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  1. Hey people! :D So, I have this idea for a roleplay and I was wondering if some people would be interested in it. :3 I already have a lot of the world and it's rules figured out for it. Basically, the story takes place in modern times on Earth, but connected to it are two other dimensions known as the spirit realm and the void. Players take on the role of Hunters that send evil spirits, known as demons back into the spirit world. There are three different classes, each of them equally necessary in taking down demons. These classes are the Seekers, Slayers, and the Keepers.

    The job of Seekers is fairly obvious just from their name. Basically, Seekers have a keen sense for demons and other spirits and help track them down.

    The job of Slayers is to fight. They have a large pool of spiritual energy within them that they can form into a spirit weapon and fight demons with. However, demons cannot truly die so Slayers don't really kill them, they just put them into an extremely weakened state so that they are pretty much dead.

    Keepers are people with the ability to open portals between the spirit world and the physical world. Once a demon has been dealt with by a Slayer the Keeper sends them back into the spirit realm.

    If there are people interested in this then I'll start a group rp on this and write out more information on the different types of hunters and how their powers works. I also plan on having missions where the Hunters sometimes have to venture into the spirit realm where all of the abilities of the hunters are drastically changed. For their headquarters I was thinking they could be somewhere in Japan so some of the demons could be from Japanese legends (yokai). Slayers are going to be the most common type of hunter and often are given the most credit since they typically do most of the fighting. Keepers however, are extremely important still because they are the only ones who can truly send demons back the spirit world. Seekers are often not given enough credit because they are usually just used to find demons. Really though, all of the classes are necessary, and if they do venture into the spirit world then these roles will end up being changed, which I will only reveal if people are interested in this rp.

    Sooooo, who is interested in some demon hunting? :}
  2. Sounds fun to me! =D I'm totally in! This is a great idea! <3
  3. I am in. :3
  4. Ooh! Awesome! :D I shall work on making a sign-up thread then with more information. :3 I might be a bit busy but I'll probably get it up in a few days. :)
  5. Yay! I look forward to it! :33
  6. I LOVE the idea, especially since I am a gigantic fan of Inuyasha and Soul Eater as well as other animes that are similar to this ideal. Count me in.
  7. Awesome! I joined! :)