Demon Slayers

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  1. The world is a dangerous place. Tragedy is never more than moment away, and death never further than a thought. Evil men roam the land, and devilish demons live among us. All that stands between the monsters, demons and otherwise, is us. We are the Demon Slayers, sworn with the duty of eradicating every ounce of evil that plagues our lands.

    Some work for more personal rewards. Money. Fame. Pleasure. Sometimes all of the above. Some, claim a nobler purpose. To protect the innocent. To avenge the fallen. To save the world. Some of us work in groups, many work individually.

    We are armed with a variety of weapons. Blades, Magics, Martial Arts, Faith. Justice. Some of ys are blessed with great power, others, entrusted with powerful items, and some, have mastered great feats of skill.

    We face many dangers every day. Evil men threaten to destroy our way of life, and demons kill our loved ones. We have encountered many demons, all more terrifying than words. Some with more teeth than we can count, taller than buildings, strong enough to move mountains. Still we do not cower, amd we face our foes, because no one else will.

    So, knowing all of this, will you still join us?


    In this concept, players can be Slayers, Regular Humans, or Demons. Bear in mind, this is based on Chinese mythology, and as such, the demons and such may be different than you'd expect. However, I would allow some foreign concepts.

    Slayers - For the most part; slayers are human. They often are stronger, have unusual powers or gifts, or are blessed with a magic item. Slayers are the main protagonists of this story concept.

    Demons - Demons come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and abilities. Many are like animals, but can disguise themselves as humans. Often, they have noticeable traits that would give them away. An example would be a tail or a highly strange voice. Demons are usually formerly human souls who were corrupted because of tragedy or anger. However, some were something else entirely. An example would be Sun Wukong, whom was originally a regular monkey. Demons will likely make up most of the antagonists.

    I can add more info later. Anyone interested?
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  2. Yes.

    Is this a medieval fantasy, or modern setting?
  3. Medieval.
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  4. I am also interested. What are the parameters that characters have to stay within?
  5. Character can be skillful and fairly powerful. Nothing god-like or terribly destructive. No more than a couple abilities, and if your character has a magical item, you dont get as much in the way of abilities. Aesthetically, I don't really care.

    Ages can be plenty versatile, gender is irrelevant, and so on.

    If you want to play a demon, I must emphasise that most demons in this world are essential twisted and more dangerous versions of already existing things. Think of it as the old belief in giant squid tearing down ships at sea, or, a gigantic wolf tormenting a country side.

    Does that make sense? Did it answer your question? Any more specific questions?
  6. Ooh I'm interested definitely you're actually offering up something perfect to reintegrate an old character in.
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  7. No more specific questions from me, and if you'll have me then I would love to join.
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  8. Well, of course. I appreciate your interest. ^_^
  9. Chinese mythology? I am in!
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  10. Now THIS sounds interesting. I'm in.
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  11. Are demons restricted to certain morals, behaviors or origins (by which I mean how they were formed)?
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  12. They're usually formed when the souls of humans who died tragically become twisted with hate, fear, or sorrow. However, some demons were humans who were already evil, and their souls simply grew to reflect that.

    As demons, they are typically purely evil and commit atrocities beyond their prior morals. A similar principle to a ghost going mad over time.

    Demons can be good, at first. But, over time, they become more corrupted and twisted until they become fully demonic. This is partly why many demons can appear human. Although, sometimes its just through their magic. So, be careful.

    Sorry for the long winded answer. Lol
  13. It was a good answer.
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  14. Thank you all for your interest! I can make the OOC here shortly and create a character sheet for you fine folks, if you would like.
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  15. Will the OOC include how the Slayers function as an order?
  16. Yes. I will include more information as it is requested.
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  17. OOC is up! As always, feel free to ask questions.
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