Demonica Sanguinus - "The Eternal Glory"

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Deep in the fiery pits of hell, the Beaste is awakening from it's millennial slumber. The day has come for Demonica Sanguinus; the ritual to end all good. The Beaste is the second most powerful demon ever recorded in history. It has not just one form, but it is a shape-shifter of sorts. It consumes fear and turns into the very thing that you are most afraid of. Lucifer, the Monarch of the Under Realm has declared that the time of reckoning is upon the humans of earth, and only the strongest can survive. With the help of the next solar eclipse in 2155, he will unleash the Beaste upon all mankind, and watch as the world falls victim to fear.

So, what do you guys think of the idea? I was thinking that this solar eclipse opens a rift in the Under Realm which allows Lucifer to unleash the Beaste. As well, perhaps we could incorporate angels as well into the plot? Maybe they try and help. Anyways, would this be solid?
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