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  1. Demons. Mystery. Magic. Illusions. False Gods.

    I don't know how many people have read the Demonata series, or enough of it to grasp the concept, so i'm making an interest check rather than an entire OOC-worth of writing.

    The idea is that this RP would be set in an alternate reality (it's one of the few series that establishes an alternate reality without that much set lore, which is nice too.) The time would be roughly 2020, but that doesn't mean laser guns and giant transformer battle suits and to be fair those wouldn't be very effective anyway. Magic does exist, but its not generic magic where anyone can use it everyone accepts it exists, its the kind of thing that makes people who know about it wonder if fairy tales are true after all. Demons also exist, as the title might hint at. There are two universes, each containing a multitude of planets and galaxies. The only difference is that our universe, "reality", has been observed and nurtured by so called gods, whereas the Demonata, the demon universe, has been left alone.

    There is only one way that humans and demons can go to the other universe, by a portal known as a window. Usually these can take several days to open, especially if they go quite a long way, such as reality's earth to Demonata's Omicron perseii 8, rather than real NYC to whatever is in the same place in the demon universe, which would take only 8-10 hours. Windows decay over time, only stable for several minutes or an hour at most and only if done by the most talented mages. Demons are not able to open windows themselves except for the occasional demon lord who is powerful enough to do so. The one in this such case is called "Lord Loss.".

    Demon lords generally keep their presence known in rumours and myths, but they are known to bargain with humans just like the biblical ideas of man's realm and hell, however it should be viewed more as side by side universes, rather than hell being below reality.

    A world is protected from windows by relics known as Lodestones. These were left on a planet to protect it while it developed anti-demon weapons, and they are vast mana-wells from which mages can become very powerful in their presence. If someone with magical potential is sacrificed at a Lodestone, it will be corrupted and can then be accessed by demons. If done, demons can set up permanent windows called "tunnels" which allow free movement between the planes.

    The plot:

    Demons only appear on earth in very select occurrences, but their visitations are becoming more frequent. You play the role of either a member of a society known as the Disciples - anti-demon agents who are usually magicians, or you play the role of a rogue magician who is also looking into this. It will generally be a mystery/horror, but if I feel it's slowing down, or people ask for it, or if I get bored of waiting to introduce plot (unlikely), then I will make it become more a modern fantasy and people will have free reign to do as they like.

    If you are interested, then say so below. If you may be interested but don't know the lore very well, go down to "plot" here. and then post below. If you are still unsure, ask and I can do my best to sum up anything you don't understand.
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  2. Okay, so I only have one little question to secure my interest, though I will probably be interested either way. Is this an alternate universe to the one where the Ka'Gash was put back together, an alternate to the original storyline?
  3. Well, at the end of Hell's heroes, they built a new universe which was to roughly follow the same template as the old one, except Dervish didn't have heart problems and various other evil events didn't happen. Given this change in timeline I thought it entirely possible that the inevitable invasion would be carried out in a different way.
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