Demonically Innocent Cont.

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  1. Ariela nodded her head silently like a thank you for Thai agreeing to place all of this behind them. She examined the ring on her finger, and a weak smile showed upon her lips. "Ever think you'd commit to a wolf?" she teased quietly, afraid to use her normal voice, in fear of it cracking to show how emotionally damaged she was right now. One arm lazily wrapped around his neck, while the side of her head laid on his chest. Never in her life did she think she'd be here. She always thought she'd live a carefree life doing artistic things, and settle down with a demonic werewolf that would cater to her needs and she would do the same. The presence was much better than she had ever thought of what it could be. "I've never gotten a ring before," she added as she continued to play with it.


    Demetri noticed how stressed she suddenly looked, and was about to suggest to go to the hospital. They wouldn't be able to do much, because she was technically dead. Once he heard the word pregnant, his palms began to feel clammy. He wasn't scared, or angry, or extremely happy. Oh no, he was nervous. Nervous that soon he would be a father to a child that wasn't just a vampire, or a werewolf, but also an Angel and a freaking Demon. Four things at once, that baby would certainly have problems making friends. He licked his suddenly dry lips and looked at her. "I...well," he stopped himself, not sure what to say or do. "So, there's a possibility that we'll be parents?" he asked, his tone somewhat hopeful--which surprised him as well.
  2. "Never" Thai answered quickly, knowing the answer to that question well. He never thought he would ever even tolerate being in the same room with a wolf for too long -his parents didnt like them either, his father in particular detested everything about werewolves and Thai had no idea why, and whenever he would ask his father would simply say 'Dont ask why to a superior, no such thing as why, just do as I say and distance yourself from their kind' Thai just concluded with himself that there had always been this silent war between vampires and werewolves, Demons and Angels, and everything in between.. but it was true what they say, you just cant help who you fall for. He smirked at her comments, looking down at the ring on her finger and how it glimmered against the moonlight. "And I have never bought a ring for a girl... I guess we both are having firsts" he replied in a low tone, as he continued running his fingers idly up and down her body. "For some reason.. you had me at 'Lets go skinny dipping in the dark' and also when the thunder started up that night.. you look so cute scared" he teased.


    Mia could sense Demetri's energy turn to nervousness, niether positive nor negative energy, and she couldnt blame him because she felt the same way.. nervous as hell not knowing whether or not she would be a good parent. She looked up to him and sighed, taking her time before speaking so not choke again. "Y-Yes.. Im almost 90% positive that I am.. and I should have told you earlier but I just didnt want to believe it was true.. I was and still am scared of everything.. like if we will be good parents and also how our parents will accept us.. I cant imagine.. not even if the sky was falling that my parents -especially my father, would ever accept this... I just want us to be ready.. but I guess we should have been more careful I mean.. C'mon Demetri... we cant go one day without keeping our hands off each other and we never use protection" she murmured.. sniffling and bringing herself into him more. She had no idea what their next move would be from here on out, but she was sure they would face this obstical together. "Do you think we should go to the hospital?" she asked softly, wondering where his thoughts were at right now.
  3. A small smile grew on her lips as he admitted both of them having a few firsts with one another. "Looks like we'll have a bunch of firsts, huh?" she commented quietly. Goosebumps traveled up and down Ariela's body, his soothing hands warmed her body up. A giggle escaped her lips. "You had me once you agreed to play Naked Questions. And I hate thunder!" she nudged him lightly with a soft giggle at her lips. "I needed protection, and you gave it. That's how I knew you were a keeper," she spoke softly. She let her lips find the edge of his jaw, and kissed him lightly. "Are we ever going to tell our parents about us?" she asked him, knowing that his father was extremely strict about Thai doing most things, and now that he was dating--and in love--with a werewolf, his father would be enraged. Ariela's father would possibly want to kill Thai as well, but she'd handle it.


