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    [fieldbox="Background, red, dashed, 10, Georgia"]You are one of the Damned.

    Those who possess the heart of a demon, and are granted special abilities and a prolonged life.
    The only catch: after twenty-one years, the demon will return to reclaim what is theirs, and devour you.

    You revel in your powers.
    You understand the consequences.
    You know your fate.

    And you refuse to accept it.[/fieldbox]

    [fieldbox="Summary, red, dashed, 10, Georgia"]At some point in your life, you nearly died. In order to survive, you or a loved one made a deal with a demon. You were granted the demon's heart, which will ensure your survival for twenty-one years. At the end of the contract, the demon will return to devour you.

    Will you surrender to your fate, or will you fight against it?
    The choice is yours.[/fieldbox]

    • No Godmode or power play.
    • Limit: 1 Character.
    • You will create a character sheet for both your human and your demon -- however, you will PM me the demon and NOT post it publicly.

    • Posts must be a minimum of 5 sentences.
    • Don't double post.
    • I expect a post-secondary level of literacy, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    • Please respect your fellow Roleplayers.
    • Real Life > Roleplay; that being said, please attempt to be active every day.

  • [fieldbox="Accepted Characters, red, dashed, 10, Georgia"]Synren as Serah Somerville
    HellHoundWoof as Carter Blaine
    RubyRose as Ilias Jackson
    Angelic Fusion as Kapitán Katherine 'Kat' Stonov
    LibratheScales as Saria Leviti

    [fieldbox="Character Sheet (Human), red, dashed, 10, Georgia"]Name:
    (where in the world do you hail from?)
    Near-death Experience: (what event led up to you receiving the heart?)
    Personality: (min. 5 lines)
    Appearance: (min. 3 lines)
    Background/Backstory: (min. 5 lines)

    [fieldbox="Character Sheet (Demon), red, dashed, 10, Georgia"]Name:
    (what type of demon are you? do you have any powers?)
    (min. 5 lines)
    Appearance: (min. 3 lines)
    Background/Backstory: (min. 5 lines)


Serah Somerville




Riverside, Virginia (fictional city in USA)

Near-death Experience:
Born without a heart beat as the umbilical chord had wrapped around her neck. Stillborn. However, her mother, distaught, made a deal with a demon in order to preserve the life of her daughter.

Arrogant and determined. She is an intelligent, resourceful and resilient young woman. She doesn't believe in relying on others, only caring to look after herself. She revels in the strength and power the demon heart gives her. However, in her arrogance, she is convinced that she can outwit the demon before it returns for her.

Strawberry blonde hair, reaching down to her waist. She hasn't cut her hair in years. She wears minimal amount of makeup, preferring a natural look. She has deep, piercing green eyes, the color of fresh moss after a rain. Her features are soft and rounded. She is fairly attractive but her dark glares intimidate those who would approach her.

Background/Backstory: (min. 5 lines)
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Name: Carter Blaine

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Heritage: Germanic/Nordic

Hometown: Austin Texas

Near-death Experience: When he was 10 he was killed in the crossfire between two biker gangs and his mother and father agreed that in order to have their child back they would make whatever deal they could.

Personality: Carter is a fighter. He has been since he was little. He cant stand people pushing him around and will more often than not resort to violence in order to achieve his goals.

Appearance: Carter stands at the standard Nordic 6ft, he weighs roughly 175lbs. He cuts his hair short and rarely shaves. His eyes are a confusing green and blue combination that from a distance come off as a grey. He has a rugged look and lost sort of gaze.

Background/Backstory: He was raised fairly well, after his accident he seemed to be different. He was a more violent child, he always seemed to be getting into fights with the other boys at school even going so far as to strike a teacher once. At 14 his mother died, it was then that he began dangerous behavior. He would steal and fight, he even came home once with a knife wound and a motorcycle. The previous owner was the man who gave him the knife wound. His father kicked him out, he could no longer see the son he had saved become such a poor citizen. Soon after he joined a biker gang, first as a hang around then eventually he managed to become a prospect. After 9 months as a prospect he was brought into the Bandidos. He got his cut and became a soldier for one of the largest biker gangs in Texas.


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Ilias Jackson


Longview, Washington
Near-death Experience - Sinking into the Depths of Blackness
While driving away from his mother's funeral, in the pouring down rain, Ilias' car was struck by another and sent over the edge of the into the bay. Trapped in a slowly sinking vehicle, Ilias fought to find a way out but discovered there was no way for him to escape. He was the one to make the deal because he wasn't ready to die. He still had at least one mission to fulfill.

