether or not she was stronger than him was unclear at the moment. Her presence here, though… That raised some alarm bells. Seelie were entirely amoral when it came to humans, working on temporary whims, rather than absolute moral laws most of the time. that fact made them dangerous.

    Kei debated for a moment on whether or not to pretend he had nothing to do with Peter. Not because he was ashamed of being with a human, but to protect the blond. However, as he couldn't count on Peter to follow suit, and knew the Seelie woman would likely be watching and catch them get into the same jeep, he decided to go for the open approach.

    "Hey, roomie, I forgot to ask; do you have any nut-allergies or anything?" The casual tone, calling him 'roomie', not knowing something very basic about him; Kei was making sure the Seelie woman knew that he was at the college, but that Peter was not involved in any of his work. He was also trying to divert attention away from his obviously uncomfortable roommate. He even caught her gaze with a casual one of his own. It wasn't like Kei could hide his magic from her. He just hoped she'd accept that he was there to really go to school. It wasn't that uncommon for non-humans, after all.
  14. "Huh?" Was Pete's intelligent response. "Oh, uh, no. I'm not allergic to anything." he said.

    The woman behaved a lot like a cat who had just noticed an interesting little bird outside of it's window. "Oh, I see." She said. "So this is why you aren't interested in me."

    Peter blinked, looking confused for a moment before realizing what she had insinuated. He laughed. It was a charming, pure sound. One the seelie woman highly suspected was rare to come from the blond.

    "It's not what you think." He said finally. "Look, miss, you're very pretty-- but you're perfume is giving me a headache. I'm not trying to be unperson-able. And I can assure you, I'm not gay."

    The red head looked curious-- like the mouse under her paw had just nibbled on her fur. Her attention was drawn back to him and away from the bird out of her window. "My perfume?" She inquired mildly. It was true the woman smelt like roses-- though it wasn't any perfume giving the blond a headache. First-- she wore none. No self respecting Sidhe did. Second, what was giving the man a headache was likely the ringing of her energy. If he was sensitive, as Kei knew he was, simply being in the proximity of a fae creature-- who's energy was much different than humans-- could be detrimental.

    After all, she represented a part of a force of nature. A demon, like Kei, had a much more human feel to their aura, even if it was thousands of times stronger. Their logic and emotions worked along the same lines as humans. The same could even be said for angels-- however rarely they showed up. While angels and demons were brother, humans shared an almost 'cousin' status relation to the races.
  15. Peter was becoming more and more interesting to both the Seelie woman and Kei, though for somewhat different reasons. Kei couldn't help an inward smile at her misunderstanding- apparently, Peter wasn't gay, which didn't surprise him. He hadn't come across that way to the demonhunter, who was usually pretty astute in that respect.

    Kei wasn't really anything, which always made any males and females who approached him come away disappointed. It was a safeguard against getting involved, which he was thankful for. Maybe someday it would change, but so far, he had never been interested in anyone that way. At least now he knew he wouldn't have to worry about Peter making unwanted advances.

    Kei's mind turned from this rather quickly as Peter mentioned his headache, and the demonhunter easily put two and two together. Being a Hunter, he was naturally a protective force in favor of humans, and therefore not harmful even to Sensitives. Seelie, though….

    "Are you sure that's where your headache started?" he asked Peter, casually. "You were complaining about the air-conditioning earlier. If it was something electrical out of whack…" Then, shrugging, he walked over, putting his full basket into Peter's cart. "Come on. I'll show you where to get a good winter-coat, Florida boy." He was subtly trying to get Peter away from the Seelie, while passing on hints to the Seelie that maybe he was interested in Peter and determined to overcome his 'I'm not gay' decision. It was a ruse, and he'd have to partly explain himself so Peter wouldn't think he really was and perhaps freak out, but right now he didn't care much what the Seelie thought of him.

    (Kei isn't a demon but a demon hunter- somewhat different XD I'm sure I confused you before, though, so no wonder you thought he was a demon. I think Peter would have felt if he was a demon, since I think they affect the moods and thoughts of humans)
  16. [ooc: ooooh. >>; Sorry to have assumed. XD]

    The red haired woman watched, still with that same cat like interest as the dark haired man lead off the blond. For the moment she seemed content, making a slight 'hm' sound before turning on her heel, walking off casually.

    Peter allowed his room mate to sweep in to the rescue, slightly confused as to the strange conversation that had just gone down. "No offense if you're from around here--" he said. "But the people in this town are weird." he said simply. It was an ironic statement-- as in point of fact it was technically Peter who was the odd one.

