Demon Feathers

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  1. I'm writing a book and would like to roleplay it so it has a more realistic feeling and input to it

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  2. Its a dark morning, as he awakes he rubs his eyes wearily. He was up until 12 am last night going through case files. Detective John Keely walks to the kitchen to go make some coffee
  3. It was indeed a dark morning. The type when a person could tell the weather would not be up to par, a real mood damper, they liked to call them, if one had to go out in such. She wished she could curl up on the couch, enjoy a good book or watch a movie with a cup of her favorite tea. That would've been ideal, but of course, that wasn't happening today.

    He kept her rustling downstairs, until about twelve, she remembered looking at the red dial alarm clock on the nightstand. When he finally did come to bed, his slight snorning kept her up for about an hour or two then sleep finally took her over when like automatic, the clock in her woke up around Five, well before the alarm beeped. He was still asleep. Sophie crept to the bathroom to take a shower, head downstairs to make not only her honey and cinnamon tea but his coffee, the one he liked and wait for him. Maybe he'd talk about what worried him, maybe not.

    The lithe woman in the short sleeve pink silk robe stood at the kitchen sink looking out the window, the sun wasn't out yet but the morning had that strange feel to it and she had the scent of rain coming, lingering in her nose. Turning her head away, emerald eyes peer at the doorway where he comes in, ready for his coffee, she assumed, a small smile on her face. "Morning, you look tired."​
  4. He glances at a nearby chair, then slowly his gaze drifts back to his female acquantice. John never had a problem with looking at girls, fact was until he met Sophie, John considered turning gay. She always held the advantage, as if he would listen to every word she said.
    "Good morning beautiful, howd you sleep?"
  5. There he went again, changing the subject, Sophie shook her head thoroughly enjoying his compliment, any one, it meant he cared. Moving away from the window with a tea cup in hand, she tossed some sunset blonde hair over her shoulder glancing at him with her emerald eyes. She answered him the best she could without making him worry. "I slept good Keely, sit down, your coffee is ready. Made some eggs, bacon, and toast too, figured you'd work up an appetite." The woman would slip a plate beside his coffee mug, sitting down to look at him. "Maybe you should call in today, I could stay home too, if you wanted...something about today...I don't know."​
  6. He gave her a soft kiss." I can't babe, this case it seams is one I've been looking for" he sat down and started eating. A few minutes later he glanced up."This breakfast is one of your best so far." And continued eating in silence until he finished."I'm sorry about this, all these long days and overnight work shifts I think this is a real case of demonic possesion."
  7. Sophie welcomed the kiss knowing her statement would not deter him from his work but it was just a thought, they hadn't spent time together in a while. "Ah," She pressed her lips to his again. Crossing her right leg over her left, she looked at him when he sat down. "A case." As usual. She wasn't surprised but something about today and what he was saying made the normally calm woman worried. She watched him eat, her eyes staying on his when he looked up. "Don't apologize, I know it's your job." A reassuring smile crossed her lips. She understood to a degree. "Demonic Possession?" her eyebrows raised in question. What did he mean by that? "Keely, this sounds dangerous."​
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