Demon vs Angel(Name Pending)

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    This is Lucifer and this is his story. People know him as the devil and fear him. They think he's to be feared and therefore is hated but... well here's his story.
    Long ago before man, there were three angels; brothers in fact. There names were Michael, Sammael, and Lucifer. They were highly respected by God and I would go as far as to say, God trusted them. One day, the boys were called in and God told them he was planning on creating a new race, a race of humans and as angels, they were to bow to the human race and worship their kind.
    Lucifer, the more hot headed one of the brothers, hated the idea of bowing to a race lesser than them and he told that to God. He said he didn't agree with him and stormed out of the room. God looked at Sammael and told him to get rid of Lucifer. Michael tried to argue with God but was beaten into submission and God threatened him, saying he would end up like his brother if he continued arguing with him.
    Later that day, Sammael approached Lucifer and told him to reconsider; he begged to bow to the humans. Lucifer wouldn't hear any of it and said he would not bow to some lowly human scum. Without another word, Sammael pushed Lucifer out of heaven and he fell, landing in Hell where he became the lord of darkness.
    Lucifer was full of betrayal and hate towards his brothers and God. He was full of pain. He wanted to be loved but they betrayed him in a blink in the eye. It was then that he declared war on the human race and the angels and starting now, he would create his army of fallens, demons, hellhounds, and hell spawns. He wouldn't be betrayed again.
    In this story, Lucifer is the hero and he will destroy those that hurt him.

    In this role play, you can play as a human, angel, or demon preparing for the war of a lifetime; a war that can possibly destroy the human world. ​
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