    [If you would like we can skip the rest of the shopping.]
  17. (It's totally ok! I probably didn't make it very clear ^_^')

    "No offense." Kei shrugged, a tiny smirk twitching at the corners of his mouth. "And they are." The demon hunter knew what his roommate meant by it; just because he himself was used to them didn't make them any less weird. Kei found it interesting that someone with Peter's sensitivity had chosen to come to a hot-spot of such weirdness, when he could have gone to a school in his own area. There were hotspots everywhere, of course, but Kei just found the blond's choice very interesting. Or telling….he wasn't sure. Anyway, he would have to keep a close eye on Peter from now on.

    Their shopping excursion ended without further incident, and the two set off back down the road toward 'home'. That wasn't a word Kei was used to in the traditional term; it was merely a designation for the place he kept his meagre 'stuff', before moving on to the next place. At least this time he had an interesting roommate.

    As they drove back, he kept looking at the blond sidelong, trying to figure him out. "Do you tend to attract people like her?' he asked suddenly, yet casually. Kei knew he had to couch his questions in vague terms to get the answers he wanted. Talking about the truth of the matter would probably not be a good idea at the moment, as Peter seemed either determined to ignore the fantastic, or unable to realize that was what it was.
  18. Peter shrugged. "You mean the crazies? Kind of. They seem to like me for some reason." He sounded amused. "In a crowded train the one homeless guy who thinks he's a psychic or the one chick who fancies herself a 'witch' will find me and try to become my best friend my telling me his life story and tales of woe... Happens all the time. I kind of just learned to smile and nod. They're harmless." He said passively. "I guess I look like a push over."

    Peter grabbed the rosary to stop it swaying as they paused at a light. Immediately a chill ran up Kei's back. The once modest aura of the symbol of faith easily doubled when the blond touched it-- emitting a strangely muffling 'ring'-- like when you had heard something too loud and your ears made their own noise in protest afterwords. Either Peter didn't notice, or was used to the sensation as he released the rosary, shifted his weight in his seat and made the left.
  19. "Huh….maybe you're really a powerful psychic or something." Kei mused aloud, but made it sound purposely like a joke. Anyway, he wasn't necessarily thinking that was the reason. It could have been any number of things- he seemed to attract them, too.

    Glancing sidelong at his roommate, that amused smirk appeared on his face once more. "Your 'nice guy' persona sure isn't helping." Peter did come across as a bit of a pushover.

    He was just thinking of how to figure out Peter's secret, when a very unpleasant sensation crawled up his spine and through his limbs, making him grit his teeth. He hadn't noticed Peter clutching the crucifix, though when he looked around to see where that sensation had come from, fearing a spell aimed at himself, he realized that was the source. The moment Peter released it again, the ringing ceased, and Kei's tense muscles relaxed. What….was that? He didn't dare ask, but now began to wonder if Peter wasn't just playing the part of an innocent, rather than being one in truth. There had been too many little coincidences that day for Kei's comfort.

    As soon as they got back to the house, and had put away the groceries, Kei decided he should send a report back to HQ. They could look Peter up in their database, and maybe even suggest further action on Kei's part. For now, that strange thing with the rosary had made him jumpy.

    "I'm gonna call my aunt." he told Peter, heading out the front door. "I just thought of a few things that I need her to bring down for me."

    With that, he slipped out toward the back, nimbly leaping onto the roof from the branches of the oak tree to one side of the house. Hopefully, Peter wouldn't be able to hear his conversation from there, but just in case, he set a few basic spells into the air to muffle his voice to outside listeners. Leaning over the tablet, he wiped through the encryptions manually, to keep the magical signature to a minimum, and made contact with his 'aunt'. She was an older demon slayer who had been assigned as a handler on his case. Hopefully, she would have some insight into this 'Peter', or would be able to find out by the time of their next contact.

    (If you wanted, you could play the 'aunt', as you know more about Peter than I do XD Or we could just skip to later and summarize what Kei learned, if anything. I'm up for him finding out as much as you want him to at this point.)
  20. Peter didn't question his room mate, still putting his own groceries away when the dark haired man stepped outside.

    He busied himself getting acquainted with the small apartment before retreating into the washroom to shower. His head still throbbed-- and as far as the blond was concerned the day couldn't come to a formal close fast enough. He looked forward to sleep.


    "Kei." a woman's voice greeted on the other end of the voice. It held a familiar accented tone, sounding both pleased and curious at the same time. "I wasn't expecting a call form you so soon." She commented. "Did you need something, or did you have something to report?"

    Iris was well known for her kill streak. While many hunters settled for locking up demons that posed a large threat the fiery red head went in guns blazing-- or rather swords swinging. While magic was on her side, she was known and respected more or less for the bloody path she carved. Perhaps feared was a better word to describe her reputation, rather than respected.
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