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    The lights of the party lit everybody's skin up with dewy glows that varied, according to their skin tone. For Elliot Carstairs and her sister Ethan, the lights dyed their skin a light rosy complexion. Elliot was pretty surprised that the partythrower, a jock named Lance, could afford actual disco lights for his typical Saturday-night house party.

    Ethan had complained the whole way to the party, but Elliot had insisted she come along. Elliot and her friends Bronte and Briodie had been invited to the party because they were pretty, popular girls; Ethan was here because Elliot had made her be here. Elliot felt that her identical sister didn't get out enough and decided to change that. She knew the reason Ethan didn't go anywhere; because everyone thought she was crazy. Sure, she was a bit out there, but Elliot was determined to change that.

    Well, she would change it if she could find her sister. One minute, Ethan had been practically glued to Elliot's side, and the next, she was nowhere to be seen. Elliot couldn't find her friends, either. Where had everyone gone?

    Elliot shook her head in disgust at her friends' and sister's antics and decided to step outside. There was a bonfire in the backyard, which had been deserted -- What an obnoxiously large safety hazard, Elliot thought. She stepped towards it and, under closer inspection, Elliot found it to not be completely unoccupied. An Asian boy stood on the other side of the flames, wearing a dark jacket with his hands in the pockets.

    "You haven't seen anyone else out here, have you?" This seemed like the kind of place Ethan would disappear to. "I'm looking for my sister -- we're identical. Have you seen her?"
  2. ~Isaac Holsten~

    The cool wind blew against the male's face as he stood near the bonfire. He grimaced and watched the others partying around him, almost disgusted at their behavior. How they could just randomly show up to someone's party and act like good friends only confused him. Most of the people there were suck-ups, trying to kiss up to Lance because of his popularity. It didn't surprise Isaac one bit. He knew that the humans on earth were selfish in that perspective.

    Taking a few steps around the bonfire, he watched the flames as they licked the wood, the danger in it's blaze almost making the male excited. He loved chaos, and a huge fire was definitely calling to him. Luckily, he could easily find some fire crackers and burn the whole place down... but that would probably be an inconvenience to the people cleaning up. But, did he really care? Of course not.

    Placing his hands in his pockets and switching his lollipop to his other cheek, he nodded in acceptance to the large fire. Then, he looked up as he sensed another figure making their way in his direction. Closing his eyes in annoyance, he lowered his head a bit and attempted to act like he blended with the background. But... of course, it didn't work out that way. As she confronted him about her sister, Isaac narrowed his eyes slightly before standing a bit straighter.

    Pulling the lollipop from his mouth, he twirled it between his fingers as a slight scowl pulled at his lip. Here it was. Another human there to pester him about some people who he's never seen before.

    "Why would I know that? If she's your sister, shouldn't you know where she is? Look for her yourself." Isaac answered back coldly before placing the lollipop back into his mouth. Without another word, he looked back at the bonfire, his eyes hardened into a glare as he tried to put his plan in order. The girls like the one in front of him aggravated him to no end. They just... irked him, no matter how he tried to look at it.​
    Elliot raised her eyebrows at the boy across the fire. Maybe he was annoyed at something, maybe she had interrupted a deep thought, but Elliot had given him no good reason to be rude to her like that. If he hated people so much, why was he at a party like this?

    "Well, God, I'm so sorry for disturbing your brooding staring contest with this bloody fire," she said sarcastically, her sassy side growing with aggravation. "If I knew where she was, I wouldn't be asking you, would I?"

    Elliot sighed irritably. Her conscience was telling her to shut up and turn away, to not bother this guy who obviously hated her for some unknown reason, but the more dominant part of her brain, the part that actively sought verbal conflict and a chance to shut someone down, made her stay in place. She crossed her arms over her black shirt, raising an eyebrow at the guy again.