    "Baby," he breathed, his arms finding their way around her tiny frame to bring her to his chest in a comforting, and loving hug. "Breath. Don't be scared, you're not going through this alone. I'll be there when you tell him, if you want me to be there. I know, but who would have thought I would get you pregnant, Mia? You're a fucking vampire," he explained his side of the story. Kissing the top of her head, he hoped that would calm her down just a bit. "Do you think they could do anything without them being suspicious? I mean, you have no pulse sweetheart," he spoke quietly as the two tried to figure all of this out. "If...we tell my mom she'll probably be able to help us. She's had multiple births," he suggested, not sure if she would even like the idea of telling anyone about this yet.
  4. "Im not trying to be funny at all but.. I used to own a dog named Bones... and that dog was the toughest, meanest fucking thing ever.. it scared everybody, but once it heard thunder it was running with its tail between its legs under my bed or under my covers" he snickered, looking out to the moon which looked way too close to earth -almost as if it was 3-D, but beautiful none the less out here on the ocean. "And you know what I thought when I seen you shake and shudder when the thunder and lightning was happening? it made me think.. 'Damn are dogs and werwolves related forreal?" He admitted with a small burst of laughter, making sure to keep his grip on her secure "Nah, Im just playing with you but seriously..." and then he chuckled again not being able to contain himself "It was really cute though.. really, really cute.. way cuter than that dog I had.. jesus that thing looked like a demon" he mumbled, laughing a little as he thought back on the fun times he had with the dog. "Until one day... my aunt was visiting from Japan where most of our family lives now.. and when she was leaving, Bones jumped in the back of his truck.. looked like he was trying to say 'Fuck this rainy ass town' and he left with her" he shrugged, chuckling a little more and then looking down to Ariela "Sorry I know Im just rambling but if you would have seen that fucking dog you would know what I mean.. anyways about the whole [arent thing.. I dont know.. my parents -especially my dad.. he.. he is going to be pissed .. I think we should tell yours first.." he mumbled, not wanting to think of all the hurtful things his dad would surely say, clearing his throat and smiling at her "What do you wanna do tomorrow? or do you have plans?"


    Mia began breathing when he told her too, trying to relax her mind and body in his grasp as he started coming up with replies and possible solutions. "I know.. I didnt think it would happen either but ... I dont know what happened they said its near impossible but I guess we are that 1% possibility..." she mumbled as she took another deep breath. "Youre right... they will know Im dead if we go to the hospital.. " she agreed, thinking hard after he mentioned telling his mother "Would she accept it though? you know.. me and you?" she asked, looking up at him and running her fingers through her hair stressfully, "I just cant believe this is happening Demetri.. we are probably going to be parents.. I mean, we havent been together that long and I didnt want to hold you back with this.. I hear of so many things going wrong after a couple has a baby.." she continued, sniffling a little "But... I couldnt even imagine us apart" she hated looking so whiney -but it was all just how she felt.
  5. Ariela listened to his story about Bones and giggled at all of the right parts. "We aren't related to dogs, but they tend to like us more," she explained with a soft nod. "Sorry he left," she murmured sympathetically. "It'd be pretty cool if we got a dog, huh?" she suggested with a soft smile. After he asked, she began to think about what she might have to possibly do. Then thought, it wasn't important if Thai was trying to hang out with her. She knew his father would say hurtful things, and it would be a huge disaster, so she agreed with him. The thing was, how soon should they do it? Biting her bottom lip, she shook her head as a no. "I don't have plans, what about you?" she asked him with wonder. "Do you think we should tell my parents soon? We can ease it on my brothers another time, they're another story," she explained lightly, cuddling into him softly.


    Demetri quickly enveloped her into another warming embrace, wanting her to relax and not stress herself out. He didn't know how dangerous it was for her to have a child, so he didn't want to chance anything wrong happening. "Do we really have any one else to ask about this? Baby, listen to me. I love you, do you understand me? I'm not one of these young heads that'll leave at the mention of a missed period. I'm here with you throug thick and thin, and everything in between. Puella, we're not your average couple. We'll get through this, together," he explained to her, wiping her cheek softly of a tear that escaped her eyes. "I'll protect you through all of this. The only thing I need for you to do is not stress so much. What if you are pregnant, we don't want to harm the baby, okay?" he advised her, knowing that when his mother was having pregnant she had numerous problems. Making sure she knew all of his words were true, he kissed her nose repeatedly.
  6. "We get a dog? you act like we live together.. but Ill get you a puppy.. me and dogs dont get along" he explained with a chuckle "The only dog that liked me was Bones.. and we believed in a past life, he was also a vampire" he admitted with a nod of his head as if to agree with himself. "As for your parents.. I mean, I guess we could.. tell your parents if thats what you really want.. but Im going to wait a while before I even think about telling my parents.. maybe Ill slide it in around the same time Thai and Mia confess if they ever will, that way its not blow after blow but just.. one big one" he explained his choice before inhaling and exhaling, looking out to the ocean. "We can tell your parents whenever your ready.. tomorrow, the next day its all up to you" he mumbled silently. Tonight had been one of the best nights of his life.


