Demographics 02: How many role plays are you part of?

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How many role plays are you part of?

  1. 0.

  2. 1-2.

  3. 3-4.

  4. 5-6.

  5. 7-10.

  6. More than 10.

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  1. The last demographics question asked "how often do you roleplay?" Because there were concerns voiced about the uncertainty of the wording, consider this a more specific question asking relatively the same thing. I'm still experimenting with this concept, so I've still got a few things to try out. As such, I'm adding another thing... :ferret:

    Poll Question: How many role plays are you part of?
    Additional Question(s)
    • Q. Are you satisfied with the number of role plays you are part of? Is it too many, too few?
    • Q. Are any of them, by your own definition, long term?

    This is that experiment thing I'm talking about. For now, nothing specific, I'm just going to test the waters and keep the voting options broad.

    Next Poll: What topic would you like to see be the central focus of the next poll?
    • A. Genders of characters.
    • B. Tone. (IE: How "dark" or "light" something feels.)
    • C. Pace/Longevity. (Ex: How long RP's last, how fast players post, et cetera.)
    • D. Surprise me. (None of the above.)
  2. The number of roleplays I have is questionable, since there are a few that are kind of iffy on whether or not they're still alive. I'd probably have more, but my mood for writing has been fluctuating way too much. There are days when I look at my replies and just shrug them off, and other days when I'm putting them out faster then I'm getting them. But for right now, I think I have enough.

    Nearly all of them are long term, at least in my opinion. I don't really do short term roleplays, because in my opinion it's boring and I usually have too many ideas for my plots for it to go by in a blink. Plus, i love character development, and that's really hard to do when you're rushing to get to the end of the story. =/
  3. I voted 3-4, though it would be 5 if this counts starting roleplays I've signed up for. Think it doesn't, though.

    Love this idea of series of demographics polls! As for the next question, I'd like to see the answers to C.
  4. Aye, for the most part. I've sort of been itching to start a 3rd RP -- which I could do at any time, if I wasn't so busy as of late. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Two roleplays is about all I can handle, given my current workload -- and even then, I feel like I can't always give my RP's the attention they need sometimes. >_> Still! Two roleplays is currently the best balance I can achieve between how much I want to RP and how much I can RP. XD Once this semester is over, I might start working on that aforementioned 3rd roleplay... I've been letting some ideas swim around in my mind for a while, and I have a pretty good idea what direction I want to take it in... =w=

    Oh absolutely!! Fandomstuck and Welcome Back to the Guild have both been running for... a year? At least? And WBttG is a sequel, so it's even older if you count its earlier incarnations... But yeah, I start all my RP's with the intention of them being long-term ones. And... I've been doing pretty well at that, I think! I don't exactly start roleplays super-often these days, mostly because I usually already have existing ones that are doing just fine, but uh... yeah. Out of all the RP's I have started recently? They've all done pretty well. I can't even remember the last time I started an RP that didn't last at least 3-4 months... unless you count RP's that didn't make it past the interest check stage. >_> Jeez, now I just sound like I'm bragging, but... it's true, "long term" RP's are essentially the norm for me now.
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  5. Currently in 3 one on one roleplays with @Sen, who has been my longterm partner and bb since December 2014 whoo yeahhhhhh. We're also plotting/planning to co-GM a fandom group roleplay <3 I don't know what I'd do without her
    1. I am satisfied with the roleplays I have, but I wouldn't mind joining more roleplays (especially with the awesome peeps over at The Murder Series <3) when I have the time.

    2. My roleplays with @Sen are definitely long-term. We have discussed and planned, and developed our roleplays for over a year already, and we plan on continuing them long long long into the future.
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  6. 1-2
    I'm in two 5e [D&D] games currently, one in which I run. I wouldn't mind one or two more to join as I have some character ideas I'd like to explore. On top of that I only have two classes this entire semester and not working too many hours which leaves me with more free time than I know what to do with. So too few for me.

    The games I'm in are the longest running tabletop games I've joined considering the others have just been one-shots. But I wouldn't consider them long term as they haven't been going on longer than two months at least.

    Sure, this sounds fun.
  7. I voted "0" because I only just signed up for one, it's not started yet, and who knows if my CS will be accepted.
    Buuuut I'm still rather new here so I'm not worries that I'll find a bunch of things :)

    • Q. Are you satisfied with the number of role plays you are part of? Is it too many, too few?
    No, I need more D:
    • Q. Are any of them, by your own definition, long term?
    I'm pretty sure the one I signed up for is going to be long-term, knowing the GM ;)

    I think next question should be about genders! And that it should included non-binary genders!
  8. Q. Are you satisfied with the number of role plays you are part of? Is it too many, too few?
    Too few at the moment, been on this site for a while now and it's been going on and off for a few days now. We don't really get much done and it's kind of annoying.
    Q. Are any of them, by your own definition, long term?
    no none of them.
  9. 10, if you only count forum roleplays.
    13 if you count D&D.

    That being said some of these 'could' be grouped together depending on one's perspective, so I'll list the ten forum ones now (which are what I counted for the poll).

    1 & 2. @Kaga-kun 2 RP's, one being the RP that caused me to move to Iwaku, the other one having started a little bit later.
    3 to 6. All different RP's taking part in the Otherverse that @Razilin manages. It should be noted though that Otherverse is effectively a universe RP that's built upon a bunch of other smaller RP's that typically last for a few months before they conclude.
    7 to 8. Murder Games. One being their current Murder Tale which only lasts a few weeks and then is instantly followed by the Murder Game itself. The other being a side-RP the groups running that's basically a battle royale.
    9 to 10. Other RP's ran by the MG community (mostly) but isn't offically MG's. One being something that takes after Suicide Squad, the other being a Shadowrun RP.

