Demon m/f?

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  1. Hi! I'm kinda bored. Looking for a partner. :)
    I was kinda thinking of a mostly smutty RP.
    Ideas; a high ranking demon is cursed with lust, and he needs to find a mate that he can't kill when having intercourse like all of his other lovers.
    Almost like a HadesxPersephone.

  2. Would you playing the demon?
  3. I would be interested.
  4. I'd prefer the female, but I could do either.
  5. I don't think Hades and Persephone really had anything to do with a curse, Hades just decided to be an $%%hole and kidnap her. But I roleplay as a reaper occasionally, and the concept of death being involved could make that quite interesting.
  6. I mostly meant Hades and Persephone as like..a loose plot example. But it was a little loosely interpretated. I'm glad you'd be interested, though!
  7. *chuckles quietly* Sorry, I'm a liiiittle bit of a Greek mythology buff.
  8. Nothing wrong with that!
    I love mythology, in a weird nerdy way.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.