    Mia sniffled and listened closely to Demetri's words, nodding at his valid points and allowing herself to be fully engulfed in his embrace. "Im just scared is all.." she mumbled, silently agreeing that they were in fact not an average couple.. not at all. "I love you too Demetri" she replied silently -it made her stomach flutter once the words left her mouth -they both had said it and meant it, even in the short time they had been together. Mimi immediately started taking silent deep breaths to calm herself because after all he was right -chances were she was pregnant and now they had to look out for the baby. "Okay... and y-yeah I think we should go see your mother.. if she can help me figure this out.. I just really want to be certain I am.. and then when we know for sure, we can start preparing" she replied after a few moments of silence "Can we get out of here? all I wanna do is shower and brush my teeth" she giggled and then sniffled.
  7. Ariela blushed, a bit embarrassed as he teased her about the dog thing. "Would it even be so bad if we ever decided to live together though? I'm sure the dog would love you. I'd train him or her," she explained to him. Ariela thought about it, and it made her smile at the thought of the two living together. They were always together, anyways. It would be another mile stone in their odd relationship. Ariela then began to think about what Zaye had told her. "Know what? We can wait. I want this to be as smooth as possible for as long as possible. Just...we can wait," she decided as she cleared her throat. Ariela looked deeply into his eyes, licking her lips silently. "I owe you big time, babe," she murmured, talking about the jacuzzi incident. "Know what we should do tomorrow? We should go paintballing, I want to do something fun," she suggested with a beaming smile, hoping he'd agree. Ariela didn't know how much longer she had with Thai, and needed to make it last.


    Demetri nodded, "I understand. I'm scared too." Demetri was terrified as to what might possibly happen because of this. However, he couldn't show it. He had to be strong for Mimi. He had to be her shoulder to cry on. "Alright, want to ask her tomorrow? So we can get it over with?" He asked her as he helped her up, a hand on her waist as he led her to the car. "Where do you wanna' go? We can go to my house, puella. I don't think anyone's home. My parents are at the suite tonight," he explained to her. And with that he helped her into the car and drove off to his home. Once they were there, he helped her in and led her to his own room. "Here's my room. The shower is down the hall, I'll let you borrow some shorts and a shirt. Whatever you need, baby," he told her with a charming smile.


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  8. Thai raised his eyebrow, looking down at Ariela as she decided that living together wasn’t such a good idea.. right after saying that it was. "What’s wrong? change of heart?... I don’t think living together would be a problem.. get a condo or something way on the other side of town away from all this bullshit and tension between vampires and werewolves.. demons and angels.. we could go to college together and everything... I don’t see anything wrong with that.. BUT if you want to wait and just take it slow we can do that too.." he agreed with a shrug, whatever made her most comfortable, made him most comfortable. "A puppy? maybe.. if you’re a good trainer" he teased with a smirk, knowing full well she was. He sighed, shaking his head and thinking back to when they were in the Jacuzzi "Yeah that was crazy.. but it’s all good you don’t have to make it up to me baby, it’s not like you purposely did it... but paint balling sounds good I have’nt been in forever.. we could do that tomorrow afternoon"


    Once she was clean and out of the shower, she immediately collapsed in her boyfriend’s soft mattress with nothing but his boxers and one of his big T shirts on. "Demetri this was exactly what I needed.. to relax" she murmured with a satisfied sigh of relief. All she wanted to do now was cuddle up with her boyfriend and watch a movie -after taking in all Demetri had said it really opened her eyes to how grateful she was that he was such an amazing boyfriend. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow so that she could find out once and for all what was going on with her. No matter what the outcome she knew now for sure that they would face it together. "This has really got to take the cake for most embarrassing things I do around you" she chuckled climbing in bed and cuddling against him. She had tripped, fallen, tried to skate board and crashed, even laughed so hard milk came out of her nose around him.. but this was definitely the icing on top of the cake "How did you end up with such a clumsy girlfriend? You really are the best boyfriend in the world... "

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  9. Ariela playfully rolling her hands, mentally thanking whoever that Thai hadn't asked why she declined him meeting her parents. "I meant meeting my parents, silly. I'd love to get a condo with you, as long as you do your fair share of chores," she teased. She thought of living with him in a condo on the opposite side of town, and thought of it as their own paradise. It would be pure bliss. "How about this...if I get the most hits on you tomorrow, you buy me a puppy and a baby hedgehog. If you win, I do whatever you want," she challenged him with a tempting smile. It makes things much more interesting for the two of them. She got up from their cuddling position, placing her hand out to help him up. As they both stood, she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tip-toes to kiss his lips passionately. It was a random act of love, nothing more...nothing less.


    "And that's exactly what I want you to do, relax," he agreed as he stripped off his jacket, shirt, and pants only to be left in his boxers. Crawling into bed with her, he laughed as she explained how clumsy she was. It made him laugh even harder when he remembered how she literally tripped into his arms and such. "Baby, I love all of you. From your clumsiness, your walk, your talk, and everything in between," he flirted as he wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her to lay her head onto his chest. "I'm the best? Nah, I don't think so. I just know what to do to cater to my wifey," he teased as he kissed the top of her head. In his room he had a queen sized bed, with white sheets and a flat screen on the opposite wall. He had a few pictures laying around in Nike shoe boxes, and such. Also, a whole library of books and DVDs near his closet door--which was walk-in. As he grabbed the remote, he turned on the television then quickly froze. "Shit," he breathed, hearing someone downstairs.
  10. "Chores? what the hell are chores?" Thai asked -of course he was joking, but he loved being playful with her. "Nah, of course.. Ill clean and cook and do laundry.. sometimes.." he continued to tease -of course he would.. he thought it would be a very good idea if they looked into living with each other in the near future. They were at the age that, being on their own wasnt an impossible thought, it was very possible. "Hmm.. fine.. deal, Ill buy you whatever puppy you want if you get the most hits.. but that means I dont get to go easy on you.. as for winning, which I WILL.. Im sure I could think of something for you to do for me.. but Ill save those thoughts for later, because it has to be well thought out, like making you sky dive with me or, something you would never think of doing" he said with a dark chuckle, leaning in and kissing her passionately for a few long seconds. "But for now.. I think I should get you home soon.. I dont need any of your brothers to come looking for me.. seeing as, its not really a secret that you and me are together"


