Demon male search for a Human prey (boy or girl)

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  1. When the human sleeps this little monster comes out and does his magic. He is a master at seduction and getting what he wants which is a perfect mate.

  2. Also other demon males that need females








  3. [​IMG]

  4. please girls and boys if you seek a nice rp full of love and wonder claim a demon
  5. hehehehe awaiting all you sexy females and males
  6. Well. I wouldnt mind playing wih alex or hessio but not sure i could do the love part. I would rather like something along the lines of capture and force.
  7. Thats totally fine with them as well
  8. I'd be down for Jason. You can PM me so that we can work something out.
  9. Opal or Prince...

    I possibly have a guy and a girl to run for the two, or I might just settle for one charrie and let you decide which demon shall have them.
    I'll send you templates to you, if interested, and you can decide. :)
  11. Still need other peiple
  12. Lol I like to join in too xD ah but who else do you have?
  13. PMED both of you
  14. Hey i'l join been wanting a rather diffirent roleplay nowdays. As for the demon i want to roleplay with well choose whoever you want.
  15. PMed
  16. awaiting more humans
  17. I'll join. Seems interesting.
  18. Pmed you
  19. Do you have other demons? I would like to potentially role play with you. I mainly role play females.