Demon Dreams and Bat Wings

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  1. There is nothing like an autumn rain...

    Not that it was raining just yet. A chill hung in the air, accompanied by the crisp scent of a storm brewing. The sunset was even masked by the dark grey clouds that had been lingering since morning. These sorts of days were begging for nice hot fires and warm cups of tea. A little brandy, some classical music, a lazy night stretched out on an over-sized couch. Maybe even with a little bit of good solid company.


    The horn of a train shattered her pleasant daydream. Metal wheels on tracks filled the quiet night with a monotone rumble. One of her hands ran through her hair as she gave a small huff. Warm fires and hot company was going to have to wait until after her mission. When your life belong to your work, there was little time for much else.

    "Where is that beast. He should be done by now." Had she a watch on, she would have taken a glance on it. Instead, her hands rest on her hips as she gazed around the empty train yard. The passing train now only a fading sound in the background. In these modern days, trains weren't exactly the go-to transportation for humans. The majority just hauled large cargo back and forth in a line of cars.

    Which, incidentally, made them the perfect means of unnoticed traveling for particularly ugly demons.

    It was so much easier to hunt back when there weren't a million different ways for a demon to travel.

    It was also easier when your help was actually helping. Were there any humans around, she might have assumed he was busy pretending to be injured and getting some lovely lady to fall hopelessly in love with him. As it were, he was either in trouble or being lazy, and neither of which made her very happy.

    "I could be at the hotel by now..." she muttered.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.