    "No.. youre just perfect" Mimi argued against him, once again saying what she had before -she truly believed that he was just that too. Perfect. He was handsome, but not too, too, too cocky -he was the perect gentlemen to her and he was also understanding, and she trusted him with her life. Things that she never expected to find all wrapped into one with a ribbon on it -especially not in a wolf! She snuggled against his chest and watched as he flicked through channels for a few. Not even 2 or 3 minutes later he got up -his senses were a bit stronger than hers so it took her a minute to understand what made him freeze the way he did. She sat up a little, looking down at him and running her fingers through her hair before looking towards his door "Someone is here arent they?." She mouthed to him before getting off of him and placing both feet on the ground "What do we do?" She asked in a very hushed whisper. She didnt know whether to hide or not.. after all a wolf could smell a vampire a mile away and vise versa, she was sure that even if she did hide, they would surely know she was there. They were caught.
  11. Ariela smiled and nodded at his deal. "Ay, don't forget. The dog and the hedgehog, I want both if I win. Baby, you don't know my skills on paintballing, I'm pretty sure I'll kick your ass," she teased him playfully while she kissed at the edges of his jaw. "Besides, I think I'll have fun figuring out what you would like me to do," she flirted with a soft giggle. She felt her heart sink a bit as he suggested taking her home now. "Stay with me tonight? I don't feel like being alone tonight," she asked him quietly, afraid his answer would be a stern no. She waited patiently as he thought of it. Before he could say no, she spoke up to convince him. "They won't bother you, and if they do I'll speak up. My parents are out on their little own millionth honeymoon tonight...please, no one will probably be home," she spoke nothing above a whisper as she tried her best to convince him.

    Having him near her helped her nerves stay at bay. Feeling as if he could protect her from anything, it made her warm and feel almost invincible. Almost. It was the best she could have, and she was okay with that. They could talk all night, watch a movie, anything he wanted. As long as he came with her, she didn't care what the hell they did.


    Demetri looked over to Mimi, seeing her eyes widen with question. He didn't mean to scare her, yet he didn't know how to act normal when his werewolf family member suddenly walked into the house to smell his vampire--pregnant--girlfriend. "Stay here, okay?" Demetri ordered her to do lightly as he walked off to the top of the stairs. He heard a chuckle here, and a murmur there. How many were there? He jogged down the steps and saw his fraternal twin--Adyn--walking into the foyer with his other brother--Elijah. "Shit, what're you guys doing here?" Demetri asked the two. Elijah could already smell her, and that's why he had a smirk on his lips while Adyn had a rose brow.

    "What're we doing at home? Gee, I don't know," Adyn spoke sarcastically as he munched on an open bag of Salt and Vinegar chips. "Where's the girl? She a werewolf, too? I heard they are some freaks, bro!" Eli spoke encouragingly as he prepared to dart up the stairs. It dawned on Demetri that she probably didn't even smell like a vampire, because he was always touching her and such. He scent masked hers, because his was much stronger. "Don't go looking for her! She's...not prepared to see any of you," Demetri spoke as he stopped Elijah from going upstairs. "Just...wait down here, I'll bring her down," Demetri advised them as he cautiously walked up the steps. Finally in the room with Mimi, he sighed heavily. His shoulders dropped lowly. "It's my brothers Adyn and Elijah, they want to meet you. They don't know what you are. Are you up for it or...? I don't want to pressure you to do anything," he asked her as he walked over to her.
  12. "Okay, Okay the damn puppy and the hedgehog" He agreed, smirking as she kissed the corners of his jaws, and wrapping his arms a bit tighter around her waist as the boat began to steer back to shore after making eye contact with his friend and gesturing back towards the shore. "Im not sure if thats a good idea baby.." he said softly, looking down at her and then trying hard to pull his gaze away so not to look at her cute face and the way she pleaded him -but of course he couldn't help it, before long he smirked and sighed "Okay, Okay fine.. I will come over.. but if I end up kicking your brothers asses dont be mad at me.. hopefully you're right and they aren't home." Thai gave in -he had to admit, it was a way better idea then just staying the night by himself -or having her come to his house.. too many risks that way. Once they were on shore and in the car, he raced on the highway, ready to just cuddle and watch a movie with her -anything as long as it involved doing it with her. Once they pulled up, there were of course, cars in the driveway - he immediately turned to his girlfriend and eyed her "See what I mean? its all good though.. Ill be a good little blood sucker I swear" he teased, getting out of the car and taking her hand once she was out as well.


