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  1. I have been thinking about creating this rp about demons, angels and war. So here's the jist of the rp.
    The descendants of 6 Demons, which are half human and half demon, must join together to prevent the Demon Lord from escaping his prison. These descendants are not your usual half breed demons, they are the descendants of the Demon Lord's 6 most trusted Legion Generals. Of the 666 legions at the Demon Lord's control, 6 have betrayed him and fought hard to place him in his prison. The descendants are teenagers, and so they must choose, fight and stop the DL from breaking free, or leave it be and let the world come to an end.
    I will only create this rp if I have serious, dedicated rpers that are willing to join. If you want more information, or interested, you can reply to this thread or pm me.

    Your neighborhood Dark One,
  2. I'm interested, but I'm curious to know about the setting. Would this take place in Hell itself, or...?
  3. Probably on Earth and Hell. Maybe in Heaven if we're lucky. Just consider the story he's given us. The main characters are teenagers, half-human, half-demon. If the 6 generals betrayed the DL, the other 660 would likely have been hunting them in retaliation. Therefore, any descendants would likely be safest on Earth. But in order to reseal the DL, we must venture into Hell. And if angels are involved, Heaven is definitely going to be involved, maybe not as a setting, but as a plot development tool. Also, I'm game.

  4. You know, I'm not interested at all, actually. I'm obviously too stupid to understand the full complexity of the situation. You guys have fun.
  5. If you feel I've insulted you, I am really sorry. I'm just making inferences from what he's posted.
  6. I'm pretty indifferent tbh. Enjoy your inferences.
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  7. Mr. V have I spoken to you about this story? because you're pretty damn close to what I have had in mind. Heaven isn't going to play much of a part, and there's not going to be an adventure into hell. Pretty much an Angel trying to ascend to Archangel status, will be like a guide for the descendants. The demons that betray the DL have been blessed (or cursed) with Guardianship over the world, each one has a sword. The key to releasing the DL is the collection of all 6 swords. The familes are residents of a small town in the new England area. Not all the teenagers have to know eachother, but their parents grew up together.
    I'm not very good at writing out the story lines, i'l try to explain it where everyone can understand.
  8. Nah, you didn't. I told Sabine, I was essentially making an educated guess. And I still have no idea why she flipped out.
  9. You do know that this thread is still public, right? :/
  10. Yeah, so answer the question now: What have I done to insult you?
  11. Why do you assume that I'm insulted? I mean, aside from changing my mind being considered "flipping out".
    Your pretentious and patronizing tone is irritating, but I'm not insulted. I doubt you'd act differently to most people and in any case, no need to waste negative emotions. We should also probably stop wasting board space. I'm sure @Death might like the chance to actually talk about his own RP on his own board. XD
  12. I am interested, and will be a dedicated poster.

    I've always wondered what angel's blood looks like.
  13. You only announced backing out in a post where you expressed some negative emotion in your sarcastic remark "I'm obviously too stupid to understand the full complexity of the situation", so clearly you were angry with me in particular, not just out of a lack of interest, and you didn't make any attempt to imply otherwise. In only one post have I said anything "pretentious or patronizing", and that is in the post you've just quoted (one for which I apologize. I did overstep my boundaries). If anything, the most irritating thing I've seen on this page so far is you implying that I talk as if I were so high above people that birds have to look up to see me to everyone. And no doubt he would love to talk about his RP. Done?
  14. i'll join if theirs angels in it
  15. What appearance do half-demons have? Do they look human, or more demonic?

    What powers do we have from our BRIMSTONE blood? Strength, flamethrower breath? Or do we even have BRIMSTONE blood?

    Do all our swords look the same? Can our swords talk? Does our swords soul-trap what we kill, and allow us to view their memories?

    Can we sense other demons/angles when they are close?
  16. Brother Gabriel, there are some angels but not very many. As far as I can see at the moment, the only angel is disguised as a teacher at the high school where the teens go. He is more of a guide/counselor then anything.

    Mad, Very good questions. all demons and angels (half blood or not) look human. The strength they have is equal to one and a half humans. Their bones are stronger, so they're harder to break. No special powers. No the swords do not have to look the same, nor can they talk nor can they take souls. The swords were made with some demon blood, so that is the only weapons that can kill angels or demons. The teens are not immune because they are half, infact if anything they are more at risk, because the human weapons can hurt them just as much.

    I haven't decided if they can sense each other or not. you'll know a demon when you see their eyes. a demon's eyes are pitch black.
  17. So can i join in as angel in disguise
  18. that works for me, I wouldn't have to double up on it.
  19. So, we've got three people so far. But, we still need four more to play the half-demons.

    Join, people!
  20. I'd be more than happy to join. Just know that on most days I disappear from 5-12 central standard time. For work.
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