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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of fun here... Wait... no... Not that... I mean... Get your mind out of the gutter >_>

    Honestly, I love roleplaying and writing and I have ideas, and I know there are other people with ideas. I like to collaborate and I enjoy creating a story. I don't always have time, but I try to check the site at the very least once or twice a day. My lack of activity is startling even to myself, but I'm looking to change that.

    I guess i should tell you a little about myself before we get going. So here goes.
    - I'm a guy.
    - I'm Straight, but that doesn't matter.
    - I'm 21, still doesn't really matter to me, but still.
    - I sometimes give too much info or ramble.
    - I work at a supermarket and I'm hoping to start the fall semester soon if I can get my shit together and handled.
    - My love experience is fairly nonexistent.
    - See? What'd I just say before.
    The Basics have been covered.

    EDIT: While I'm usually willing to attempt to play canon characters, if I feel I can represent them well, I prefer to utilize the world of fandoms as a basis and create my own ocs. I personally enjoy OCs over Canon characters. I compromise, but please do the same. Thank you ^_^

    Overall, I don't care if the RP is of the romantic nature or not. And I'm not too picky on the pairings, because I'll put forth as much effort as possible to make this fun for whoever I'm writing with.

    As far as the characters i play goes, I typically prefer to make OCs and very rarely, apart from utilizing them as NPCs to further the plot, use Canon characters. Even then, I change them at least a bit to fit what i need.

    I love Marvel, DC, Anime, Manga, Comics, movies, etc. Any face claims I use will probably be animated or drawn in some way or another as I typically don't use realistic pictures and the like. I will not ask this of you, but it is typically easier in my opinion.

    I don't really have any specific or set ideas as most of my best stuff comes up on the fly. I have a ton of OCs and OC concepts so if you're interested drop me a PM or something so we can talk and hopefully get something rolling.
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  2. Always looking :3 lol
  3. Hey, I would be interested in a non fandom RP!
  4. If You want PM me so we can discuss :)
  5. I'm interested! If you are still looking. Pm me if you are.
  6. If you're still looking PM me, I'm interested ^^
  7. If you're up for a non-fandom Rp, let me know~ x3
  8. I'm interested in seeing your OCS.
  9. Guys, you can definitely pm me any questions or ideas. Lol I'm just about always looking for partners or at least people to talk to and discuss stuff with
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