    Mimi nodded quietly at her boyfriends order -she knew it was for the best and she sat as still as a statue as she waited for his return. She could hear them downstairs but not clearly, she didnt even bother straining her ears to do so because she was so nervous. Once he came back upstairs she held her breath listening to his words and then sighed in relief when he informed her that all they wanted to do was meet her. " No, no thats fine I dont mind meeting them..They dont know that Im a vampire? do you think they will care once they find out?" she asked quietly, getting off of the bed and putting her still drying hair up and into a messy pony tail, glancing at herself in the mirror and then walking out of the room after him. She lightly made her way down the stairs after him and a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "Hey.." she said shyly and quietly, waving and staying close to her boyfriend -not that she was scared of them... okay so she was a little scared -but who wouldnt be? if their noses kicked into high gear and they smelled the vampire on her -what would be their next move? she was outnumbered.. even with Demetri here, because after the episode she had earlier she was in no position to fight. All she could do was hope for the best.
  13. Sorry if it's a bit short. I'm on my phone, and somewhat sleepy. :/- Everything was going just as planned, which made Ariela smile lightly at the turning point of their night. "Thank you, baby," she thanked him with a tight hug and a warm kiss directly on the lips. She glanced down at the ring on her finger, playing with it as she sat in the car. She began to wonder if her room was a mess or not, hoping not to be embarrassed if she did. Whenever Thai raced down the highway it scared her a bit. However, she couldn't wait to go home and wrap herself around Thai. With everything turning topsy turvy, she wanted at least one thing to turn out right. They made it to her home in good time, and Ariela quickly groaned as she noticed the cars all parked around the house. An idea popped in her head, and she unbuckled her seat belt. "I have an idea. Go in the backyard, I have a tree house. Get in it, I'll be there in ten minutes, tops," she informed Thai simutaneously jogging into the home to see Mimi hiding behind Demetri's tall fram and waving hello to Adyn and Elijah. It was surely an odd sight, Ariela's eyes almost popped out of her head in such shock. "Oh shit, hey guys," she murmured to all of them. They all turned and waved at her, then turned their attention to Mimi once more. Ariela was off the hook, thank goodness! She jogged up the steps, Mimi eyeing her with a confused look. Ariela only smiled in response, and went off in a search for her junk food bag, a pillow, and a folded quilt on top of her bed. Once she got everything, she walked back down the steps. "Mimi, if you have any problems don't hesitate to call me, okay? I'll be outside," she told her with a soft nudge to her side. Finally, Ariela made it outside to the treehouse. There were Christmas lights all around the tree house, so it was dark enough to hide and light enough to see. Skillfully, Ariela made it up the tree with no scratches while carrying everything. "So uh...your sister is in there meeting two of my brothers," she informed Thai lightly. It was odd how everyone took everything so lightly.-Demetri stood in front of Mia, which she obliged with completely. Adyn's gaze went from curious to shock. Adyn had seen her when Demetri got his tattoo a couple months ago. "Shit De, you actually went out with her?" Adyn asked, his voice high with surprise. Demetri rolled his eyes at his brother's stupidity, while Elijah looked at the two completely confused. "You've seen her before?" Elijah asked, offended that he was the last to know. When in reality no one knew of Mia. "Yeah! She's...shit, Demetri you have no idea what you got yourself into," Adyn groand with a shake of his head. Elijah's eyes scrunched in annoyance, not understanding anything. "Who the hell is going to explain how Demetri got such a hot girl?" Elijah whined. Demetri smacked the back of Eli's head swiftly, getting a yelp in return. "She's not hot, she's beautiful and my girlfriend. Don't look at her, or think about her. Got it? And yeah, Adyn. I know what I've gotten myself into. You know what, I don't give a damn," Demetri said with a nonchalant shrug. It was the truth. Demetri was entirely devoted and completely in love with Mia. Whether she was a vampire or not, he could care less. He wrapped a protective arm around her, looking at his brothers in front of him. "And yes, she's a vampire. I know, it's against our beliefs blah blah, but I don't give a damn. And neither should you guys," Demetir spoke defensively, ready to object to anyone's disagreement. Elijah's jaw dropped, his eyes fixated on Mimi as it all clicked. "We might not care...but dad'll have your ass. And some of the others, bro," Eli spoke. That was something Demetri never thought about.
  14. Thai raised his eyebrow when she said something about a tree house -he felt 13 again! not in a bad way though, it was just kind of surprising to him. "Tree house? alright I'll be there.." he assured her, putting his hands in his pockets and going to the back of the house, the tree house was actually pretty nice, he didnt think it would be worn down or anything, but he wondered on his way over there how long it had been since she had been up in it. Now that he was before it, he could tell it was still a savored place -probably somewhere she would go to get away from those suffocating brothers of hers. It was pretty high up, but there was a ladder -not that he would use it. Thai looked behind him and then stood back a few steps, before running and jumping up what with his supernatural abilities, and landed hanging off, holding on to the edge of the little wooden porch it had with one hand, carrying his weight with ease, "Fuck.. I need to work out" he mumbled before grabbing the edge with his other hand as well and pulling himself up. Of course this was something an ordinary human couldnt do regardless, but the fact that he didnt make it with his feet planted on the ground told him he needed to work out and get his abilities up to par. All his time had been invested in his girlfriend lately. Of course she was more than worth it too; he went inside the tree house, looking around for a light of some sort and ended up tripping over something because of how dark it was. "Fuck" he mumbled, leaving the inside of the tree house and deciding to wait for his girlfriend, she knew this place better than him, plus he didnt want to fuck himself or anything up. He sat on the porch, his legs dangling off the edge as he waited quietly for her return.


