Demonic Love

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  1. Here is the plot idea that cane to mind, explained badly: there is a new girl at school (my char). She is the regular good girl (but not the stereotypical perfect kind). And then there's the guy who's already been a student there. He is not also a wild kid ("bad boy"), but he's also a demon. Once he lays eyes on her, his instincts immediately are to protect her, for her to be his, and to break her goody goody ways. He attempts to get to know her, asking if she needs help to classes or wants to go to a party, stuff like that. (There can be mature scenes, but let's not make it too detailed and explicit because this isn't in the libertine section, and the rp won't revolve around it.) What happens after that? I have no clue lol. I feel like this will probably die because I haven't thought this through. I need you guys to keep this going! :P

    This rp will be a thread once we get started. This can be a group rp or 1x1. If it's only me and someone else roleplaying before someone else joins in, that's okay. But, I need to go over some guidelines about demon characters first.

    1) Please, if you're gonna be a demon, I'd only like if your char is one of human form! The demons I like to rp with are just like humans, but you can have powers and your eyes can turn red or black. Similar to the vampire kind of thing.

    2) You are permitted to have three or less powers. One that every demon character will already have is enhanced hearing, and the ability for their eyes to turn red/black. You can choose three of the following powers for your character:
    1) Dream catching (being able to enter and change dreams)
    2) Being able to show the future or past
    3) Reading minds
    4) Enhanced strength
    5) Being able to inflict feelings upon others, whether it be emotional or physical (good or bad)
    6) Ability to heal


    Here is a basic character sheet. I'm not an anime person (excluding my old kid shows like Naruto and stuff like that), but I'd prefer if your character pictures are animated. Thank you! And thanks for applying! :)

    GRADE (10-12):
  2. NAME: Sophie Parker
    (Hair has a bit more of a natural reddish tint/color.)
    AGE: 15
    GENDER: Female
    GRADE (10-12): 10th
    LIKES: Chocolate, music, reading, enjoying nature, star-gazing, friends, massages, thinking and learning
    DISLIKES: Foul language, drugs and alcohol, anything "bad", dark or gothic things, metal music
    EXTRA INFO (OPT.): Soph is a bit reserved, especially because she's now in a new place she's unfamiliar with. Her and her married parents moved to "experience more and start a new." But Soph didn't want to; she liked her school, her house, her friends. She hoped it would be the same here.