    She wasn't like the other popular girls, who would have either cried or tried to flirt their way into this guy's good books, even after he snapped at them. Elliot didn't take crap from anyone and would do whatever it would take to get her way.
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  4. ~Isaac Holsten~
    At the girl's frustration, Isaac rolled his eyes in annoyance. He grimaced slightly and put his hands in his pockets before making his way around the fire. Eventually, he was face to face with the girl, sizing her up. A scowl pulled his lips and he rolled the lollipop in his mouth.

    "If you knew I was brooding, then why bother? As you can already tell, I'm separated from the others for a reason. I have no means of actually socializing with you people." the demon pulled a hand from his pocket and turned the lollipop in his mouth before pulling it out, tossing it aside. This particular girl was different from the other ones that would cry and run away, to his disappointment. As she stood there with her arms crossed, Isaac felt extremely ticked-off. He definitely wasn't in the mood for stubborn girls who refused to leave because they didn't get their way.

    "Before you say something you regret, I recommend you go somewhere else to find your sister. She might be somewhere with those dirt-bags that are busy getting high or drunk. So instead of standing there trying to pick a fight, I suggest you try looking for her." with that, the male turned on his heel and put his hands back into his pockets. He had no intention of listening to the conversation any further. Instead, he went back to the fire and looked over it.

    The humans surrounding him at the party were surprisingly as stereotypical as the stories were. People got drunk, passed out, fought, etc. Not for one second did he want to associate with either one of them. Especially the stubborn ones that think they can act how they please just because something was said to them. Isaac rolled his eyes, still annoyed by the whole incident, trying to stay focused on the fire.​
    Elliot scoffed and turned on her heel, walking away from the guy without a second thought of him. He wasn't worth her time if all he was going to do was patronise her ... but, he was right. She shouldn't be standing around arguing with some asshole stranger when her sister could be in danger.

    She stepped back inside the house and was automatically greeted by her friends, Bronte and Briodie. Bronte seemed a little drunk; Briodie was actually holding her up so she didn't fall over. "Ellie," Bronte hiccuped, laughing. "Stephanie Hart passed out in the bathroom."

    "Is she alright?" Elliot didn't particularly like Stephanie Hart, and usually she would have rejoiced in the fact that her nemesis had suffered a disadvantage, but she didn't feel malicious at that moment. She was still confused about the confrontation with the boy at the bonfire, and she was looking for Ethan.

    "Who cares?" laughed Briodie. "Oh, but Ethan was there, I think she was helping her."

    Without another word, Elliot stepped away and made her way to the stairs. She ascended them quickly, found the bathroom and looked in to, indeed, see her twin sister sitting against the wall. She was bleeding.

    "Ellie, can we go, please?" Ethan asked. She looked drained, like being there actually sucked the energy out of her. Elliot gave in and nodded.

    After checking on her friends and discovering they would be alright, that they had a lift, she and Ethan walked outside. They only lived a block away, so they were walking, but Elliot stopped in her tracks when she saw the same guy from the bonfire.
  6. ~Isaac Holsten~
    Once the girl was gone, the male rolled his shoulders back, rubbing the back of his head. He had many ideas for the bonfire, and it wouldn't be too hard to cause a ruckus. Quickly, Isaac ran to the nearest fire cracker store, buying quite a few of them before he left. He grinned maliciously to himself and made his way back to the party.

    Once he was back, he noticed that the party had reached its peak. The perfect moment. "Let's light these bad boys up." Isaac nodded, laughing a bit. Taking out the large amount of firecrackers, he tossed them into the fire. They would take a while to ignite, and that was perfectly fine for him. Pulling at his leather jacket a bit, he scowled at the many party-goers before walking from the fire.

    Isaac had made it to the front of the house, tilting his head a bit in a bored way as he walked. The firecrackers would ignite soon, so the guests would be in for the shock of their lives. Of course, a few firecrackers wouldn't do too much harm, but it would still scare the hell out of some of the people there. Turning his head, he saw the girl he had saw before, and it seemed like she had taken notice of him before he realized she was there. It looked like she had found her sister. Not that he cared, it was fairly obvious. Scoffing, he offered her a slight scowl before turning his head away.

