Demon x Angel

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  1. Demon: Klarissa Accardo
    It was another ordinary day in Hell.
    Too Klarissa, this "ordinary" day, was just another boring day. Being the troublemaker that she was, she decided to take a little trip up to Earth.
    Humans were just a bunch of toys to her. They held no special power. They scream and run in the face of danger. They're too scared of the things they don't understand.
    This was all just a game to Klarissa. Scare the humans and watch them squirm in fear.
    A small portal leading out of Hell appeared in front of Klarissa. A smirk spread on her face as she stepped through, only to be faced with a shocked human in a small town.
    Klarissa let out a demonic laugh before forcefully jabbing her sharp nails into the man's torso.
    She watched the man drop to the ground before fore surrounded her hands, getting ready to shot a blast of flames at the buildings.

  2. Xavier was sitting atop a cloud, watching the lives of the humans go by with feigned intrest. He was a Guardian, and he did indeed love his job. He loved humans as God created them. They were the ultimate specimens, put on earth so they may prosper under his Holy Eyes.

    Something itched in the back of his neck, something that happened when he knew there was something wrong. It burned and twinged, making him twitch. It was never usually this bad, and it made his eyes narrow. Could it be? Demons hadnt set foot on the earth for years, not according to the Records, or the Book of Eden.

    Sighing, he stretched out his raven wings. He adored those, too. They were strong and powerful, catching the wind currents. Male Angels were blessed with the wings of the Raven, while the Female Angels were given the wings of the Dove. It was suiting, and he would never wish for the light color of those Dove wings. He could fly at night, and it storms, without being seen.

    There. A blink of red in the distance, the acrid smell of smoke. The wind tugged at the inky feathers, his clothes, until he touched home. In front of him was a burning village. The sight made his heart ache, and his eyes water with sorrow. Who could do such a thing? A corpse, broken and bloody, lay on the ground, eyes open and mouth wide in a silent cry. He will never be heard.

    He stood there,, his wings catching the heat of the flames that ate at the town.
    "By the name of the Lord, I command Thee who has sought such destruction to show themselves."
  3. Klarissa let the the flames surrounding her hands burn brightly.
    One fireball shot to her left, a couple more sent to her right.
    The demon sensed a powerful being with an excessive amount of good in them. They just made their way down to the village.
    Klarissa opened her dark, demonic wings and flew up to see the angel.
    There you are. The demon smirked and quickly shot a blast of fire towards the angel.
    "You didn't really think I would let you ruin my fun, did you?" she asked the male angel.
    Before she could even see if her flames hit the angel, a yell from a villager could be heard.
    With a roll of her eyes, she set fire to yet another being in the village.
  4. Xavier's eye twitched as he watched yet another mortal burst into flames, their screams scratching against the skin of his eardrum. It made his head throb, and he wanted nothing more than to smite the Demon before him. but he knew better. His Father had taught him more than being a mindless killer.

    Xavier clasped his hands behind his back, spreading his wings and tilting his head to the side, studying the demon.
    "You are getting on my nerves. Why dont you go back to where you are from before I am forced to wipe your existance from this planet?"
  5. Klarissa lowered herself to the ground.
    Flames still surrounded her hands, she didn't want to be taken by surprise.
    The demon walked towards the angel. And kept at a moderate pace.
    Once at least five feet away from him, and got a good look.
    Pretty tall and masculine. He could probably beat her if this was based on body image.
    The one that kept Klarissa thinking she could hurt him, was the fact he was an angel, too good to even hurt a fly. "You're bluffing"
    Klarissa stated, nor wanting to back down.
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  6. "Demon, there are things in this world I do not understand. Things that are even beyond my own understanding. But, if there is one thing that I will tell you, is that I am the Guardian of the Lord, the Savior of humans. It is my job to protect them. You are here, burning down these innocent souls, therefore it is my job to smite the danger. If you choose to test me, go ahead."
    He was an Angel. His Raven wings stood tall above his head, their gleam making them look bathed in ink. He would not back down from this unholy creature. He would smite it in the name of his Father, the Lord, and protect the Humans he loved so dearly. Even at the cost of his own life.
  7. Klarissa's eyes glowed a deep shade of red.
    "You angels are all the same. It's pathetic," she commented before shooting a stream of flames towards the angel.
    She will show him the more powerful side.
    These petty angels think that they're sooo much better. Because they protect humans?
    We have the ability to wipe out everything they live for, just watch.
    Klarissa was an arrogant demon, oblivious to the fact all demons aren't filled with an excessive amount of power.
  8. Xavier sighed and sidestepped the ball of fire, waggling his finger at the Demon.
    "Tsk. Tsk. You are all arrogant children, always throwing temper tantrums. It appears you have left me no choice."
    He lifted his hands on either side of him slowly, the viens on his arms becoming more prominent. Around the Demon, pillars of crystals erupted from the ground, caging the creature within walls of opal. Xavier snickered, his ebony wings folding close to his back.

