Demon Drive(An Owari no Seraph RP)

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  1. Following the Shinjuku incident, the Imperial Demon Army found it necessary to set up a second Vampire Extermination Unit that would take over in the event that the Moon Demon Company failed or found itself in need of backup. Consisting primarily of experienced soldiers, the Demon Drive Unit, as it is called also has newcomers who joined with the desire to reach nothing short of the top. This roleplay follows the events of Demon Drive and how they deal with the events that follow shortly after the Shinjuku incident. Little do they know that what they have their eyes set on is not prey, but a very dangerous predator.

    Aldriem- Ives Genjou(Sub-Unit Leader)
    Ketanicus- Katsuro Miyamura(Sub Unit Second-in-Command)
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  2. Demon Drive
    "Ives Genjou." Announced the man sitting behind the table upon when one of the three uniformed boys sitting on the opposite side of the table promptly stood up and adjusting his vest, approached the table.

    "Yes commander...!"

    "Your results from the Unit Admission Test are with me and I must say that I find them quite impressive. Never have I seen such results in the past except for a few applicants all of whom I think are now members of the Moon Demon Company. What do you have to say...?"

    "I am honored to hear such words and would in turn strive to become better that I may one day make it to the Moon Demon Company and fight alongside my idol Hya-"

    "I am afraid you must banish that thought from your mind," the commander leaned back in his chair and crossed his fingers on the table. "The Moon Demon Company are on a completely different league and are, as such, not an option. If you wish to join them, then I am afraid I'll have to transfer you to a different department, one that falls under Guren Ichinose, and that is... IF he is willing to take you in which I very much doubt."

    Ives was discomforted, not to mention demotivated by the words of his squad commander, yet he swallowed his emotions and went on.

    "I understand, sir."

    "In any case, the fact remains that your results are quite incredible and that you are certainly worthy of being assigned to a unit. I would like to refer you to our newest unit, the Demon Drive Unit which, although it does not lie directly under me, is in need of a Unit Leader. Would you be willing to take up the post...?"

    Ives' eyes widened in surprise, his earlier emotions slowly washing away, but before he could say a word, the commander again spoke.

    "I'll let you know that should you decline, you'll be assigned a lower post in the very same unit whereupon you'll serve under a much less capable, and probably a less worthy Leader."

    Is he trying to blackmail me or something...? Ives thought.

    "Fine, I'll do it. I'll lead the Unit."

    "Good." The commander smiled on the other end of the table before he reached into one of his drawer and pulled out a big dossier which he pushed towards Ives."The names of your Unit subordinates and their profiles are in this dossier. Report to me tomorrow at 5:00 P.M. sharp and I'll let you know what your're supposed to do. Will that be okay...?"

    "Yes, sir." Ives replied before picking up the dossier and bowing.

    "Welcome to the Demon Drive Unit, Squad Leader Ives Genjou."

    Night fell as Ives walked into the Unit Meeting Room where he had requested all the Squad Members to meet him before they dispersed for their night patrols.

    As he had expected, there were just 2 members in the room, one of whom was a girl with auburn hair while the other was a blonde boy both of whom looked bored out of their minds.

    "Hey there," Ives greeted them in a most informal manner offering a smile. "Thanks for coming here on such short notice. I understand you guys have had a tiring day outside the wall."

    Both of them turned to regard him and the girl even smiled back. The boy looked at him indifferently.
    "Take a seat, please." Ives pointed to the set of chairs kept at the back of the room to which the duo quietly turned and headed towards the chairs.
    Ives opened the dossier and placed on a table placed near the adjacent wall.
    "So, you guys are Vimo Krauz and Emily Shai, am I right...?" Ives read aloud from the dossier.

    "Yes, sir." The girl, Emily replied promptly raising her right hand to her face level.

    The boy nodded wordlessly as he looked at Ives.

    "We're short of 2 more members, do you know if they'll be joining us...?"
    "Sir, Wei said she'll be here in some time and I don't know about Katsuro. He didn't reply to my message." Emily replied.

    "Hm... Okay, thank you. We'll just wait a bit longer before we start." Ives answered.

    Where are these guys...? Ives thought, biting his lip in impatience.

    The night was getting late.​

  3. A few kilometers to the North of the ghetto lies a crater caused by a massive blast 10 years ago. Now ingested by the nature, is surrounded by the city scrape of disaster. Amidst what remained, stood the Shintoda Tower, once an architectural marvel now reduced to mere ruins supported by huge blocks crumbled off of other structures. Sitting at the terrace overhang was Katsuro enjoying his slack while he still can.

    "Have you ever been afraid of dark, Akumu?" Katsuro asked as he gazed upon the crimson sky. The sun had already set and night was upon him. 13 years had passed since he first came here. This place held a unique spot in his heart for the time he spent here were special entries in his book.

    "You do realize I am a demon, don't you? Why would you ask me such a stupid question?"

    "Yeah! That's true. But were you before becoming a demon?"

    "I don't really remember much of my life from that time. I think I did."

    Katsuro looked onto the devastated city he once lived in. As the darkness grew, only the mere black silhouette of the structures could be seen. Like a corpse it was there, motionless and cold. As the Night came closer, the evil went out for the walk. At the other end of the Crater, Tatsuro could see the movement. Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse has appeared.

    "You Know, Once, I did too." He said as he leapt off the terrace.

    (**Minutes Later**)

    "Where r u? Report ASAP. It's tym.” The Text flashed on the smartphone screen.
    The long hallway was dimly lit in yellow as Katsuro walked towards the meeting room. When he herd footstep other than of himself. A strange girl-like figure appeared as she come towards him.

    “You are going for the unit meeting too, right?” She asked.

    “Well yeah!” He replied.

    “So I am not the only one late here. That’s a relief. By the way I am Wei. Seem like we will be working together.”

    “Katsuro! Nice Meeting. Shall we proceed?” Katsuro said as they entered the meeting hall.

    And the tranquil night surged.
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  4. The door opened, drawing Ives' attention away from the dossier he was reading. The other two squad members also looked up and regarded the newcomers that had just walked into the meeting hall.

    "You guys are late and since it's my first day as the squad leader, I'll excuse you guys. Don't make a habit of it, okay...?" Ives announced, placing the dossier aside and pointing to the chairs.

    "Let's start the meeting then."

    "Anyways, hello everyone, my name is Ives Genjou and I am your Squad Leader. I presume you guys know what our unit has been named...?"

    When all Ives got was blank expressions, he proceeded,

    "Well... we are the Demon Drive Company and our job will be to function as a secondary vampire extermination unit. Let me make it clear for all those of you who are wondering, as I can tell from your faces, we won't be working alongside the Moon Demon Company..."

    Ives then paused for effect. He scanned the faces of his colleagues as he let his words sink in slowly. When he noticed not noticeable change in their expressions, he continued, visibly disappointed.

    "I would now like you guys to introduce yourselves please. We'll start with you, Katsuro, I presume...?"

    His eyes stopped at the new boy who had just walked in.
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