    Mia simply watched as his brothers went back and forth between each other -what was she supposed to do? inntervene? sure this was about her but she didnt know what she could say.. she almost felt bad for getting her boyfriend in trouble -only almost though, because it wasnt like her father would be too pleased if he found out about the two either. Especially now, and the state she was in. When Eli called her hot, and De corrected him she blushed -to this day, even though they had been together a few months she still blushed every time he called her beautiful. It never ever got old. However, something else caught her attention as well, and that was their talk about his dad, and 'others' having a problem with them being together. "Others? what others?" she asked softly, looking up at De and then back at Eli, leaning her head against De's chest as he pulled her in protectively, she felt more at ease now knowing they werent a threat, but it was still nice to be close. Mia smiled at Ariela's offer to help if she felt like she needed it -that girl was gorgeous and she could see why they'd want to keep an eye on her.. Still, she felt relieved and nervous at the same time... relieved that they didnt have to sneak around his brothers anymore but nervous because the way Eli said 'others' sounded as if it was absolutely nothing nice, and she was curious for her well being, and also the well being of their child.

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  15. Ariela struggled as she balanced the things in her hands, while she tugged up the ladder. She smiled lightly at Thai once she was leveled with him. "C'mon," she murmured ever so softly into his ear, guiding him into her tree house ever so skillfully. Till this day, she still goes up here once in a while whenever she wanted to think and be alone. Or, at least feel as if she was alone. She flicked on lights on the close right wall. The dim lights illuminated the hoodies all scattered across the floor. Closed bags of chips and empty water bottles with a beer here and there. She kicked it all to the corner. Ariela then picked up her various notebooks, drawing pads, pens, and pencils to place them in a little file cabinet she had. Then, she smiled shyly at Thai. "Sorry for the mess, I never bring anyone up here," she murmured as she grabbed a hoodie to place onto herself.

    "Go ahead, get comfortable. We can sleep up here tonight. Demetri and Mia are in there with two of my brothers. They're finally meeting her," she informed him. Ariela looked to see his facial expression become unreadable. "Oh, don't worry. They won't do anything. Come here," she patted the floor next to her once she sat on the floor. Once Thai sat beside her, she laid down and brought the quilt over the two of them as they began to cuddle.

    "Thank you for coming with me...tonight just didn't seem like a night to be alone," she thanked him quietly.


    Demetri heard the wonder and fear begin to arise in Mia's voice. He placed an arm around her, wanting to calm any nerves that were about to jump up. "He's talking about some of my other brothers...they won't approve of us. But I'm older, so I could care less," Demetri reassured her with his soft words. Elijah and Adyn watched in silence and in awe. They never knew Demetri could be so kind and caring to such a woman. Surely it was in their handsome genes to be gentleman and be chivalrous...but Demetri was so soft and gentle. The two viewers only had ever seen this with their own parents.

    "Yeah, not only them...but the Council. The Lupus Council," Elijah murmured softly. He felt a bit bad for ruining the situation for the two, but they needed to come back from cloud nine and down to reality. Adyn nodded with an unreadable expression. "If they find out you're with her, who knows what'll happen. I mean...Angels and Vampires were able to be together only a century ago. It's still a new 'thing'. As cliche as it is, I don't think anyone is ready for a werewolf and vampire relationship," Adyn explained to the two. Demetri's stomach began to feel heavier than moments ago. He looked over to Mia, wanting to know if she still wanted to go on with this. Of course she would, right? For not only were they in love, but they were going to have a child. Which made it all the more severe.
  16. Thai looked around the now illuminated night, blinking and watching as she settled everything she had brought inside. He only smiled at her comment about her room being dirty. "No you’re fine... you know how my room looks on a daily basis" he chuckled thinking about his room and how messy it was with clothes, sneakers and snap backs everywhere, so this was nothing.

