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    Dark Prologue

    A shadow steps into an alleyway, a body in it's grasp. The being stops at the dead end of said place, throwing it's prey to the ground roughly. The poor creature whimpers, and starts to sob as the shadow raises it's arm revealing giant sharp claws.
    Soon, all that could've been heard from a distance was the agonizing cries of pain of a insanely hurt person, being tortured with cruelty levels that trespasses the beyond and goes even far.

    "This is the way of the night... In the light of the day, your species claims to be the strongest race that walks above all others... But when evening falls, your masks of hypocrisy goes down together, revealing the truly pathetic, cowardly and weak beings that you all are... Worthless excuse of a creature! Die!"

    With one last brutal blow, the shadow put an end to it's human victim miserable existence. Satisfied with it's kill, the mysterious being leaves the alley behind, as well as the corpse that was left there to be contemplated by whoever will find it, eventually.

    A mysterious young woman with purple hair, hetero-chromatic eyes and clad in dark grey clothes sits at the top of a building, watching the busy night-life of the city with silent contemplation.
    Suddenly, this peaceful setting is disturbed as a loud wing flapping sound booms in the sky. However, she does not blink, even if she is aware of the intruder. Soon the mysterious presence lands near her and reveals itself to be an enormous creature with a set of bat wings, strong and grey naked body and a scary devilish face. It appears to be a Gargoyle demon.
    It also appears to be the same shadow from that alleyway moments ago, for it's claws are tainted with blood.

    "I miss the times where the starlit sky could be appreciated fully, shining against the black veil of the night. These disgusting human beings and their polluting creations ruined everything!" The gargoyle spoke with his grave voice, in a displeased tone.
    "Oh, stop the unnecessary bashing, will ya, Argon?" She huffed in annoyance. "They may be the shittiest things alive but at least I'll give them the credit of creating useful things even for us. Lighters and cigars, for example, are the best." She grinned while lighting a cigar she had just pulled from hear coat's pocket. The gargoyle, now known as Argon, glared in disgust at her action.
    "These things are disgusting and degrading, Aurora. How can you stand it?" He asked, half repulsed, half genuinely curious.
    "Tch. You're such an old fashioned pussy, ya know? Oh, Fuck it. Let's get the hell outta here." Argon glared at the woman - whose name is Aurora - but complied with her wish anyway.

    The Grand House of The Crescent Moon

    But It was more than just a grand house.
    For Aurora, it was a fucking-insanely-holyshitty-gigantic castle.
    "This place never ceases to amaze me. Even if I've been living here for a decade already. The only shitty thing about this place is the fact that it has been built in a motherfucking remote island. It's fucking tiring to use my powers to get the hell outta this place!" She exclaimed exasperated at argon after they've landed in the castle courtyard: As a shapeshifting demon, Aurora can morph a set of wings on her back to fly everywhere. It's very useful to her, considering that the nearest town is two hours away from the brotherhood's island.
    No, scratch that. It's not just useful.
    As aurora would say herself, it's fucking vital to her.
    The pair walked towards the brotherhood's lair, where all kinds of demons live...

  2. Pamoon stood in front of an open window staring out at the night sky as if in a trance. He'd just woken up, and reality still seemed blurred to him. He'd been asleep for so long that adjusting his sense of relativity was becoming a slow process. Even now, the information about his current whereabouts was just seeping into his present memory. A long time ago he'd arrived at the brotherhood's lair and he'd gone to sleep.
    He couldn't remember why just yet.

    Pamoon was naked. He'd only just finished materializing and was working on solidifying his body. Clothes would come later. He looked mostly human. Like a human that has been drained of all color: white hair, pale skin, and an emptiness about him or perhaps the better word would be void or an endlessness. His eyes were blue and human looking because he wanted them to be, the alternative was too unsettling even for demon standards. A few dark lines spread out on the skin under his eyes as if his eyes were shinning black stars on a white sky.
    He almost looked too frail, but he radiated a sense of depth that intimidated enough to interpret him as dangerous.

    Pamoon was a nightmare that grew too strong for his own good, became a tyrant and quickly crossed the line into demon.

    "You're taking to long," spoke a nearby figure, "can't you add some more color? Some flair? I bet if you wanted to you could make yourself bigger and muscular with a pair of cool sharp horns... no? What kind of demon are you?"
    The speaker had sharp pointy teeth, it's skin a slimy scaled dark thing with a long mass of hair that looked more like blades smoothed back over its head.
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  3. Aurora entered the Grand House, in the company of Argon, her bodyguard and best friend.
    Why a full fledged demon like her needed a bodyguard, it was not because of weaknesses or frailties, but the reason was her status.

