Demon From Gold and Silver

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  1. Name:Haven Derlock
    Race: Derlock (Custom storyline)
    Personality:Haven is a loner. He has a soft spot for his brothers, but otherwise he keeps to himself. He tends to be stern and straightforward, and Mostly stubborn. Most of All he HATES Vampires, Which happens to be his profession.
    Appearance:6'2". Haven has long straight Dark Crimson hair. His eyes are golden and he has a rectangular face with a slight angled chin. He has a mesomorph build, and he is lean and slightly chiseled. Haven has 2 scars on his neck, one from a vampires teeth, one from a demon who tried to kill him. The second scar starts in the middle of the left side of his chin and trails to his back where it ends on his shoulder blade.
    Apparel:Haven wears a pair of black Kevlar Cargo pants, a black military belt with a few belt pouches, and black steel toed boots with polished steel toe caps.(extra outer cover on the toes made of steel) He wears a Dark red Sleeveless shirt with a long brown trench coat. and he wears a polished silver and gold ring with a fancy key inscribed on the face.
    Power: Haven has the ability force the changing and morphing metal to his body. He is also fireproof and can throw fireballs.

    The request: I want a normal upper-body mugshot of haven, then I want an upper body mugshot of his angered form (Below)

    When haven is angry he takes on the appearance of a red molten metal demon with liquid golden eyes and black fluctuations of body color. In this form his build changes to that of a bull and a gorilla, with large arms and a rounded large upper body angled back to his legs. Though he doesn't have hooves he has large demonic clawed feet. His horns first wrap back like a ram then under and forward like that of a bull.
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