Demigod RP Ideas for pairing

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  1. Things to know

    WHATEVER you give me I will try my hardest to give back to you.

    I can write around 3 pharagahs

    PM me if you like to do a pairing

    Zander (son of Hades and Persephone , blind in an eye) (pairing , a demigod of Zeus, Hermes or Apollo maybe even Ares)

    Name : Zander


    age : 17

    Powers : controls any monsters or creatures, can give life to anything he carves from stone.

    History : Zander the son of Hades the king of the underworld and his wife, Persephone. Zander never really knew his parents as he was given a home in a dark part of LA with two weird parents that seemed to be watching him and whenever he needed anything they got it to him fast. Zander at the age of ten was given a bracelet with a wolf head on it by some strange male from the streets. Zander was eleven when he ran away from home to get away from his strange parents and then was found by a girl with goat legs. She said she could take him to a place that was safe and he followed her to a camp where people like him were, but the strange thing is, Zander is no demigod, the bracelet hides his true form from other demigods and gods. Zander is a god and if Zeus or any olympian found out the race against time was on.

    Loki (son of Hermes) (daughter of apollo, or Nyx)


    Name : Loki

    age : 19

    Powers : he is outrageously fast and his endurance in battle is much higher than that of Ares children. He loves to steal and often can steal from anyone blindly.

    History : Loki was born in the normal way of that of Hermes and his mother getting together and having a baby boy. Loki though was born as well with the hidden curse that would one day kill him later on in his life. This curse was given by kronos the titan who managed to touch the child one night. Loki was cured with shadow eye which causes him to become evil for ten minutes and cause whoever is close a lot of harm. he was taken to camp where he was able to learn to control his curse and every now and then he tends to get out of control for a bit of time.

    Weakness : falling in love.

    (pairing ideas, Daughter of Ares, Daughter of Hermes or Daughter of apollo)
    Name : Ferni

    Age : 19

    Parents : Michi deumi and Erebus God of Darkness


    Powers : he can control and summon up unbreakable shadows and darkness, he can also blend in easily and keep hidden very well.

    History : Ferni was born in the world of the slums, he often had little to nothing because his mother was a stripper. One day she died when a client killed her while going at it with her. He forever lived in the shadows and stole and was never caught by anyone. He often very scared of life and facing the world he hides. he meet his father who took him into the realm of shadows and taught him enought o keep himself very safe from monsters. He became a prize fighter for his part of the cabin and mostly Zeus and Hades kids even fear him because he isn't someone you want to mess with. His father last year gave him a darkness unicorn as a pet to know he is always there and ever since the unicorn and demigod have grown very close.

    Shadow unicorn - [​IMG]

    Weakness : pure light

    Name : Julia Dermix

    Age : 17

    parentage : she was born of the god Demunis (god of terror) and a girl named Sylia

    Powers : she can create your worst fear to be true, she can scare ANYONE she comes in contact with and she often is great with knowing how to fight.

    History : she was born in NYC and became rather famous for helping the police find crimnals by scaring the crimals around silly and caused them to freak out and wail and be afraid. She put her talents to use and went to camp half blood where she stayed now. Kids fear her thanks to her fear power and often keeps away from others.

    Weaknes : joy and love.


    (pairing idea, daughter of Apollo or Daughter of Hades)
    Name : Jayson

    Parentage : he is the son of Moros the god of vilonet death and hateful death and a mortal named Clyi

    age : 18 (he is a immortal demigod, he can be killed but not by desiase and regualr ways)


    History : Jayson is never a male you want to ask about his past, he killed many people back in the time of WW2 and Nazi's asked Moron for the help to destroy the jews. He became part of their plan, they raised him to beleive humans where not fit to be alive. He when learned of their skeems he turned and destoryed alot of the camps and then after eighty years he was locked away in a dungeon by his father and there he sat for years. he finally broke free and went to camp but even so his powers are extremely unstable and considered very dangerous.

    Powers : by looking at a foe he can cause them to die , (he often is blind folded) He is able to destory about 20 acers of a city without so much as a sweat and can cause alot of people to die. His touch can cause people to die or see how they die.

    weakness : People that care about him, his past

    Plots for each character

    Zander's Plot story : It based ona child of Hades and persephone going to the camp (he's the odd ball) every demigod at the camp is born of a god and mortal, they all have flaws and mistakes and weakneeses, They all seem like family at the camp till this unknown boy washes up on the shore. The camp tries to help him but it seems that he tends to shut everyone away from him. Till the day of a capture the flag game he wins it, but also things start to happen strange Terbbible things, some campers end up dead at night time and no one knows why till the Gods slit the heavens open and starta war with the underworld. Its up to the campers to help the new god (me) save the world from the gods wrath

    Loki (son of Hermes) His plot story : he is not new to the camp his is the oldest camper there, been going for 12 years straight and often is deeply a theif of the camp and no one can catch him. He often goes to Olympus or anywhere he likes but often stays in camp for he is afraid of Ares (he stole from the god twice) wrath. The kids of Ares though tend to stay away because Loki is extremely dangerous foe even more then Ares kids and is to not be messed with. he might find himself a girl he likes, maybe not. He goes on a quest to find mythical creatures to help the camp

    Ferni (Son of Erebus the titan god of darkness ) Plot story : the son of The darkest god alive goes to camp for only a year and often picked on by alot of kids but they soon learn that picking on the son of agod of darkness is never a good idea. He goes off on a quest to save the world from destrution of the gods. He often is never seen in the camp because he never seen in the shadows where he is. He goes on a quest later on to retive items of the gods to help the camp prepare for war

    Julia Dermix (daughter of demunis the god of terror, she is a gran daughter of Ares) Julia is the one camper that NO camper picks on thanks to her father she actually gets along with the Ares kids because they are related and blood family. She often is never seen in the camp much as she is always off saving the world from monsters and getting demigods away from their monsters . She goes on a quest to talk with Hades and persephone

    Jayson (son of Moros the god of vilonet and painful death) Plot story for him : Made back in when WW2 was going on he never really fit in with anyone. he is the newst of all the campers, he wares a blindfold and seeks protection from those who want to harm him. He later on goes ona quest to talk to the Olympain gods to stop the war
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