    She was a council member, alonside three other members. They are the only ones who knows the true identity of the Great One, or has ever spoken to him.

    However, Aurora's arrival ten years ago and her direct election was not entirely appreciated by the brothers and sisters of this house. They accused her of being extremely young, immature and incapable of holding such a title. It was something completely ridiculous, to have a "kid" above them. Even the other high members had despised her back then. But it seemed that the Great One had plans for Aurora, ones that even her wasn't aware.

    She strolled casually across the mansion's house, reaching the stairs. In the last steps, however, an annoying young incubus with her age was sitting casually, beaming at her. A sickeningly sweet smile adorned his perfect face, showing his sharp fangs.
    His midnight black hair was short and had soft curls, two strong horns adorning his head. He also had volcanic red and yellow irises inside the black pool of his eyes. His body had a luscious shape and was attractive even to men, a pale blue skin that gleamed like platinum.

    "Welcome back, luv." He greeted her, with his young yet smooth masculine voice.

    "Go to hell, Magnus." She replied nonchalantly and sped past him. Argon followed her silently but petted the young boy's head in a fatherly manner. The boy smiled fondly but did not forget Aurora's reply:

    "But we're already here, m'dear." He said, a smile in his voice.
    "Then perhaps you should rape yourself. I have better things to attend to." She said, completely annoyed. Magnus sighed and decided to fly into the night and hit on her later.

    He was a strange demon, Aurora mused. He seemed to hate physically assaulting and seducing women to his bed, like most demons of his kind does. And to make things worse, he had this crazy infatuation with her, who had no time and patience for such silly things.

    She dismissed Argon and went to her office, to check on the Great One's new plan's advancements. They were plotting to take over a human millitary base that had many demons being held and tortured. The war was going to explode, sooner or later, so they needed to protect as many demons as they can. And they need a bigger army as well.

    "Looks like it's gonna be hellish times." She thought to herself.
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  4. He turned to the shark-looking demon and spoke for the first time in three years. Yes, he remembered now. He'd gone to sleep to prepare for what was coming.
    "I am a demon that was first a nightmare. What you see is what a little boy dreamed. I only put effort into disguising my eyes for the benefit of those around me. Would you like me to show you?" Pamoon smirked.

    Had this been a portrait Pamoon would have looked absolutely angelic, but it wasn't. The bodyguard tensed, his dark skin tingling the way it did in the waters when he felt danger. A prideful demon would have taken up the challenge, in fact Davy knew his predecessor had done just that and immediately quit. Davy had no pride. He was a survivor and that alone had gotten him this far. Being the bodyguard of a council member was a privilege, although he was starting to feel like the nanny of a naughty boy.

    "I'm fine," Davy replied meekly, "I was told to inform you that you've been neglecting duties during the time you were away. And that you should report to Aurora the Fourth to be caught up with the current state of affairs."

    Pamoon laughed. The new bodyguard was too easy, but sturdy. If he had to have one, this one would do. For old times sake, Pamoon dressed himself in the simple pajama-like white gown he'd first been dreamed in. It made him look more boyish than he already did, almost androgynous, but it seemed appropriate, being back and all.

    Davy spoke again, "Follow me, I'll take you to The Fourth's office. Also, I don't know if you heard me before but my name is Davy and I'm a water demon."

    Davy wasn't sure how to behave. The First and Second council members were the eldest, wisest and the most respected and liked.The Third was an odd case, he was a young demon but also practically and evil old man and most members of the Brotherhood weren't sure how to feel about that. The Fourth was the youngest and the least liked. No one wants to be ruled by a kid.

    And so, here he was bringing The Third and The Fourth together. Davy knocked on The Fourth's Office door and prepared himself to be dismissed.
  5. Aurora felt immensely annoyed. The First and the second loved to dump Third's jobs on her shoulders.
    It seems that the old fart had done nothing, but sleep. That made Aurora angry - as if she wasn't a commonly annoyed person already.

    And her own job was the worst: While the elders discussed and came up with plans and announcements, she had to assign the teams for each operation. A bad move on her part, would mean a bad team, that in return, could end up failing a mission, something that the Great One never tolerates. She has been reprimanded several times, and was almost exiled of the brotherhood because of the death of a whole squad, by the hand of humans that had outsmarted her.

