Demon hunter RP anyone?

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  1. Really wanted to make a demon hunter RP. So... I will.

    You are a agent/recruit of S.E.E.S. (Satanic Entity Extermination Services) a organization formed to deal with a growing problem all across the United States of America, demons. No one know's how or why, but these horrific creatures have started to appear at growingly common intervals. What they plan to do is unpredictable, changing from mass murder to taking over small areas to just plain destruction, more often then not combining the three. Demons aren't just red horned people with pitchforks, they are almost as diverse as fish in the sea, each dangerous in their own way. The government is far too busy as it is, with defending the country and all, to fight such a unique and dangerous threat. Therefore, S.E.E.S. was born. S.E.E.S. is a government funded group of hand picked individuals who are tasked with the one goal of eliminating the demons and finding why they are here. They are armed with the latest weaponry and the finest tools to get the job done. Those chosen for service must have amazing skills and ,after joining, will spend there days out in personalized rooms located in HQ called dorms. The S.E.E.S. must be ready to respond at a moment's notice to properly kick some devil ass.
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  2. Kicking devil ass? Sign me up!

    Love the general idea already of demon hunting/hunter!
  3. I haven't joined anything on here yet, but now seems like a good time...

    *stalks idea*
  4. @White -- Chocolate
    *Puts your name under a poor drawing of a boot hitting a butt* All right, your in!

    *Puts your name under a shifty eyes emogi* You as well!
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  5. Yay! Also, by 'Skills' do you mean like supernatural powers, or would you mean like if they have great flexibility, speed, etc.???
  6. I'll come up with a character ASAP!

    It's getting late here, though, so I may have to post them tomorrow.
  7. I mean like medical skills or agility. They could be very fast, but not superhumanly.
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  8. This sounds so much like a modern day version of one of my old roleplays, I can't stop laughing, seriously! Except mine was based in medieval times and it was a guild, not an agency, obviously. I just can't believe this, if sign ups are still open I may just have to join!
  9. Could I join too? :D
  10. I think the roleplay's still accepting...? It doesn't say closed anywhere on the thread, so come join us I guess...?

    Disclaimer: Killjoy is not the GM and claims no responsibility for the decapitation, critical bleeding, or limb loss that might result from a misunderstanding.
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  11. RP starts tomorrow so Chop chop please
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