Demon Hunting RP?

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  1. So, I've been watching the shows Constantine and Supernatural, as well as the movie John Carpenter's Vampires (multiple times, might I add). I got an idea, I though that a roleplay about a team of demon hunters could be tracking down a pack of vampires who plan on unleashing a plague to turn the populace of America into their blood sucking pets, while the team also slays whatever demons and issues come there way.

    To make this even more interesting, I was thinking that the characters who are part of the team could he of elevated status, not just being regular humans. Like one could be a master of magic and the occult, or maybe someone is a half vampire, or maybe even a succubus/incubus is on the team. Yknow, something to keep it fresh. Takers?
  2. I like this idea ^.^ Though if the gorup gets to large / slow I will retract. Big / Slow groups make me uncomfortable. I also have a character already figured out for this. Eshkell is her name her profile can be found in my 1x1 HERE
  3. There won't be too many people joining. Maybe three or four people, which character, out of your many, is it you plan on using?
  4. More than likely Eshkell though I could craft a new one as well ^.^
  5. That works for me!
  6. ^.^ Which does lol me using Eshkell or crafting a whole new character lol
  7. You using Eshkell works!
  8. Okay sweet ^.^ iz excited
  9. Supernatural, one of my favorite shows. I'm up for a Hunt.
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  10. I'm down.
  11. If you need a psychic/ghost whisperer, I have the man for you! However, are there limits to how detailed I can get with my macabre descriptions? I love writing up a horrific scene.
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  12. Yay! Interest! I want everybody to be as descritptive as they want to be, go into any detail that they feel fits, and just have fun! This is somewhat horror, and where is horror without gore and horrific scenes? Go nuts! I'm writing up the sign ups now.
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  13. To keep this perfect sized group from growing anymore, I think I'll have this be "By Invite Only". Those who showed interest before this post are accepted in.
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  14. !! YAY will look into it just as soon as I get outta hell (aka work)
  15. Aww... Looks like i'm too late. Too bad, tohohoho...
  16. I will probably making another roleplay like this. Or, you could be a runner up in case someone were to drop out.
  17. Demon hunting...That should be fun.
  18. Alrighty read over everthing.wauting and anxious.
  19. I feel like I might add a little bit more when I can actually get on to a computer again.
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