    She was making sure the squads were assigned correctly, so the mission wouldn't be put at risk, when she heard a knock on her door.

    "Enter" She called out, concentrated on her task at hand.
  6. Davy opened the door and took a few steps in, "Fourth. I bring Pamoon the Third. He woke up a couple hours ago. I've been assigned as his new bodyguard by the Second and was ordered to bring him to you." With that, Davy took a step aside to motion Pamoon in.

    Pamoon quietly walked in. He was barefoot, the simple white gown loose around his body. A white boy with glass-like blue eyes. They looked fake, not human enough.

    "I'll take my leave," Davy bowed and walked out, closing the office door behind him. Davy wasn't a fan of the Fourth.

    Pamoon walked forward looking at the paperwork spread across a table. "So you get the paperwork?" he said as if engaging in office gossip, "I get the field work," he picked up a paper and looked it over, "and they get to talk the day away." Pamoon wasn't a fan of his fellow council members. He hadn't joined the Brotherhood to become a demon in a position of power, at least not at first. He was relatively new to this whole demon thing and the Brotherhood had seemed like the best place to educate himself.
  7. Aurora huffed and placed her feet on her table, not even bothering that she wasn't alone.

    "Well, this is bullshit. But Someone HAD to do the paperwork. They just dumped the task on me because those bastards wanted to lock me up in this room so I couldn't bother them and their schemes. Oh, and yeah, if something fails? 'It's Aurora's fault, of course. She was doing the paperwork incorrectly'. Argh."She pulled a cigar from her coat pocket and lit it. Soon she started to smoke.

    "We are going to invade a human military base. They're holding demons as captives, something like experimenting and torturing. You must lead the teams. Of course, I was doing this in your place, but now I shouldn't bother. It's your problem. The operation starts tomorrow at 7:00 pm. I have already assigned the squads and of course, I shall take part of the fight, but you lead." She briefed him.

    She was about to get the hell out of her office when she stopped beside him and whispered something.
    "And if I were you, I would keep my eyes open, from now on. Things have been a little edgy around here since you went to sleep. Speak to the Great One, if you wish" She said, as if hinting that something wasn't right at the council.

    With that, she left.
  8. Pamoon listened to Aurora the Fourth complain. He liked watching her, her purple hair, and her different colored eyes. She was such a colorful individual. Even her personality had a flair, as Davy put it, that Pamoon almost envied. It surprised Pamoon that she would be placed in charge of the bulk of the work, particularly considering the Brotherhood's sentiments towards her as a leader. Whatever the case, she managed very well.

    "Schemes..." he managed to say, more to himself than her, before she continued complaining.

    The cigar smoke puffed around her as she informed him of his immediate return to the field. His job? To invade. Of course. He supposed that had been the main reason for his recruitment.
    "Very well," he said "Tomorrow, 7pm. Lead," he repeated to make sure he remembered.

    It didn't take long for The Fourth to stand up and move to leave her own office. Clearly, she didn't care much for Pamoon. However, she briefly stopped beside him to whisper a warning before she left the room.

    There he was, standing in somebody else's Office. Thinking about what he'd just heard.

    Davy must have been nearby because a few minutes after the Fourth left he called out, "Third? Are you still there? You have other matters to attend to..."

    Pamoon sighed. What a pesky little thing. He walked towards the door and said, "lead the way," already he felt tired. Being a member of the council was a drag.
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  9. Aurora knew that even though she was considered a wimp, sometimes she surprised the members with some acts of responsibility. But they were too stubborn to praise her like they did with the others.
    Screw them.

    The only people who really liked her were the Great One, Argon and that wimp Magnus.
    The Great one had found her in the brink of death, saved her and took her in.
    As for Argon, he was responsible for her ever since she had came. At first he disliked her for being so young and rebel to take charge of the Brotherhood with the other three. It was a preposterous thing.
    But as time had passed on, he came to know her, and soon they became friends. He protected her and instructed her how to fight and use her powers. She grew to be a formidable demon and fighter thanks to him. She respects and loves him as a father, though she disrespects him all the time calling him names he just despises.
    And Magnus... He was just a loser.
    Pamoon and she had a neutral relationship. She talked to him when necessary, but usually avoided him because of his creepy nature. Though, she respected him to some degree. As she would say, one must really "have balls" to deal with the other two, who she hated profusely.

