Demon / Yokai Rp Group?

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  1. - So this will be a casual rp something fun easy and that will mostly revolve around the workings of a growing gang of Yokai who hope to take over Japan ^.^ this is an alternate universe in which humans know of Yokai but they aren't exactly sure where they come from, just that they are Demons! And to be feared, hated, hunted, and killed. Here's the Catch. Youkai are made by deal's made with other Youkai. Alrighty here is the In Character Pitch.

    ~~~ At some point, somewhere and sometime in your life, you wanted something, and in 'Need' a Sin was born. Through this sin you were marked and through this Mark you will be changed. You were human before, but now a deal has been struck. You don't know how this really happened, but sure enough as soon as you made the deal, the devil made with the details. You should have realized a crafty Fox when you saw one, but no in your lust to make your desires your own - you have suddenly made a Pact with the worst Yokai in all of Japan and now your body is a changing! What's worse is this Kitsune apparently has control of you now at least in part, and demands you walk in her March of 1000 Youkai! What will you would? What the hell are you turning into? And all these crazy powers too! How will you learn to control what the sin in you has created? Will you try to keep on with your normal life? Inconvienced ALOT by the Kitsune, or will you fall out of society and join her in terrorizing all of japan? This rp can really go either way ! ~~~

    OH also! Members would also be able to join as other big bad ass youkai trying to make their own gangs ^.^ And then we battle it all out. But for right now i'm going to limit the Other big bad ass youkai to 1 don't want to have to many lol.

    And Lastley, if you join please vote on wether this should be during Modern Times, or Medieval / Feudal Era Japan
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  2. This sounds interesting! I like the premise, I vote modern times, but I'd be fine with either.
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  3. Sounds cool, I too vote modern.
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  4. AWESOME! -dances- We will probably need maybe 5 members to get this going so that makes 2 ^.^ Just need 2 more -unless i'm not counting myself o.O- Then three! XD
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  5. Also for an idea on what Youkai is mentioned above as well as the character i will be playing is

  6. Youkai in modern times is always cool. That said, what's fare game? Do I have to stick with, like, Oni and Yuuki Ona and Kitsune and stuff or are weirder creatures like Jourai-Gumo or Tsukumogami fair game?
  7. ^.^ Welcome Digiexpert ^.^

    And As for history lessons in Youkai I will prolly need to brush up on them myself. But this will be fun and easy rp so pretty much ANY demonic entity you can come up with ^.^ . I like to view this as an open ended writer's devise their own ideas sorta thing. So You can chose from anything traditional or strike up something new and exciting too.
  8. Well Jourai-Gumo (aside from being the name of a revolutionary group that came before the monster) are four legged, furred spider-like beasts, and Tsukumogami are animate objects. So i figured I'd ask. There's a lot of weird monsters.

    Edit: I was wrong. Tsuchigumo are the revolutionary group that also are a monster that look that way, and there's a whole clan of them. Jorai (or Jirai, or Jorou) Gumo are spiders that lived to 400 years old and became magic.
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  9. This sounds like an interesting idea! I would say modern times might be best since you can get more creative with the environment.
    Oh! That reminds me, if you're interested in knowing more about the various Youkai's.. you should check out the books called Yokai attack!​
  10. Thanks @sleepingxdragon ! I will look into it. Also I do believe we now have 5 people who are willing to join i will start creation of the group today at 5 PM CENTRAL USA timezone

    ALSO This doesn;t meant we're done getting members ^.^ If you are still interested in joining us please let us know ^.^

    ALSO We have determined MODERN TIMEZ IT IZ!
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  11. Oh and I have started to follow you all HEHE no Creepy Vibes tho! -holds up hands in perfect innocence -
  12. @Kabyt That's good to hear! I'll look forward to it then. c:

    Haha, that's alright. I'll go ahead and follow you as well.​
  13. Also I may get off work early today OOOOO o.o
  14. Bout thirty minutes and I will be free to head home ^^ Give me an hour guys and I'll be available on my skype
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  15. Wow that took way longer than expected ^.^ i am home and online will be working on rp group now ^.^ Sorry for wait!
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  16. Yokai is spelled without the u. Also i am busy at the moment but i will definitely bookmark this for future reference.
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  17. ^.^ thanks @Edward Actually it is spelled right ^.^

    It all really depends on which way you are going with the definitions of your species buut

    Youkai (妖怪, "mystic apparition" or "mysterious calamity") is a term used to refer to Japanese folk creatures and ghosts, or to supernatural beings in general. Because there are thousands of stories of magical beings around the world, the different types of youkai are endless.

    Yōkai (妖怪 ?, ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. The word yōkaiis made up of the kanji for "bewitching; attractive; calamity" and "apparition; mystery; suspicious".

    Demon, daemon (from Koine Greek δαιμόνιον daimonion), or fiend is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore.
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  18. The word Youkai comes from a fanservice wiki, the word Yokai comes from the actual wikipedia and translates into real history.
    The word Youkai i presume comes from a anime to where they spell it differently (for some reason) when it is realistically spelled Yōkai not Youkai. Demon is also called ''Oni'' for that is the japanese word for demon.