Demon apocalypse anyone?

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  1. I've got this idea that's been floating around my head way too long. The (most of) the human race was taken out by a demon general that came up to the surface with an army. The demon general would be the dominant and the other character, a survivor, would be the submissive. I have a character for either role so this is one of the few rps where I can be the dominant. It's a FxF so if you're not comfortable with such this isn't the place for you. The demon character would probably be a bit sadistic because- well, demon general, duh. I have a few rules though . . .

    -No being to rude or over religious OC or OOC. In OOC if you're rude and too religious I won't like you. Oc, I guess you get a pass on the rude thing but being to religious would make the relationship harder for both parties.
    -grammar and punctuation are a MUST.
    -If you're not engaging enough I'm going to stop and look for another partner. It's not that hard to be interesting in an apocalypse rp with demons . . .
    -I prefer someone to post at least once a day.
    -No overpowered characters. Demons are pretty strong and its hard to think this, but you can cross the line with them . . . also happens with humans.
    -I don't expect you to be a prestige rper but I at least expect at least two lines. No oneliners, please.

    I also have a few things that aren't so obvious that I'm okay with.

    -(If you're playing the demon) It's okay to be slightly abusive in the relationship . . .
    -(If you're playing the human) It's okay to hate the demon at first.

    That's all I have. Pm me if you're interested or if you have any questions!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.