Personality - Optimistic Cynicism
Ilias has a very easy going and laid back personality with a bit of a gray outlook on life. He can be just the slightest bit daft sometimes. And yet other times he's as sharp as any tool in the shed- it depends if you catch him on a topic he knows about. For instance, if you were to quiz him on anything fantasy related, or information he has read about, he's a talking encyclopedia. But if you were to ask him to explain how a toaster works? He'd stare blankly at you and then say 'you put bread in, push down the lever, and toast comes out' instead of going into detail on the mechanics of a toaster. Both or correct answers, but one is a little more 'intelligent' than the other.

Oddly enough, though Ilias is rather lighthearted, he can often be quite the cynisist. He actually uses the negativity to be optimistic... often saying 'things could be worse'... so instead of thinking the glass is half full or empty, he is more the type that would say 'at least the glass hasn't been knocked over or spilled and has something in it'. He believes there's a path to be found even in the dark... for it's only in the dark that you can truly see the light.

Appearance - Blue Hair + Red Scarf + Violet Eyes = Hard to Miss
Ilias stands at a proud 5'10", weighing in at about 140 lbs with unnaturally blue hair thanks to his demon heart. It used to be a bright red but after his near death encounter it turned a vivid blue. People just assume he dyes it. He has a bright red scarf that his mother made for him when he was younger- adding a little to the end over the years so he didn't out grow it. It's his most valued possession and he goes no where without it, even if it's merely stuffed into his pocket. His violet eyes, an odd mutation that he was born with, are usually bright with laughter, often paired with his ever ready smile. He's often complimented on his eye color, though when his hair was red people would often urge him to dye his hair black because red hair and violet eyes didn't pair well together. His mother was the deciding factor for him... her hair was red, and his features were more like his father's- so he was told by his grandparents (more scorned by his grandparents)- so he kept his hair red as a connecting factor to her. Now that she's gone, he almost feels the new change of color is fitting, though it also depresses him.

Background - Ilias and his Mother vs The World
Ilias was born into a fairly unforgiving world where childbirth out of wedlock was shunned and frowned upon. Though his mother's parents remained a part of the picture, they were never warm to alias nor did they lend a hand to help his mother when she was in need of help. With that being their life, Ilias' mother often spent long hours working two jobs to support the both of them and Ilias had to grow up quickly and learn to be responsible at a young age so as not to burden his mother. He often had to be at home alone, and picked up on reading to occupy his time, becoming a very constant patron of the nearby library. He knew the rules and followed them carefully- looking both ways before crossing a street, never talking to strangers, and so on.

When school started up, Ilias struggled terribly, often spending long hours trying to solve a problem that others might call simple. His mother did the best she could to help but for whatever reason, something just wasn't connecting for Ilias to understand. His English Mentor finally took pity on the small, determined lad and began to tutor him after school- driving him home when they finished up with his homework. Ilias blossomed under his mentor's tutelage, not rising to the top of the class but no longer struggling as much as he had. He could usually figure things out on his own, though they still had meetings after school to check his progress.

At the soft age of 12, Ilias picked up his first job. It wasn't a
real job, of course... he would help stack wood, weed, and do other odd chores for his neighbors. Many people in the town he lived in were rather fond of his spirit, his easy going smile, and his ability to always see the bright side of things even when things seemed impossibly difficult. Though his minor wages weren't a huge contribution, Ilias could at least help pay for groceries and meals now, which his mother greatly appreciated. He continued to pick up jobs and make money where he could while struggling to keep up with his homework, and yet still finding time to read every now and then. He found stories about knights and dragons, of impossible quests and over coming the insurmountable to be the tales he preferred to read because it gave him hope in this situation.

In high school now, Ilias began to notice that his mother often came home from work with bruises. She never opened up to him to tell him what was going on no matter how hard he pressed, but now Ilias wished he hadn't given up on finding out. Still, his mother seemed happier not telling him and so he let it go. One day his mother didn't come home when she was supposed to, which wasn't like her at all, and it made Ilias worry. He called her work and when they said that she had headed home at the usual time, his worry grew into full out panic. He quickly headed towards her work, though it was a 30 minute walk, only to come across police lights and a crime scene. He had been right to fear for the woman lying dead in the alley was his mother.

Ilias now had a goal- to hunt down the person who had taken his mother from him and return the favor in full. Though Ilias had never been a cold man, the pain at his loss turned to hatred and that hatred turned to a desire for revenge. He arranged his mother's funeral, making sure that everything was properly taken care of, before beginning his plans on his mother's killer. The day of the funeral had arrived and Ilias was no closer to finding the man now then he was the day it all happened, and feeling hopeless he drove home, unsure where to go next. That's when he was struck by another vehicle, almost dying as the water grew around him, before a demon came to him and granted him another 21 years plus powers to help hunt down the man who had taken from him.

