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  1. This is not a fairy tale. This is not a story that has "once upon a times" and "happily ever afters." If you want that kind of story, then turn back now, because you won't find what you're looking for. This is the story of the son of a very, VERY, powerful and feared Demon Lord who has multiple names, to be announced in the future. This Demon Lord has a whole section of Hell all to himself, and he's retiring. And WHO'S next in line for the throne? A son who doesn't want it.
    This is not a fairy tale.


    October. Autumn. 2015. The pits of hell were as scorching as any other day on any other month of any other year. The demon hoard that filled this pit supplied ample amounts of despair and agony. Day in and day out the hellspawn work to expand the territory of their masters, for territory equates to power in hell. One master in particular has quite a stretch of land under his unholy belt: The Demon Lord Zephelous. He rules the lower demons with a bloody iron fist, punishing any and all who disobey. All, that is, except for one young demon: his son, Damian. Born 19 years ago, after a fierce and hot conceiving with a Hell Queen, Damian is Zephelous' heir to the throne on his side of hell. He, however, is not the least bit interested in ruling.

    "Son," Zephelous growls, his scraggy voice chilling all other demons in the vicinity to the core. "We've talked about this."
    "No Dad, we haven't." Damian kicked a brimstone off of the cliff and into the skull of a demon pushing a minecart, who immediately attacked the one behind him, causing a little sprawl. Damian groaned and dragged his hand down his face. "What you call 'talking,' I call 'drafting.' You don't seriously think I want to rule over this wasteland, do you?"
    Zephelous scratched his chin. It had a beard of soft flames, typical of a spawn of hell. "In a way? Yes, I do. You're my heir, dammit! You should want to squeeze the life out of your subjects and drink it in a chalice!"
    "Yeah, well, I don't. I don't want any of that shit."
    Damian's father flashed in front of him and asked, "Then what do you want, son? Name it and it's yours."
    A small grin creeped up on his face. "I explore the mortal world."

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  2. Raylex flexed her leathery wings as she followed behind Damian as she was trained to do, her head down and pretending not to listen to the father and son conversation going on in front of her. She knew the Lord didn't want her there but Damian insisted on her being by his side at all times, regardless of what the Lord wanted.

    Smirking slightly as she watched the stone hit the demon below and then cause a brawl she twitched slightly, remebering her father being a miner who was killed by his watch leader so long ago. Snapping out of her thoughts she gasped to herself hearing Damian say the words, "mortal world". For years they had dreamed together in private about leaving these lives hey were supposed to lead and exploring the world above them. Her heart began to beat faster Nad she flexed her claws, careful to keep her eyes down so it still seemed like she wasn't listening.
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  3. A haughty laugh left Zephelous' throat as Damian said the words "mortal world." He didn't even speak to respond; he simply spread his wings and flew away to the Royal Blood Palace. Seething with frustration, Damian stormed to a stone wall and punched it hard enough to send cracks at least in a two feet radius. He pulled his hand away, flexing his fingers and cracking his knuckles.
    "Un...FREAKING believable!" He screamed loud enough to cause a few harpies flying overhead to fall from shock. He turned to his companion servant and said, "Can you believe that guy? He's just so... absolutely aggravating! He's bullheaded, doesn't listen to anyone just because he's the damn Demon Lord of this side of hell. Well, you know what?" He points to the palace and gives it the finger. "Screw him. Screw him and this whole place. If he won't give me permission, then I guess we're just gonna have to leave on our own."
  4. Her breath caught in her throat.

    "Damian I'd love to you know it would but-" she stopped and looked up to the sky seeing the main portal Lexington to the mortal eorld, heavily guarded at all times, "we can't get out the way and I don't know of another way..." her tail whipped back and forth as she searched her mind.

    "I've got it! I know of an older maid in the palace that has been to the mortal world, maybe she knows another way in?" Raylex's claws flexed in joy and she totted over beside Damian, brushing his long hair out of his eyes she stared at him and smiled, her fangs brilliant white agaisnt the burning fires around them. This was rare you see, most maids either had no teeth or rotten ones but Damian had protected Raylex from that for her whole life, yet another thing she owed him for.
  5. Damian nodded and the both of them ran back to the palace as fast as they could. Demons had phenomenal speed, as it turned out. Once inside, they slowed down and acted casual, not to attract the attention of the other maids. The Royal Blood Palace was enormous, with only 3 floors, but plenty of rooms to go in. Since Raylex was a member of the workforce there, Damian let her take the lead. They walked around until they found the lounge where most maids relaxed when on break, however often that may or may not have occured (it was hard working in hell). Raylex shot forward with Damian in tow once she found the elder maid they were searching for. Damian recognized her immediately.

