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  1. Basically what are people's thoughts on the election so far? Any preferred Candidate? Any concern with how the election is going? Predictions for when it's the actual Presidential Election?

    This spawned from another thread, so I'm going to also continue that bit here and tag those involved.
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    Basically what I mean by 'tactically stupid' is that Hillary was already winning any ways, she didn't really need to try to disqualify Bernie delegates unless if she's reducing a 5% loss chance to 1% or something. But still, 5-1 is an improvement... Until you consider the election against Trump.

    The reason I think it's stupid from a tactic's standpoint is all this will do is piss off a ton of people, people who might have voted democrat any ways just to avoid trump, but would now be pissed off enough to either just avoid the election or actually vote for Trump. She's getting minimal gains now for massive risk later.
  2. Hillary is gonna be screwed in so many ways imaginable. If the Epstein thing doesn't blow up in Bill's face then Clinton Cash getting mainstream attention will only hurt her further.

    Trump is going to rip her to shreds in the first debate. Assuming she lasts that long.

    Sanders won't touch any of those subjects for whatever reason.

    Fuck politics in general. It's all corrupt.
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  3. This entire election is just one big joke. It's like some weird twisted porno with guys in jail all hoovering over some poor scrawny guy. America needs to bite the pillow, because either way it goes, we're getting it rough and dry right up the ass. =/

    Horrible imagery, I know, but this is a horrible election.
  4. Being nuked would have a better turnout than these elections.
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  5. They we can all be orange and have fluff for hair like Trump. XD
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  6. My thoughts on the elections give me headaches. I already know who I am voting for, but I have no idea who is going to win. My preferred candidate is Bernie. Election year is anxiety year for me.
  7. Look on the bright side. At least the rape will end after four years. Then your true hero will rise, the hero you shunned so many years ago.

    Al will Gore the competition. Surely.
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  8. I had to think about this for a moment before I understood it.
  9. Four year

    What's worse, is no matter the outcome, we're either stuck looking at this


    Or this...


    on TV every night until it's over.

    Nightmare inducing....
  10. Well, every country carries the idiot ball at some point. It's just America's turn now. Democracy is only as effective as the lowest common denominator allows it to be. They're about to learn why they need to think more carefully. :ferret:
  11. It was also America's turn 8 years ago with George Bush.
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  12. Louis XVI, George III, This inbred monkey followed up by this moron, This backwoods clown, Literally thought Coal was the way of the future at the cost of the Great Barrier Reef...

    Democracy isn't about electing the best people for the job, because meritocracy doesn't function democratically. Democracy is about voting for whatever seems most appealing according to the prevailing ideological views of the country. Even if it is total ass.
  13. I get that America's history of leadership (nor any countries) has been the best.
    I was more just highlighting it's not as if they've gone a long while with a good leader.

    We literally 'just' had Obama between one awful president and another.
  14. I didn't know you were American now. (Teasing.)

    I'm just pointing out that idiot ball carrying drooling neanderthals are present in pretty much every political system you can find on Earth. Right now. The US isn't unique about it, they're just the loudest.
  15. Someone else who didn't buy into Ed Milliband? colour me shocked.

    people like to go"Nigel Farage is a dumb racist!" but Millibandy boy is....well....yeah, a Backwoods Clown.

    I really don't support UKIP, I find some of their policies not great, but I also don't see how they are the next BNP.
  16. It's probably because the same types of people that support closing borders to immigration and wanting to pull a country out of globalization schemes are also the same types that tend to promote nationalistic views. Which UKIP does not shy away from. Though, promotion of nationalism tends to put one on the knife's edge, since a superiority complex is typically not far behind it.

    It's also because your media is somehow more bankrupt than your government. I don't know how this came to be, but that's genuinely impressive.
  17. I say that I like to stay out of politics, but threads like these make a hypocrite out of me-- yeah, I have some thoughts on the elections as they are.

    Right now, were living through the first election I've ever seen where the the general consensus is that we're choosing between "bad and worse" when it comes to presidential candidates. Sadly, we've become so comfortable and slothful with the way the system works to lobby for a new candidate that people can actually rally behind this late in the race. I willingly admit that I've not lived long enough to see the patterns of history or to have wisdom of how things should be, but there are some things that even a jackass like I can see have degraded.
    I'm upset that we've...

    1.) ...polarized ourselves into just Democrats and just Republicans-- the bipartisan stance was created to balance out the amount of power as a check and balance, but the parties have over time shifted to fighting each other for power over keeping each other under check.
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    2.) ...made a media circus out of our political system, something that I believe was designed to be boring as fuck to make sure that only voters with strong convictions had a say. Though it kinda feels like I'm beating an ever-growing dead horse, Donald "When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo?" Trump is one of the biggest examples of this. The only reason he's leading the republican nominee is because he knew how to motivate people to vote and draw upon the "Silent Majority," something that's more or less turned into the thing you have to do to remain competitive; it's like when the news changed from important stories to buzz stories, content is sacrificed so that a wider audience is reached and more power is garnered.


    3.) ...become increasingly divided as a country. Perhaps it's simply the way of humans to contradict one another, but as time goes on I've seen less and less unity in viewpoints. We've created a society where everyone's opinion is heard, but no one is ever definitively right. We're all allowed to believe what we want, but at the cost of being able to unite under one idea to move forward. I can't say this is new, however: I ended up actually looking up the results of previous elections, and there have been contests just as bad as this, yet without options that seem so bad to a Millenial like me.

    In totality, Gwazi, I have no faith in this election or anyone involved in it. Bernie believes in pipe dreams, Hillary holds none of the country's values at heart, and Donald Trump has slowly been transforming into a spray-tanned Scrooge McDuck since this whole charade started. Everyone's head is up their own ass, the country is fucked, praise Helix, I'm going to stay at home during elections and allow myself to become a part of the disillusioned, apathetic part of America.

    I grew up raised to be a patriot, who believed that the republic we live in was defined by the people the government feared, not the government the people were too apathetic to fix. That the common voice of the people was what guided this nation, and that the government had no prerogative in the matter. Sitting here today, however, I see no common voice, and I see no republic.

    I should probably go to bed.
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  18. Want to understand why the country is going to hell?

    Tow truck driver refuses to tow motorist over Bernie bumper sticker

    This is what a post-Trump win will look like, only it's going to be on a much larger scale.

    I honestly think the guy needs to go to a mental institution, because I'm pretty damn sure if there was the 'Lord' he wouldn't have said to leave a disabled woman alone on the side of the street. The voice in his head wasn't Jesus, it was his undiagnosed scizophrenia at work.
  19. Still better than a Sanders leadership.

  20. I'm not a Sanders supporter either, but out of all of them, I hate him the least. I think he means well, but he doesn't really see how much his ideas are going to screw over the very people he says he's trying to help.

    With Sanders' tax plan, we would be paying out $120 more in taxes. That's money that we can't afford to lose. I wouldn't mind it if I knew that our tax dollars were going toward people who actually need help like the disabled and the elderly, but there are way too many people out there screwing up the system, and it's only going to get worse. Would I like my kids to go to college for free? Absolutely. Hell, I'd love to be able to go back to school myself and finally get my Master's degree. But when it comes down to it, realistically, it just can't happen without making a sacrifice either through taxation the way Sanders is planning, or through our own. I'd rather save up the money so my kids can go to school than have it come out of a struggling family's paycheck.
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