    Right as he did so, the loud popping of the firecrackers in the fire exploded, screams of fear echoing from outside the house, almost as if he had timed it all just right. Without a second of hesitation, Isaac stepped forward and started walking away, his dark leather jacket helping him blend with the darkness of the night outside...​
    Elliot ignored the rude guy and made her way home with her sister. Ethan seemed dazed as they walked; Elliot wondered if she had taken anything, but decided not to ask as Ethan seemed not completely there most of the time. She wasn't insane ... Ethan just had her own way of thinking and she couldn't deal with people who didn't understand her.

    They arrived home. Their parents were on vacation in Italy, which was partially why the twins had attended the party in the first place. To assert their freedom. "Did you have a nice time?" Elliot asked Ethan as they went into the kitchen. Elliot started making tea, which she knew calmed her sister.

    "Not really," said Ethan. "I just hid in the bathroom most of the time. What about you?"

    As the kettle boiled, Elliot told her sister about the confrontation with the guy at the fire. Ethan frowned as she sipped her hot tea. "Why are some people so mean?" she asked, seeming genuinely saddened by her sister's tale.

    Elliot shrugged. "Some people just want to watch the world burn."
  8. ~Isaac Holsten~
    The demon sighed, his breath appearing in front of his face. The cool air barely had effect on him, but the inside of his body was still warmer than any other human. It was no surprise to see such a thing in the chilly wind. Eventually, Isaac made it back to his house, closing the door behind him. Instantly, a man with dark brown, almost black, hair peeked from the kitchen. A smile pulled at his lips at the sight of his friend and he walked towards him, clapping a hand on his shoulder.

    "How was the party? I'm guessing it wasn't good, since you look really ticked." the man pointed out, crossing his arms across his chest. Isaac rolled his eyes at the other male's sudden appearance, but was slightly comforted at the same time.

    "It was absolute crap. You know how human parties are. They're disgusting." he growled, running a hand through his already messy hair. A deep chuckle came from the brunette as he shook his head. Arthur was sent with Isaac down to earth, in order to keep watch on him. But, instead of that happening, they were more like partners in crime. Although Isaac did most of the things, Arthur honestly couldn't care less. Just as long as he didn't try hurting himself.

    "I don't see why you even bothered. You always hate parties like that anyway." Arthur sighed, eyeing his friend in confusion. A small smirk pulled Isaac's lips and he started walking into the living room. Plopping on the sofa, he laid down, bracing his head with his hand as he crossed his legs over one another.

    "There was a bonfire. I bought a few hundred firecrackers and threw them in there. It was... a blast." Isaac tested the corny joke on his tongue, his smirk growing wider as Arthur groaned. He had always despised the demon's cheesy jokes.

    "So, did you meet anyone? I imagine you scared the hell out of them." Arthur sipped at a beer in his hand before tossing one to Isaac. The male caught it easily before opening it and taking a swig.

    "Yeah, and she was really stubborn. Got on my nerves. I almost threw her into the fire instead, but luckily she left before I could." Isaac told his best friend about the encounter, his face turned in a grimace the entire time he spoke. He really disliked that girl. For some reason she got under his skin, and he despised that. Her stubbornness made Isaac growl in annoyance, almost like every other girl he had come into contact with...
    "Are you actually serious?"

    "Yes, Miss Carstairs," said the Gym teacher with an immense air of exasperation. "This is the third consecutive week you have failed to bring your gym uniform to school. I will see you in detention."

    If Elliot wasn't as tired as she was -- tired, because she had had to stay up all night finishing a tedious project for the same goddamn teacher -- she would have responded with "Well, maybe I don't bring my uniform because your classes are bloody ridiculous." But instead, Elliot sighed in defeat and walked away.

    After school she showed up for detention -- and, of course, by whatever twisted karma she had earned in a past life, she was greeted with the sight of the same rude, obnoxious, dark-haired boy from the party? Why? Was he stalking her or something? He seemed too chronically bored to stalk her.

