Demon friend (KayLove & Cassie Homes)

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  1. You've met this little demon at a young age.
    You've been through everything together. Elementary, middle school, and now high school.
    You never knew that your best friend was a demon, at least not yet.
    This little demon would always come over to your place, but never the other way around.

    Now that the demon is a teen, she seems to be more troubled with everything and more distance.
    That day, she walked through the school halls right as the last bell rung, letting the students know school was over.
    Kali was her name. She had earbuds in her ears as she walked out the building. She was heading to the spot she always went to to wait for her long time friend.
    Kali looked down at her phone as she waited.
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  2. (Sorry for taking so long)
  3. Samantha was very late do to her poor sense of direction to meet with her friend. Samantha ran up to her friend waveing her arms like a mad woman because she was out of breath trying to let her know she was sorry for being late
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  4. Kali turned towards her friend, Samantha, smiling as she watched her run.
    "No worries," Kali stated as her friend apologized for being late. She waited until she caught her breath to add, "now that school is over for the weekend, any plans?"she asked, not really having any other way to spend her time.
  5. After Samantha caught her breath she scratched her head thoughtfully for a long minute and started giggling."Maybe we can go to the park and play in the sandbox like when we where kids" Samantha said in a playful
    tone as a wide grin grew on her face.
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  6. Kali smirked and shook her head.
    "I think the parents at the park would think we had mental problems if they saw us playing in the sandbox at our age," the demon girl laughed while twirling a piece of her hair.
  7. "Really?!!!!! Are you sure? hehehe" Samantha said in mock supprise while giggling. " There is always the swings you know?" Samantha said in a lighthearted tone while she played with her tie.
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  8. Kali laughed a bit.
    "Whatever you'd like is cool with me," she then said. She wouldn't mind hanging out on the swings, even if it did seem childish.
  9. "Awesome!!!! Because I had nothing after that hehehe!!!*Samantha said with giggling grin as she took Kail's and running for the park
  10. Kali stumbled forward as Samantha took her hand and ran.
    She ran after her, trying to keep up. By the time they made it to the park, Kali pulled her hand away and ran forward, "race you to the swings!"
    The same thing she would've when they were young.
  11. Samantha gasped in surprise as a warm smile grew on her face from nostalgia. Samantha treasured the memories she shared with Kail, after all Kail had been the closest friend she had ever had. Kail had been there for Samantha through some of the hardest times of her life. "Hehe last one there as to push the winner on the swing" Samantha said in a playful tone as she began running after Kail