    As she was taking a corner, an unpleasant passerby almost collided on her.
    "Hey, look out bitch!" She said, holding herself for balance.
    "Oh! I'm soooo sorry my lady..." Said a sickeningly sweet and annoying womanly voice, her tone not matching her fake apology.

    Aurora then fixed her glare at the foul creature that has rudely taken her off balance. It was a woman with blonde hair, red eyes and pale skin, and the most remarkable thing about her was the fact that she dressed like a cheap hooker. It was Amalia, a full fledged vampire. A very slutty vampire, from Aurora's point of view.

    "Well, do this again and I'm gonna rip off this cheap wig you have for a hair with my own fingernails!" Aurora threatened her.
    Amalia just smiled victoriously and left. Aurora muttered a thousand curses under her breath.

    The Fourth strolled across the mansion, silently. She came into the Great One's private wing and placed her hand in the recognition device of a giant door, that allowed entrance to the counselors only.
    She walked through a dark and eerie corridor, and stopped at the end. She knelt down and bowed her head.
    "Master of The Grand House, The Great One. It is I, the Fourth, who requests a private audience with your eminence." She said, her voice level respectful and obedient. Even though she was messed up, she knew how to behave in his presence.

    "Very well, Fourth. Your request has been accepted. What do you need, my child?" A voice echoed, coming from the dark depths of the same corridor. It was thunderous and somber, almost impossible to identify.

    "Eminence. I have arrived to inform you that the Third has awakened."

    "Oh, is that so? Very well. Let him come when he wishes so. Is there something else, child?"
    "..." Should she?

    "No. That is all." She said. after a moment of hesitance.
    "Very well. You are dismissed."

    She rose from her kneeling position, bowed her head once again and left.
    She should have told him. But knew it was too early to jump to conclusions.
  10. "What other matters must I attend to?" Pamoon asked as he followed Davy, "and why does the Second get to appoint my bodyguard? I don't need one, so I'll assume your real purpose is to keep an eye on me."
    At this last statement Davy flinched.

    "Don't worry demon. You don't have to be honest with me. You're dismissed, I don't feel like attending to any other matters right now." Pamoon turned in a different direction to that which Davy had been leading him and continued walking away without hesitation.
    Davy, on the other hand, was too shaken to protest. This guy really was a like a selfish and naughty child, but his words were as cold and menacing as a capable adult's.

    Pamoon was still thinking about The Fourth's words. He didn't think she had anything against him except being piled with the work he avoided, and he didn't have anything in particular against her. If anything, he was thankful to her for doing what he didn't want to. Her warning made him uneasy. It wasn't a good thing to wake up into a situation he knew nothing about. He would have to say hello to The Great One earlier than he had planned.

    He walked the length of a corridor before he reached a small sitting room. Where was the Great One's private wing again? He didn't remember this part of the mansion. He crossed the room, passing a sleeping demon, and stopped. He walked back and placed one pale long finger on the demon's head.

    He didn't find what he needed in this demon's dreams so he jumped onto another. There. When he retrieved his finger Pamoon stood straight. Now dressed in a fine and tailored navy blue suit, he was ready.

    After walking through a couple of empty corridors at the edge of recognizing where he was, he heard running?

    "There you are! You know, your title doesn't give you permission to invade other people's space and privacy!" exclaimed the spider hybrid. Pamoon remembered her well, for an eight legged creature she sure liked to dream about beautiful human men. She had always been a good source of stylish clothes the likes of which Pamoon could never imagine and therefore never create for himself.

    "It's not part of my title dear, it's part of my nature," Pamoon continued to walk daring the hybrid to push the case. He wouldn't mind stretching a bit just after waking, but she felt his desire to torment and let the case go.

    Finally, he managed to reach his destination. At the end of the dark eerie corridor he bowed.
    "Master of The Grand House, The Great One. It is Pamoon the Third, I have come to say hello after awakening."
    it wasn't in his nature to sound reverent . He more or less was able to behave with enough respect though he wasn't very skilled at it either.
  11. ~Akira had just been awoken by her pet demon that honestly looked like a cat/dog hybrid with a snake's tail and a small set of wings, one bat's and one angel's wing. It's name was Chaos and he always liked to wake his grumpy master every day by pouncing on her until she awoke. Akira shooed her pet off and stretched to fully wake herself. She didn't feel like wearing her dress today so, she stood up and trudged to her closet to change into her crimson shirt along with black skinny jeans with chains on them. She had always hated waking up to do nothing special except spend time with Chaos. She slipped on her socks and fed Chaos, who was making a disorienting meow, bark, hiss-like call.~

    Geez, Chaos, you always act like I never feed you in the mornings. ~She grumbled and flopped on her couch not worrying about combing her hair or anything~
  12. The Great One's cryptic voice echoed through the eerie corridor.
    "Very well, Third." He agreed. "The Fourth told me of your awakening. I hope you had a satisfying rest." He greeted.

