Demigod Highschool?

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    You are a demigod. Otherwise, you wouldn't have found yourself here. All young demigods, if they haven't been killed yet, find their way to Spyridon Stathis Boarding School. As long as you are the son or daughter of a god, any god except for "the" god, you will be accepted here, along with free tuition and board. Here, we have all sorts of classes needed for the young demigod, ranging from Algebra and Calculus to Swordfighting and Mythstory.

    This is sort of like Percy Jackson meets highschool. Anyone can join, but I want to know if anyone is interested before we post signup sheets. Another note, I am thinking that each individual culture will have a different building they live in, but it would end up where unless we had a ton of people, nobody would be interacting with others all the time, you know? However, maybe we could separate houses based on continent, but then Europe would have a ton, and the Americas would have hardly any. I don't know, what do you think? The gods are not restricted to Greek and Roman, you can be of Japanese blood, Norse, Native American, Hindu, Arabic, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, if a culture celebrates deities, then they must have had demigod children!

    Those handsome devils up there are the greek gods, modernized. Gotta keep with the times, you know...
  2. Absolutely i already have a character i made for an actual rpg sold in stores called Scion you play as a demigod, ill definatly play your game! Son of Hades Adain musician and heart throb, has a Cerberus tattoo on his neck and bats behind his ears.
  3. Great xD Didn't expect anyone to respond so quickly :D Hopefully more people are going to join
  4. haha, awesome! I think with a few more people we might be able to get this thing going. I could probably supply several other characters to populate the rest of the school, but yeah xD
  5. I got tired of waiting (#impatienceway) and put up the OOC and signup page. Give me what you got, while I stalk other people and see if they want in xD