    When she noted that Mia was here, his expression changed and his eyes darkened slightly, and he was debating whether or not to go down there and make sure she was okay until Ariela informed him that she was fine and that her brothers weren’t planning to do anything to her. He came over slowly, sitting in the spot she had patted for him, and then laying down, pulling her close to him so that they could cuddle together and smiling when she thanked him for staying. "You don’t have to thank me, I’m your boyfriend it’s my job." He teased, running his hand idly up and down her arm as he stared at the ceiling "Besides, I wanted to stay... I wish every day could be like today...” he whispered against her hair, breathing in its fresh scent and hugging her tighter to him. "I wish that... every day could be like this and that we wouldn’t have to worry about hiding the fact that we are together from our families...” he confessed. “You would think that... since we are both mixed breeds that they would understand"


    Mia could feel her blood beginning to boil as the boys continued explaining the consequences they would face if they stayed together, and then saw the uncertainty on Demetri's face as he looked down to her as if to ask 'Are we still going to do this?' even though eyes couldn’t speak, she heard his loud and clear, and she felt almost insulted that he would think such a thing. They had been together for a while now, and now she was pregnant, and now this? Now it seemed like everything was coming down on her. Of course she wanted to continue on, she wouldn’t let anyone keep her from him and now she wondered if he felt the same, the uncertainty in his eyes made her own eyes sting with tears that refused to fall. "I don’t care; I don’t care what they think of us! I don’t care who is ready and who isn’t ready to see a vampire and a werewolf together! It’s not about what they want to see it’s about what we feel for each other... you can’t help who you fall for!" she exclaimed, looking towards Demetri with a flustered expression "I don’t know about you, but when I signed up to be your girlfriend it isn’t like I didn’t know this would happen, I knew there would be consequences and I never thought twice about anything because there was something about you I really liked and now I love you.. and I hope you aren’t thinking twice either... but if you are just know that the abortion clinic is right down the street Demetri" she seethed, before pushing past him and going upstairs. She didn’t know if it were the hormones or what it was, but something about that look he gave her made her angry - like he was questioning whether or not they would make it, and she didn’t want to feel like she was in this by herself. She went back into Demetri's room and closed the door with a loud thud, crawling into his bed and putting her headphones in, closing her eyes and not wanting to think about anything. She was tired, irritable and now... she was confused.

    If they had to question it... then was it really love? Like real legit love? Or was that just what they labeled it?
  17. Ariela giggled lightly at his comment about his room and shook her head in agreement. "Yeah, I hope you're not like that when we ever get to live together," she teased him. Once he sat down with her, everything was now serious...all joking aside. Goosebumps ran down her skin like water trying to chase a fire, as Thai continued running his hand down her arm repeatedly. Her eyes closed automatically as he whispered into her hair. How he was so gentle with her and comforting made her relaxed at all times.

    Ariela listened attentively to Thai as he openly confessed how he felt about them having to hide their love for one another. She sighed, turning around to face him. Ariela's eyes looked directly into his, and she began to speak. "Then let's not hide it from them. I know it'll be hard for them to accept it, but we're adults and they can't do much about it...right? I'd do anything to have you happy, as you would do for me and if it means telling our parents about us, then so be it. There's not much they could to change our minds about our relationship...right?" she asked him, letting her thumb lightly stroke his cheek comfortingly. She agreed with him completely, wishing it wouldn't be made such a big deal if they were in love with each other. "If Mia and Demetri can do it, why the hell can't we?" she asked him with a quirked eyebrow.


    Demetri was completely taken aback by her outburst, it wasn't what he expected from her. Guilt washed over him as she closed his door with a loud slam. So did anger, how dare she assume he didn't want to have to do anything with her? Hadn't his actions and words shown the complete opposite? Elijah and Adyn looked at Demetri was open mouths, and wide eyes. They found out she was pregnant. "Oh shit...we're gonna' be uncles?" Elijah asked, not even thinking about how worse her pregnancy made everything. Demetri didn't answer, quickly jogging to the room. He opened the door with a swift action and his eyes were set on a glare at Mia. He stalked over, snatching the headphones off of her ears so she could hear every word he had to say. "How dare you assume me asking for your opinion meaning that I didn't care for you. For us. I cannot believe you have the fucking audacity to threaten me with killing our baby, Mia. Don't you ever, ever do that again! I've done nothing but love you, and show you that I loved you through words, actions, and gifts. If I didn't feel this strongly for you I would have never taken our relationship this far, do you understand me?" he sternly spoke to her in a menacing tone.