    Argon was inspecting his claws. He hated humans above everything else. It was the humans who killed his long lost wife.
    It was painful to think of her. Gargoyle demons did not bred with other demons. It was the way they followed and preferred, so he pretty much was the last of his race.

    So this is why he dedicates his time and life to protect and tutor Aurora, even though she has a rank above him. She is rebel, paranoid and is constantly checking her surroundings. She is very effective too, but due being so young and so wild, the brothers and sisters doesn't trust her.
    But he did. Many times he saw a light in her, a sense of demonic pride and kinship. He saw how she reacted when someone mentioned demons being tortured, or how she smiled when their mission was accomplished. The many demons they saved.
    However, she seemed concerned about something.
    He would find out.
  13. "Indeed I did, Great One," Pamoon wondered if he should directly ask. That had been his reason for coming here so quickly. However, now that he was here it didn't seem appropriate. After all, what did he know about the situation? He'd been asleep all along.
    Also, if there was something the Great One thought Pamoon should know, he would have said it already.

    "Well then, I suppose I should get back into things quickly. I've neglected my duties for too long. With your permission, I'll take my leave oh Great One."

    Having been dismissed, Pamoon exited the private chambers and once more walked onto the mansion's corridors.
    There were a lot of new demons, many of which Pamoon was unfamiliar with. Surely, they too were unfamiliar with him. So much so in fact, that most of them seemed to be ignorant of the fact that the Third walked among them.

    Three years had turned out to be longer than he'd suspected. Living in dreams vs living in reality was certainly very different in terms of time.
  14. The great one nodded at Pamoon's request and decided to not warn him at first. Let him take the conclusions from Aurora, perhaps. He dismissed Pamoon and then resumed to stay on his darkness, his mind machining something...

    The day after, they were preparing to set off on the mission.
    It was six squads of 10 men/women, though they were distributed equally on power and abilities.
    Pamoon was to lead the captain of each squad, Aurora being a captain of a squad herself. She walked through the castle courtyard, two pistols in her hand. She spoke to Pamoon:

    "You know the details already, right? Just barge in, kill humans and rescue demons. Nothing can go wrong, or they'll fuck us up, Pamoon" She said in a serious tone.
  15. Pamoon looked at the six squads of demons. Some of them seemed to remember him, while some of them looked doubtful about his capabilities as their mission leader. He didn't blame them. He wasn't exactly menacing in appearance. He thought about it a lot. If he was self-conscious about anything it was his looks. After all, what kind of nightmare would ever be proud of looking like him?

    Thankfully, The Fourth interrupted his thoughts, her tone serious. "Right...." he replied in what was almost a sigh. A mourn. A tone that complained saying 'what a hassle' without having to speak it.

    He languidly turned to the rest of the squad captains and said, "I don't like repeating myself so listen carefully: We'll surround the area. I'll go in first to cause a distraction. While it's underway, squad 1 stays behind making sure no human trying to get away, gets away. Squad 2 you go straight for the demons while Squad 3 covers you. Squad 4 & 5 you run in after me to make sure you clear a path for 2 & 3. Finally, Squad 6 you run to me where most of the fighting's going to be. Once most of the captured demons are secured it's a free for all.

    Since I'm not entirely familiar with you all, I'll let Aurora the Fourth appoint Squad numbers."

    Pamoon was still wearing the navy blue suit from the day before, giving no indication of what he was about to engage in. He turned to look at Aurora to let her speak to the captains but not before he said to her, "I've got just the thing for today. I haven't been sleeping for nothing you see."
  16. Rose was still in her shackles. She had been caught a month ago under the guise of the being a soldier in the military. She looked around in her cell, as she thought back to the day. If only they hadn't been attacked. If only she hasn't felt sympathy for those she worked with. She looked at the shackles. "To think how far humanity has come to the point where could contain demons."
  17. "Huh, you'd better." She warned at his words. She then stood at the front, and began to announce the squad numbers. She herself was the leader for the third squad, and was going to cover the rescuers. Then, the operation began. Aurora was pretty tense to see what Pamoon would do to distract the guards. She readied her pistols and signed at Argon to cover her when the time was right.