    "Mallion!" Damain exclaimed as he ran over and gave her a hug. Mallion was his watcher when he was a baby, making sure he didn't destroy the palace that she and the other maids had worked so hard to clean and keep tidy. "I didn't know it was you who-" He cut himself off lest he spill any possible secrets.
  6. The Fan fair blew and set a notification to the lowly demons that Either Satan or his Mistress was coming or both. The dead horses pulled to the gates. The gates opened and when the carriage stopped the door opened and out stepped a well dressed man in a buisness suit. He was charming yet slippery like oil. He opened the door for his Mistress. She stepped out in a black dress that was short in the front and long in the back had a black train. Her heels clicked on the rock as she and the man walked for the Blood Palace. She stood next to the man as servants and demons a like scrambled. No one denied Satan or his Mistress a thing. The world dropped when they entered a room. Ambrosia looked about with a slight frown, where was the king and his son they knew That Satan and her were coming.
  7. "Oh no." Damian heard the fan fare and the whole palace go in an uproar. "I completely forgot that they were coming today. I can't catch a break today." He started to pace back and forth, trying to come up with a plan, some way to do two things at once. Then he snapped his fingers and grabbed Raylex by the shoulders. "I need you to take Mallion somewhere and ask her about the 'thing,' Ray." Damian called her Ray as a nickname, because she's more than a servant to him. "Can you do that?"

    Raylex nodded and took Mallion out of the room and somewhere. Meanwhile, Damian stepped out, fixing his hair and clothes as he trekked to the main lobby. There, he greeted the Demon King himself, Satan, and his Mistress. "Hey! How long has it been, Uncle S? Months? Eh, doesn't matter, it's good to see you!" If there were two things Damian was good at, it was acting and giving nicknames.
  8. Raylex's ears twitched.

    "Shit, they've come." She whispered and the hair on her neck stood up. She always had a sense about Satan and his mistress, the whore of Hell was her name on the streets although everyone was terrified of her. Poking Damian in the side she motioned back towards the court ropm.

    "You better go and find out what they want."
  9. Satan turned with a cruel smile."Damian my boy, yes been a while, but my kingdom is vast and I have many things to attend to But when I heard Ambrosia was to be sent this way thought I come see my favorite Nephew. How you been ready to take your rightful place in my kingdom." He asked. Ambrosia stepped in."Darling we just got here let the boy show us about and tell us about himself." She said. Satan smiled at her,"Always thinking my beautiful." he said and cupped her cheek kissing her. She had a hold over him. Satan turned back to his Nephew "and you know better then to give me a nickname." He said cold and dangerously. His look was chilling to even demons."Now where is your father, we must alk talk it is why were here." He said. He walked and rubbed Damians head as he walked by him. Ambrosia gave Damian a sympathetic look and walked with Satan.
  10. I freaking hate those two, Damian thought. Satan was a power-hungry god and Ambrosia was the same, but she had more tricks up her sleeve than she lets on. Damian was never one for family visits, especially these two. He called out, "I am not sure, but he might be in his private study. You go check there and I'll go gather the maids for-"

    Before he could make a getaway, Satan grabbed him by the collar and threw an arm around his shoulder, a normally welcoming gesture, but not when it's coming from him. "Now now, why would you leave? We just got here! And my dearest Ambrosia wants to know how you've been, isn't that right my love?"

    "Indeed," she answered in a soothing tone. Damian was smart enough not to fall prey to her alluring charm, the one that makes all demons break their necks just to see her cross their paths.

    Damian laughed awkwardly and said, "Sure, why not?" Someone please help me...!
  11. She smirked as Satan grabbed his Nephew. She was not as nice as she portrayed. However when around Satan she was a doll. She smirked as he asked her. She nods and says indeed to him. She loved having an all powerful lord wrapped around her fingers. She was worse then Satan you could say seeing the world if nen and it's cruelties, she also was A demon so her cruelness was worse. She rubbed there nephews head and dug her nails into his scalp as a warning. Satan had cone to see him, he better not piss him off.

    The nephew figured away around her charm, but no other demon had. She could charm any one into doing anything for her even the Lord of sin. He was just a Fallen angel after all. A lot weaker then a demon. She winked at Satan and turned her head when she heard foot steps."Ahh there you are. "She said to her nephews father.
  12. As they stepped into the study, Zephelous welcomed his brother and sister-in-law with open arms.

    "Ah, how splendid it is to see you both!" He gave Satan a hug and Ambrosia a kiss on her hand after she held it out. Damian rolled his eyes and Zephelous caught him. "Son, I hope you've thought about what we talked about earlier-"

    "TALKED?" he snapped. "We didn't 'talk' about it Dad. I mentioned it and you flew away as if I had said nothing important!"

