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  1. Im just checking if anyone feels up to doing a demigod rp

    this is not another camp half blood rp !
  2. I'd be interested :)
  3. I'm up for it!
  4. Slightly interested. Will depend on the further plot
  5. agreed with Darkius
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  6. well what I have in mind is a full fantasy world with elves monsters and such where the gods control the forge or gnome tree which is the D.N.A blueprint for all species .

    The gods use the forge to add traits of other races to themselves or other creatures such as changing a large basilisk into an Asian dragon

    I watched a movie dragon wars that got me interested it showed a giant snake evolving into an Asian dragon so I thought to use the same thing

    some creatures are evolution's such as western dragons evolve from wyverns both are natural shape changers who can take humanoid form either with horns or without

    the forge is only used to create hybrids or other races mixing the traits together

    I have a graph for magic

    You see in this Idea I got the gods weren't gods to start with they evolved from other species acquiring titles which is what gives many of these species their powers while there is one guy with a title who is like a living forge he is the monster lord . Darkius I amateur when it comes to this if you have ideas on how to improve this please do !
  7. I have to admit I like that magic graph very much XD

    Further on the plot. It was something different from what I had expected. Though I do think it is a very original idea. I have never seen something like this before.

    I do think it holds a lot of potential, however it is not what I am in the mood for right now. I have several high detailed and intense roleplays going on already, so I was searching for a more Greek Gods rp than this.

    Still I like the idea so much I will keep around to see if anyone else gets interested and I might actually join when it gets set up, but I don't promise anything.

    As for tips on improvement. I would say try to make your explanation more like one story and not all lose and different lines. It gets the idea across, but it is a bit... static to read. So try to make it a more flowing story/explanation. Again I absolutely love that magic Graph... Where did you find it? Or did you make it yourself? And yeah I think that is all I have to say. If you need any help, just message me or tag me or something. I am glad to help new rp'ers out :P
  8. the graph came from a friend of mine
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