Demon Heart, Demon Throne

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  1. It was noon, and Iri happened to be in the prince's room, changing his bed sheets.
  2. Prince Damon walks swiftly down the hallway, followed by a servant quickly. He's fuming, as his parents were being thick headed about passing a law that would ultimately help the entire empire. The servant looks a bit nervous. Damon was hard to figure out sometimes, even when he was fuming, he didn't show to what extent he was. He slams open the door to his room, long silver white hair flowing behind him.
    "Please calm down your highness, I'm sure they'll come to their senses," The servant manages.
    "They're idiots. I don't know how they even became the leaders they are," he hisses as he walks in, ignoring the fact Iri was changing his bed sheets, a bit too angry to care.
  3. Iri was startled, but continued to work. "Your Majesty, if I may, what has you so worked up?" Iri asked. Her eyes studied Damon's face, recognizing the signs of anger. If thinking this was ultimately very alluring was wrong, did she really want to be right? Oh, but Iri mentally chided herself. She was just a servant. Many in this castle adored the handsome prince, if only for his looks.
  4. He takes off his sword from his belt slamming it down on a table leaning on his hands slightly, his eyebrow twitches a bit. "My IDIOT parents won't pass a new law to help the economy in the kingdom. They're useless! If it wasn't for me this empire would've collapsed long ago." He stands up straight again, starting to undo a button a sleeve, as it was a bit too tight and uncomfortable.
  5. Iri quickly finished with his bedsheets. "Ive heard your parents speak, my lord, and they are more concerned about finding you a suitable bride." Iri said, hoping he wouldn't think she was speaking out of turn. Prince Damon's approval was very important to Iridessa. She had worked for him her entire life. Not to mention that she fancied him a bit.
  6. He makes a disgusted noise picking up a throwing knife sitting back on the edge of a table throwing the knife into the wall with a solid thunk, before running his hands through his hair, not caring at the moment if it was a bit out of turn. "Of course. 'You need a nice young girl that'll bring prosper to the empire, deary,'" raising his voice a bit in a more high pitched tone to imitate his mother. "But the only reason they say that is because they're trying to take my loyalty against me. They just want a big royal drama!" He throws another one that hits in the middle of the other knife splitting it down the middle, eyebrow twitching a bit again.
  7. Iri hid a smile. Damon's concern for the kingdom was honorable. "They plan to invite a few princesses and noble females to the castle for a ball next week, or, so I've heard." Iridessa gathered up the dirty sheets in her arms. Hesitating slightly she made her way to the door.
  8. He clenches his jaw, "I don't intend to pick any one of those prissy little things," he stands up turning away picking up his sword walking over to a holder on the wall putting the sword on it. "None of them care for anything except the fancy clothes, looks, and food. They aren't the thing I need by my side when I have to take the throne. It'll just be a pain."
  9. Iri stopped at the door. "I wonder, majesty, what kind of queen do you need?" She said and left the room, heading to the laundry room. Iri mentally face-palmed. Why would she say such a thing? She had no right! She was only a servant!
  10. He stands silently in his room, before turning slightly looking at the door she left through, pondering her question a bit before slowly walking over to the balcony doors, pushing them open walking out standing at the railing as he undoes the other button on his sleeve. Good question..
  11. The nervous servant from before was still hanging around. "Y-your majesty, lunch is in an hour. You should be ready soon." He said and ran off like a chicken with its head cut off.
  12. He sighs a bit and walks back inside shutting the doors to the balcony and walks back out into the hall. he walks through the halls masking his way to the kitchen.
    "I'd like lunch in my courters today," as he sees the head chef who nods bowing. He turns walking back through the halls, but not going back to his room just yet.
  13. Iridessa was staring out the window in the hall. It was beautiful outside, yet she had much work to do. The window was open, and a slight breeze ruffled her golden hair. Once again, her thoughts roamed to the dashing prince. Iri pondered her own question. What kind of girl did Damon desire? A girl like her? Someone smart? Or something completely different. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't hear the prince's footfalls.
  14. He pauses as he notices her standing looking out the window, tilting his head a bit, watching as a moment passes before he clears his throat slightly, "I'm sure you have a good reason you're distracted?" He pauses before adding, "would you mind bringing my lunch to my room once its ready?"
  15. Iri jumped, startled. "Oh, yes your majesty. Sorry, your majesty." She said, her face becoming red in shame. "Ill bring it up as soon as its ready sir." Iri curtsied and started to walk to the kitchens.
  16. He watches her go quietly, with his red eyes before turning walking back to his room. He found iri fascinating in an odd way. He walks into his room and lays down on his bed, putting his hands behind his head and one foot up slightly. A ball... What a horrid prospect..
  17. A few maids in the hall chattered excitedly about the ball. "Only a handpicked team of servants get to work it. But, a few lucky servants will be able to actually attend the masquerade as guests! Exciting!" One said. A few minutes later, there was a soft knock on his door. "Your majesty, I have your meal as requested." Iri said, waiting for permission to enter.
  18. He'd taking off his jacket, laying in a slightly loose flowy white shirt and his pants. He'd been careful to take off his shoes to avoid getting the new sheets dirty, staring up at the ceiling. "Come in."
  19. Iri opened the door carefully and set his food on a table by his bed. "anything else needed, sir?" She asked.
  20. He's silent for a few moments before turning his head slightly, "would you like to eat with me?" Studying her.