    "What is so important about going there, hmm?" Zephelous' voice was getting louder as the converstion drew on. "It's nothing like home. You can do anything you desire here, have anything, anyone, Damian. So of course when you said it I thought it was foolishness!"

    Damian clenched his fist. "You don't know anything about me or my wishes!" My voice echoed through the halls of the palace and off the walls of the study. Zephelous stared at his son, and Damian stared right back. No longer able to stand looking at him, Damian stormed off back downstairs.

    Turning around and facing the window outlooking the valley of worker demons, Zephelous heaved a gust of embers. "Insolent boy..."
  13. Ambrosia smiled and nods her head to him as he kissed her hand. She lifted an eyebrow at the conversation."Oh so yhe boy wants to go to the human world?" She said. She smirked"Darling I shall talk to the boy, you and Zephelous chat I shall be back." She said. She kissed Satan on the cheek and nods to Zephelous.

    She walked out of the room, and appeared infront of Damian."where you heading in such a hurry?" She asked. She stepped up to him her eye's and gaze colder then Satan's."so human world why, there is nothing up there but horrible filthy creatures, hmm but what is it you want?" She asked him. She would get him to the human world but have demons follow him and show him what this place meant to him.
  14. "I don't know what you want, Ambrosia, but you can forget it." He brushed past her, but she just zipped in front of him again.

    She laughed. "What makes you think I want something?" Her lips curled as she spoke, the way a hellhound's does before striking its prey.

    "Because I know you. There's nothing you don't want, and I don't want anything from you." He walked past her one last time, clearly getting aggravated.

    "Not even the way to get there?"

    Damian didn't even entertain her on that, seeing as how he had his own way there. Hopefully. Even if he didn't, it was better than asking her for help. It'd be the equivalent of making a deal with the devil, however ironic that may sound.
  15. She smirked at him as he said he didn't want anything from her. He went to walk past her and she zipped infront of him again."what makes you think I want something." She asked her lips pulling up in a small snarl. He walked past her again."Not even to get out?" She asked him. He slightly hesitated but kept walking. She zipped infront of him."I could get your father to let you go so you didn't have to sneak out, but go in sneak out all you want." She said."you will be dragged back by hellhounds and locked in the dungeon. I can offer you your want with out all that." She smirked seeing the look in his eye."deal," she said.

    When her nephew said deal. She smirked and walked him.back to the study."Zephelous we have come to an Understanding the boy needs to understand the lowly world above to full appreciate this one, give him a year on the surface and he will return with in that year knowing his rightful place." She said
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  16. Vesrael led the Royal Hellknight Guard through the halls of Zephelous's palace. It'd been a while since he had walked these halls. He was on duty to watch Satan and his Mistress on their visit. He appointed his men to watch entrances around the study and had placed the winged squadron on the roof. Satan had a lot of enemies who wanted the power he had.

    Once the perimeter was set, Ves went to tend to other matters. Being the general of Hell's army, he had to make an appearance. The Hellknight walked to the study, and knocked on the door before entering. "Greetings." he said, followed by the Hellknight salute. "It is a pleasure to be invited to share the company of your home, Lord Zephelous. Lord Satan, Mistress, is is an honor to serve." Ves turned towards Damian and Raylex and smirked. "Long time no see..." he said with a nod.
  17. Ambrosia looked over at Ves with a nod as he entered. She smirked and watched him go. She liked having the HellKnight around, He kept her and Her Love safe. She had many go rounds with him in private, as had Satan with many human woman. She didn't see the problem with a little action on the side and niether did her love. They had worked it out long ago, but she was always his. She looked down at Damian and smirked. She looked back at Zephelous."so He will be allowed to leave tomorrow night with raylex, Ves and little gift from us." She said in a soothing voice. She thenbputs her pinkies in her mouth and it was an almost ear shattering whistle. The ground trembled and shook."Trusty Midus, the hell hound." She said as a giant black dog came crashing in wagging his tale and barked.
  18. Twisting his finger in one ear after hearing Ambrosia whistle so ever loudly, Damian made his presence in the room known by coughing loudly and waving his hand. "Not to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think bringing a dog from the fiery depths is a good idea. Not only would we attract unwanted attention, but it's so much harder to go places when you have to 'dogsit'."
    Damian was right about the unwanted attention part. A hellhound roaming the streets is a recipe for disaster. Suddenly realizing who it is he's really talking about, he groaned. Of course it is. Disaster is in our blood...
  19. "Well humans see what they want to see and they will see him as a fog, magic and humans eye's being so weak is a powerful thing." She said and snapped her fingers the hell hound looked like a natural dog."See easy, and trust me he will barely be noticed. Fun fact about hell hounds only those with the sight can see him truly and all you need to do if you need help is pet his head 3 times will be there." She said to Damian."your my nephew you should know this." She said
  20. (I'll jump in when they are in the human world)
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