    She was also concerned for the prisoners. Most demons outside of the brotherhood were survivors of the cruel world. They had nobody to protect or guide them, so most wouldn't embrace the brotherhood so quickly. She hoped that at least a great deal of them would, though.
    Together, they departed, like a glorious army of darkness.

    Observing the base, Aurora saw that it was well guarded: Magic proof fences everywhere, as well as guards with protective gears, carrying anti-demon weapons. If one of these weapon's bullets hits a demon, it may kill it instantly if it is a lesser creature, or just deal a massive amount of pain if it is a higher demon instead. It was insane.

    She then looked over to Pamoon and nodded. It was time.
  18. V was currently sitting in a fancy throne attached upside down to the ceiling of the main hall. He loved this position as respite, because it allowed him to oversee the comings and goings throughout the castle without actually being on the floor with lesser demons. That isn't to say there weren't lesser demons on the ceiling, there were just... less. He felt really hot though, odd...
    Well... currently, he actually was not in the castle. His body was in a specially designed cell, held prisoner by the delicious human scum that had managed to trick him into being captured. Ohh, here he comes, his eyes opened, and he blinked looking around sighing. He was currently suspended by glowing chains, in a fully illuminated, fully mirrored, heat box. His armour had been removed, and he had no shadows to escape to. Strung up like he was, he knew there were spectators examining him. Smiling he cracked his neck and purred again, "You will not be able to hold me forever." He never got a response, but he didn't mind, human speech was grating and harsh on his ears.
    "Hell, you wouldn't have caught me I hadn't allowed it." This he was unsure of, he did not let them catch him, he just didn't try to hard to escape. He wondered how long the humans had been watching him, to devise a trap that could weaken him enough for their weapons to harm him, he was actually amazed. "If you let me go, I promise to eat you last," he smiled and winked, he had no idea if there even was anybody there, but he knew someone would be hearing this. "How far underground are you holding me," he paused to let whoever was watching him think then continued, "it isn't deep enough y'know." He shook the chains that held his limbs and roared loudly, his call carrying far out of his own cell. Seconds later other demons roared, called, and shouted back, though none were as loud as him. If they have any bigguns they must be held even deeper.
  19. Rose felt the aura shift around the base. She smirked, as she knew that there was an attack imminent. She looked at her shackles again knowing full well they were suppressing her flames. "If only I could get these off I could start the attack from inside."
  20. Pamoon met Aurora's eyes and whispered in his what-a-hassle tone and said, "right... here I go. I'm going to use up a lot of my energy so I might disintegrate, as it were, before it's over." He walked forward unbuttoning his suit and putting both hands in his pockets before he turned and said, "I'll see you when I get enough energy to materialize again."

    He casually walked towards the base and as he did his clothes seemed to peel and change. Soon he was walking in a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans; Pamoon didn't have much imagination. Fortunately to the situation, unfortunately to him as a demon, he looked rather human. He could easily pass for an albino young teen. He only realized because, while he was expecting a painful shot indicating the limit of how close he could approach, he instead got yelled at...

    "You there! Stop! What are you doing kid?! This is not a safe place to be! Go back where you came from!" screamed a human soldier with an updated double barreled shotgun-like gun at the ready.

    Pamoon's pride had taken the shot. He would have preferred the real thing. "I'm lost," he scoffed pulling his hands out of his pockets slowly and raising them up in surrender. He walked closer to them and managed to get 10 feet from the gate before the soldier told him to stop and said he would give him a map.

    However, just then, Pamoon's stomach began to bulge underneath his shirt. The bulge growing bigger and bigger as if the span of a 9 month pregnancy was happening in mere seconds. The soldiers had been too in shock to act before the bulge dropped to the ground and began to boil. Each boiling bubble making the mass bigger. One soldier pulled on Pamoon and dragged him back to safety telling him they'd get him to a doctor to make sure the demon was completely out of his body.

    In the meantime shots were fired, but it only made the boiling mas explode into several masses of various size each of them forming into rabbit-like nightmares in various stages of rot.

    And so it began. Alarms went off and the base mobilized putting most of its attention on the rotting rabbit creatures attacking.
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