The community made sure that Ilias graduated, helping him money wise and Ilias also made sure to graduate in a high position in his class for his mother. He spent the next 4 years training himself for his confrontation, and the year after that hunting the man down. He did find him eventually, thanks to the help of his demon heart, and exacted the revenge he had craved... though now that it was over, he felt even emptier than before. What was his purpose now? Ilias' heart sank at the thought that he was never going to see his mother again because he had given up a chance at heaven for a chance at avenging her... He has to find a way to remedy this. He has to find a way to get his place in heaven back so that in the end he can be with his mother, forever.


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[BCOLOR=#000000]Name: [/BCOLOR]Kapitán[BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]Katherine 'Kat' Stonov
[BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: Female[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 26[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Heritage: Russian[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Hometown: St. Petersburg[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000]Near-death Experience:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#000000] Trapped under an Avalanche at the age of 5. While running out of air and freezeing she made a plea with anything that listened. She heard a response and as a kid, gave herself up.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Personality:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] Kat is an individual who looks at challenges with a open mind and a heart of iron. She doesn't back down from much and looks at things that other would fear as something to be conquered. Although the bravery she boasts is great it is infact a front for how she truly feels. She is a terrified individual who would much rather be alone in the cold at this point than doing anything with anyone. She favors silence compared to a crowd which completely goes against the front that she displays to people. That being so she can often be found crying to getting heavily upset from having to hide who she really is from those close or knwon to her.[/BCOLOR]

Kat is a tall girl standing at a height of 5'11". Her build is more to the likeness of a cross country runner or Martial Artist. One of her most defineing features is the set of Ice Blue eyes that had been altered after her surviving the Avalanche. Although she may be much taller her strength isn't the greatest. Having focused mostly on her speed from running and playing soccer in high school and through training she has built up a considerable lower body strength. Another feature that sets her apart is her hair. The normal blonde that graced her features before her accident had slowly faded to a almost snow white color over the course of three years.

[BCOLOR=#000000]Background/Backstory: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]Katherine had grown up in a upper class Russian military family. That being the case her life had been spent moving from base to base across Russia mostly being stationed in the nothern parts of Russia. Her life had been one of discipline and hard earned prestiege. At the age of five her father had begun to teach his other child how to begin to follow in his footsteps. With her fathers teaching came the opening of more doors for her. She began to snowboard and at one point got a trophy for a childs competition. Although she did not go far with it she was still highly skilled in what she did even after the Avalanche. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]She continued this hobbie of hers untill she was trapped under an Avalanche. During the time she spent gasping for air and feeling her body sucumb to the cold around her she reached out and something.. reached back. After that day she felt her body almost become different. She relished in the feeling and began to follow her fathers teachings more and more. She had remembered what was said but she didn't entirely believe it untill her high school years. Following her years in school she graduated and with her fathers recommendation was placed into the Russian Federations officer program to be trained. Graduating a year and a half later she spent a short time training others before graining a position at a Siberian base at which she feels she flourishes[/BCOLOR].
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Name: Saria Leviti
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Heritage: Japanese/British American
Hometown: Unalaska, Alaska
Near-death Experience: Terminal Brain Cancer -
When Saria was but a little 6 year old, she was on the verge of death from brain cancer. She was lying in bed in a vegetable state, though her father didn't want to lose her as well as her mother, so he preformed the contract with the demon to get the heart for her, which immediately revitalized her.
Personality: Sarita is a rather sweet young lady. Said by many, she would make a wonderful mother; completely loyal, too innocent to do any horrible things, and a great cook. Although with her nice behavior, she is quite intellgent. Good luck fooling this woman; she can see past a lie. If you were to lie to her, she would be happy to give you a nice pin against the wall.

Appearance: Long dark hair with blue streaks and a tad curl to them. She also bears the prettiest blue eyes to ever be seen, sparkling like the ocean. Her skin may be pale, but it is like the morning snow. She's rather petite, having a thin figure and only being 4'7 in height.

Background/Backstory: Saria was born to a dead mother, having to be cut from the womb. Her mother was too ill to properly give birth, and the stress on her body only killed her. Her father was quite protective over his little girl, making sure he either had all eyes or contact on her. When she was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer, and her father's worrying only started from there. It only got worse and worse throughout the year, revealing terminal in what seemed to be the last two weeks of her life. She had become so ill and so wrecked with pain that she had to be forced into a vegetable state with drugs, and on the day she needed to be unplugged, she was given a demon heart. The doctors only said it was a miracle, a scientific impossibility. The girl was allowed a normal life, though her father was even more possessive over her. He even put a tracking device under her skin while she was sleeping. She made her take karate and all sorts of self-defense classes. When she was old enough to head out, he was frightened to let his girl go, but he decided it was best for her. He never told her of her heart no longer being her's, nor did he realize the consequences he would throw on his daughter...
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