    (That moment you realize you call forum RP's a side hobby, but according to the poll you're more than twice the RP's as most people. o_o)
    This all depends on how active said number is at the time. Right now, I have the Otherverse being RP's I need to check in on practically daily. While the others vary from weekly to in one case monthly.

    So with that in mind I'm relatively happy with the number of RP's I'm in right now.
    I could go with a bit more, but I have a feeling the next MG is going to see to that (even if it will likely mean all the MG connected RP's suddenly become less active as a result).
    One I was in since day 1, the other soon after so those two are definitely long term.
    Otherverse by an individual RP basis I wouldn't say so due to their short lifespans by nature, but the universe has a whole I've been part of for most of my Iwaku career so far so in that sense yes.
    And the Murder Games one's run by the same logic, individually they're short by nature. But I've been RP'ing in the universe for about half a year now.

    +It should be noted I'm a late addition to both MG and Otherverse. They both have a long and extensive history before I ever entered the picture.
    C. Pace/Longevity. (Ex: How long RP's last, how fast players post, et cetera.)
  10. Sort of? I'm currently participating in one RP, with a second on the way. Four is generally my ideal, because it grants me the level of variety in tone and characters I like to have. However, it prevents me from spending time one personal writing projects, video games, and reading, so...

    Two's a fair balance.

    The first definitely, as I've been participating in one iteration or another for a few years now. The second, hopefully. (wink wink)

    Also I vote tone.
  11. Around seven, or so. Some are still in sign up stage, however. Counting them in anyway, because I'm confident they will past the sign up stage.

    I'm satisfied with what I have now. The pace is nice enough for me to follow with my schedule and the setting of each role play gives me some needed diversity. Not planning on joining any more, however. Unless they can promise me that they don't require me to post daily, or every other day, and offer something I'm not already role playing.

    I hope that the role plays I'm in are all (going to be) long term. The oldest role play I'm in has been running for four years and may hopefully run far beyond.

    As for the next poll. I vote for topic C.
  12. Just the one. If I'm honest it's too much because my creative writing isn't at a high point right now, but I'll be damned if I abandon it after this many years. Which, by any definition, indicates it's long term.
  13. Just the one rp that I'm running, but I'm immensely satisfied with it. For me it's enough but that's also because posting rate wise it's nearly daily, so any more then just this one would be too much for me.

    It's been running for over three years now soooooooo yeah that's pretty long term. |D
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    • Yeah, pretty satisfied. Two is plenty for me, once I get past three things start to bleed into each other and it's hard to stay focused on all the details beyond the games.

    • I actually just finished a tabletop game that lasted a little over a year! Most of the party got sucked into the astral plane except me, but honestly that was a much better ending than we might've had, seeing as that whole campaign was one meat-grinder after another. It's a miracle none of our party members got permakilled for so long. My character, seeing as she was at full health and was not floating through unknowable space, traveled back to her tiefling family to warn the hordes of Demon Mountain of her party's failure, and prepare for the six-hundred-foot-tall space monster that was going to get summoned by the sorceress we didn't stop. I've got this great picture in my head of my character charging into battle alongside her aunt and mother, so a really satisfying ending for me. My group is starting up a new campaign I'm super excited for, because it's superhero-themed and we have a fantastic GM who has been running superhero campaigns for 20 years. The little 1x1 I have now is fantastic too, it's nice and low-key, relaxed, with a guy and a universe I've known for five years.
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    • Q. Are you satisfied with the number of role plays you are part of? Is it too many, too few?
    No, Im on 2 Rps, but I think I can handle one more but I havent find the right one for me.

    • Q. Are any of them, by your own definition, long term?
    Of the 2 at least one of them its long term I think.

    The next poll should be about Tone Longevity.
  14. I am satisfied with the number of RPs I'm in. I can do A LOT more if I want though it really depends on the pace of the RP. I prefer slow paced RPs or chat RPs overall since I can manage them better that, per say, an RP that gets a post every 10 seconds. I can't handle fast paced RPs unless they are either Chat RPs, in which it is naturally fast paced though done in sessions.

    I only ever do long term RP. I have no interest in RPing just to RP for a day then quit and instead would rather have a long term RP where there is a story or plot to follow and it'll have a lot of development, for the characters and for the world/universe that the RP takes place in.

    I'm all about dat D![BCOLOR=#000000] Cause D is for Dragon.[/BCOLOR]
  15. Well around 9, three of which are currently being worked on so they aren't at the roleplaying stage yet.

    NUUU I always want more roleplays. However, if I have more than 15 or so I can get scatter brained about replies, and such.

    For all of my roleplays, I want them to be long term. You can't have the proper story and character development without time. Short term role-plays don't keep my interest.

    I believe character genders would be cool next poll~
  16. I'm pretty sure I am in more than 10. But I mean Iwaku makes it easy to be able to post to everything via the notification section, so I never forget what RPs I am in.

    And yes I am happy with every RP I am in right now. Actually quite enjoying it in fact. It's been nice to get people who write at the same caliber as me.
  17. I think I'm in a happy medium.
    All of them. Most of my RP's have been running for quite awhile. There are no plans to terminate them.
    I'll go with option D.
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