    The Angel walked over to the casing of light, peering through the cracks to the trapped essence inside.
    "Do you yeild yet, Demon?"
  9. Klarissa looked around. "What!? What is this?! I'm not surrendering to Angel!" She yelled add agree began to shoot fire at Crystal pillars.
    She'd be a disgrace to all demons if she lost against an angel.
    This demon refuses to lose and let the angel win.
    Age was but one to give up so easily.

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  10. Xavier clucked his tongue, crossing his arms over his chest. In response, the feathers on his black wings ruffled with annoyance.
    "Here I thought Demons were of a higher caliber. Guess not."
    He was about to turn away, when he heard a crack. What? Her flames were doing damage, causing hairline fractures along the thick structures. He had clearly underestimated her abilities.
  11. Klarissa heard the crack as well and couldn't help the smirk that spread on her face.
    Just one more blast should do the trick....

    Little crystal shards flew everywhere once the pillars broke. "What'd I tell you?" the demon asked with a sense of arrogance.
    She tried once more to hit the angel with her flames, wanting to finish him off. If he was able to dodge this one, she'd most likely start getting more and more frustrated.
  12. Xavier's eyes widened in shock, and before he knew it, another ball of heat came at him. He tried to sidestep, but the sphere smashed against the left ebony wing, making him snarl in pain. The nerves became singed, and burnt feathers drifted off in smoldering tendrils.

    He looked at the Demon, eyes wide with pain and... Fear? He was scared, because now, he was unable to escape if it came to that. For Xavier, it was either win, or die trying.

    He cupped his hands and blew in the little cup formed by his palms, and a little orb of light, shaped much like a teardrop, appeared in his hands. Xavier hurled the ball of light torward her, her eyes wild with a feeling he didnt know he was capable of.
  13. Klarissa smirked once seeing her flames did some damage.
    A wide smile spread across her face, showing sharp, white teeth.
    It seemed it was a bit too soon to celebrate as a beam of light was making it's way towards the demon. She quickly ducked, not wanting to get hit with that.
    The mean of light flew above her head, just barely touching her. The demon got up and looked behind her, to see that the attack meant for her, destroyed a building instead.
    Klarissa's eyes flickered red as her fingertips started to produce lightning colored in red. She pointed her hand towards the angel and let the lightning loose, and charging at her enemy.
  14. Xavier's wing was drooping low to the ground, the nerves completely dead. It would take some time to heal properly, but time was not something he could afford. He cursed as his own power turned against him, crashing into a building and sending it crumbling to the ground.

    He was about to launch yet another attack when a bolt of lightning caught his eye. It glowed a horrid demonic red, lighting up the space around them. Xavier cursed and tried to sidestep it, but it only managed to hit his shoulder.

    Xavier growled and flew back a few feet, hitting the ground hard on his back. His wings were a crumpled mess below him, and his heart was beating immensely fast.
    "I will not be defeated by the... Likes of you."
    Xavier sputtered, getting to his feat. His human body was becoming useless. He lifted his hand above his head. Normally in a fight, he wouldnt do it, but he had no other choice, or he would surely die.

    A swirling beam of white surrounded him, beginning to heal his wounds and wings, all the while glaring at the demon before him.
  15. Klarissa arched an eyebrow as she walked carefully closer, wanting to know if he was down for good.
    The moment he spoke and began to get, she knew she has yet to finish him off.
    "Why won't you just give up?"she asked, getting frustrated, but the only answer she got in return was the white light that surrounded his body.
    Her eyes widened in surprise, but there was no way she would show a speck of fear in her eyes. The demon took a couple steps back after seeing the glare that was given to her by the angel.
    'dammit' she muttered under her breath.
  16. Xavier was becoming very weak. He could only heal if he had the energy, and that was something he did not have. The light soon faded as soon as it began, the Angel dropping to his knees. His heart was beating fast, and his lungs were doing their best to take in air, but ultimately failing. His internal systems were shutting down, and he was only barely able to keep them working.

    "I... Will not.. Be bested by you... Demon.."