    His finger was directly in her face, showing how angry he was by disrespecting her space. "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since your hormones are probably all-over the place but I swear to God and all that is good if you ever doubt the way I feel and threaten the baby, we will have bigger problems to worry about. Got it?" he asked her, his voice faltering at the end. He didn't mean to be so angry and hostile with her, but everything she had done got him so upset. He had never been so angry before in his life. He took a step back, finally not so angry as he was moments ago. Holding the bridge of his nose, he suddenly felt guilty for what he just did. Taking a deep breath, he looked over at her. His eyes showing how sympathetic he was. "Baby..." his voice cracked, as he avoided eye-contact with her all of a sudden. He wasn't being himself.
  18. Thai chuckled when she hinted to how he would have to actually clean up behind himself when they did move in together. "Of course .. I will be living with a lady then so you can do all the laundry" he joked before shaking his head and sighing "Nah but seriously, I will clean up after myself.. anything just to live with you" He admitted, holding her tighter as she expressed her opinion on how they should just tell everyone about them. "Hmm.. I dont know Ariela I mean.. I want to but.. My dad is.. he wont accept it, no matter how we explain it.. and I will probably have to start looking for places because he is probably going to kick me out.." He grumbled, thinking of how he wanted to check out some condos by the beach anyways. He then shrugged "Fuck it.. we can tell them whenever youre ready baby."


    Mia listened closely to what he was saying and she instantly felt wrong about what she had said -her eyes began to water and she watched as guilt washed over his face and he began to rub the bridge of his nose.She couldnt ever think of being without Demetri, and his last comment on how they would have bigger problems if she ever doubted them again made her wonder if that was his way of telling her that their relationship would be in jeapordy. She immediately began to sob and sniffel, getting off the bed and running over to him, crashing her body against his and sobbing on his chest. "Im.. so sorry.. I just.. Im so nervous and.. I dont know why I doubted you.. please dont be mad .. at me.. I didnt mean it.. Im just so stressed.. I dont know what to do, what to think.. I just want to be with you.. forever" She sobbed out, sniffeling after every other jumble of words as she held on to his shirt tight, as if he would push her away. She knew everything she said sounded corny or dumb but she didnt care, her emotions were everywhere and all she wanted to do was be with Demetri.. she hated to argue with him. "
  19. Ariela heard his reasoning, understanding that he didn't want to tell anyone yet. However a smile erupted on her face as he agreed to tell them anyways. "You sure?" She asked him, and her smile grew even bigger as he nodded. In complete bliss, she got on top of him and kissed him intensely. "And this is why I love you," she murmured against his lips. Her hands swam into his hair, while her legs straddled him underneath the covers. "No matter what our dads say, we'll still find a way, I promise. I'm a big girl, I don't think your dad can push me away," she explained as she cupped his face into her hands. Then, she began to think of how it would be living with Thai. The smile on her face brightened.

    "What if we named our puppy Rocky, wouldn't that be cute? He'll sound like he's all tough," she asked him as she cuddled into him. She then stopped herself, seeing how she was suddenly becoming all clingy all of a sudden. A blush grew on her cheeks, and she chewed her bottom lip. "Oh gosh, I sound like a clingy girlfriend. Please stop me," she placed a hand on her mouth to cover it as she buried her face into the crook of his neck. She inhaled his scent deeply, her eyes fluttering close at the familiar, calming scent. "Did you...or do you ever have doubts about us?" She asked him after a few silent heart beats. She meant nothing by it, it was a simple question.


    Demetri let his hands wrap around her, feeling guilty for being the reason to make her cry. "Baby I'm sorry," he whispered into her hair, rubbing her back soothingly. He murmured soft 'shh's to calm her crying, not wanting her start not be able to stop. And this was only the first few hours of knowing...he knew this pregnacy would definitely be a crazy journey. "Don't ever doubt me," he spoke softly, reassuring her that she had him for as long as she wanted him. "Don't be nervous, or stress out. You'll make it harder on you, us, and the baby. You can't do that. I'll help as much as I can. I'll carry all the burden, but it's up to you how this pregnancy ends up. Understand?" He advised her as he kissed her head of hair, forehead, nose, and lips.

    "I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to yell at you. I just angry, that's all. I'll try not to yell next time," he apologized profusely. He rocked with her as he embraced her tightly, calming her. He picked her up, laying her on the bed. Demetri brushed off the items all on his bed, and took the space next to her after closing the door. He cuddled deep into her back, his face nuzzled into the crevice of her neck. He breathed her in, calming himself. "I love you, puella. Don't forget it, okay?" He whispered along with a kiss on the nape of her neck. He let his hand find its way into her shirt, laying his warm hand on her stomach. He let his thumb stroke her belly, knowing soon she'd be showing. "Let's just take this one day at a time," he encouraged.