    Elliot sat in the front row, like him, but left two desks between the two of them. She stared at the wall before her, not wanting to make eye contact with the mysterious boy to her left.
  10. ~Isaac Holsten~
    "Isaac Holsten! How dare you? In MY classroom! This will be the final time that you ever set explosions in my class!" Ms. Bartley screeched, causing the demon to grimace in distaste. He still had some leftover explosions that he didn't blow up at the party, so he wouldn't just waste them. Sighing, Isaac rolled his eyes before scratching the back of his head slightly.

    "Yeah, yeah. Just stop your squawking, you're making my ears bleed." the demon snapped, snarling slightly. A few 'ooh's filled the classroom as Isaac stood from his seat, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. He could've sworn he saw smoke shooting from the history teacher's ears as he walked out the door. After a few seconds, the last bell rang, which meant detention. He had nothing better to do, so he might as well just sit around for an hour and a half. Making his way into the classroom, his took a seat on the front row, kicking both feet onto the top of the desk top. Pulling a sucker from his pocket, he tore the wrapper from around it before placing it on the inside of his cheek.

    At the sound of the door opening, Isaac turned his eyes to the door... only to see the same girl from the party. Without so much as an expression on his face, the demon slowly turned his eyes back to the front of the room, twisting the lollipop stick slowly between his fingertips. Not even a day has passed, and the girl managed to show her face in front of him again. It was the most annoying thing. Slowly, Isaac leaned his had back, closing his eyes. He tried to push out any other noises and just focus on sitting peacefully for the hour and a half. It just aggravated him that out of all the chairs in the classroom, the stubborn arrogant female human had to sit two seats away from him.

    "You gotta be kidding me... just my luck." the male whispered to himself as his eyes remained closed. He switched the lollipop to the other side of his mouth and sighed, folding his arms across his chest. In that position, he just hoped detention would pass quickly.​
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    Fifteen minutes passed. Fifteen minutes of Elliot getting too caught up in her thoughts for her own good.

    She didn't understand what this guy's problem was. Why did he hate her? Did he hate her, or did he just hate everyone and everything? If that was the case, why was he in a public school? Did his parents hate him too? Was that why he wasn't homeschooled? Did he even have parents? Or did he kill them and eat their livers with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Okay, maybe you shouldn't have watched The Silence of the Lambs with Ethan the other night.

    Elliot was getting so worked up over her own thoughts and suspicions that she couldn't handle it anymore. After five minutes of making herself shut the hell up, she finally broke and asked heatedly, "Why do you hate me so much?" It didn't sound whiny, which she was glad about. She sounded affronted and disgusted, emotions she hadn't meant to portray in her British accent, but emotions she was feeling nonetheless.
  12. ~Isaac Holsten~
    The first few minutes of detention were actually surprisingly peaceful. The room was quiet except for the occasional turning of pages or scratching of pencils. Nothing that would annoy him too much. However... a certain someone had to speak up and ruin the serenity of silence. The girl's voice only made Isaac's lip pull in a slight snarl. Rolling his eyes open, he slowly lifted his head, bending his knee in order to prop his elbow against it.

    "Do I really need a reason? I can hate who I want to hate, and like who I want to like. Just keep your nose where it belongs and not in someone else's business, yeah?" the demon spoke in a deadly calm, his eyes narrowing dangerously. He lifted his chin slightly as he glanced at the girl, returning her disgust with just as much of his own. Grimacing, he dropped his feet to the ground before pulling his lollipop from his mouth.

    Growling under his breath, Isaac slipped his bag over his shoulder before putting the sweet between his lips once more. Just when he had thought he could be peaceful for a little while...

    The demon went to stand, adjusting his bag strap slightly before running his hand messily through his brown hair. Without anymore hesitation, he stepped to the classroom door, holding a lazy peace sign to the rest of the detention class.

    "Have fun rotting in this hell hole." the male more or less rolled his eyes as he walked out, letting the door slam shut behind him. He didn't care about getting another detention. He would just find a way to go back by doing other things. Cursing, Isaac narrowed his eyes ahead of him. If anyone had seen him in that moment, they might have thought he wanted to kill someone.​
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