Demi University

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    Desmond glared out the window as the car entered the campus. He had his ipod in as he parents chatted in the front. Once the car had parked, Desmond quickly exited and began unloaded his things from he trunk. He tried at all costs to avoid discussion with his parents. His dad got out of the car shortly after and walked up to Desmond, setting some things down next to his belongings beside the car. " Desmond," his father began," I know we haven't seen eye to eye lately, but you know I just don't see the point of coming to this mixed university. I mean, we are a compltely normal family. Your mother was tested and she does not carry the mutated gene like her father. We are clean, and..." Desmond interrupted," Dad, stop explaining things to me like I haven't heard them before. I don't care if we are normal. This campus has potential and unlike your prejudices I actually will give people like Daryl a chance." His dad sighed. "Daryl is a demi, he almost killed his..." Desmond began to get angry and grabbed as many things as he could and walked away, his father yelling for him to come back. His mother eventually found Desmond, who was reading a map and seminar guide." Desmond, baby, I know you have had problems with your dad, but he is just trying to help you. He is a traditional man, there is no getting around that." Desmond sighed, "We both know are family is not normal, we may be but that could change at any time. You should know that more than anyone. I am tired of acting like "demi's" aren't pure or some other bullshit." "I can't help I-" He paused before finishing, noticing the strange expression growing on his mother's face."I can't help I want to give them a chance, because I do." "Just get dad out of here, I will call you later once I've settled in my dorm room. Bye" With that Desmond walked off, carrying his items and sat on a bench not far from his dormitory." He buried his head in his hands and took a deep breath, slowly clinching his hands into fists.
  2. Syakira stroked the soft bristled brush over her kitten's fur again, admiring the zig-zag patterns of creme and black. Looking out the window she saw the University and sighed, putting the brush back into Kilala's bag for later. What was the point of going here even? They might as well of left her to rot in her room for five more years. "No," they had said, "enough hiding. At least for now. If you don't have any proper social interaction experiences, how do expect to serve us?" She had simply shrugged her shoulders and starred at the ground, feeling tears starting to sting her eyes.
    Here they finally were now and the stinging had started back up again. It was expected though, as that was all she seemed capable of doing correctly; crying and feeling bad for herself and everyone around her. The chauffeur turned around in his seat and handed her a tissue, which she accepted with a small grateful smile as she held it gently to her eyes. She inhaled a shaking lungful of air and pushed open her door, pulled open the truck to take out her baggage and made her way timidly towards the dormitory, Kilala following at her heals.
  3. Desmond eventually collected himself and stood up, only to see a lady walking with a kitten following suit. He could not tell if she was just a human or not. It was impossible for some people, and for some it was too obvious. He noticed she had tears in her eyes and shook his head. Maybe this university wasn't a great idea? Is this where parents and family simply dump off their demi children and leave them to suffer alone with the other demi's? He glanced around and noticed other people who were more clearly demi's being laughed at by humans. Some even attacked, having to be restrained by police. Desmond grew more angry on the inside. Which made him feel sick. He simply sighed and collected his stuff. Walking now towards the dorms.
  4. "Oh! Hey, watch it! I'm not part of this altercation!"

    A girl with long, curly black hair and golden-green eyes quickly ducked as one of her 'schoolmates' tried to strike her before that person was attacked by another person. She sighed and quickly stood back up before hopping out of the way just as a couple of guys fell to the floor at her feet, fighting each other. Max shook her head at the ridiculousness of it all, rolling her eyes heavenward.

    "Really, aren't we all kind of adults here?" she muttered, "First day's not even over yet and there's already all kinds of trouble."

    Looking down at her rolling luggage to make sure that nothing had riled it, she continued towards the dormitories, but found herself nearly running into a boy with dark hair and purple eyes. She stopped on a dime just before she slammed into him and blinked in surprise.

    "Woah, sorry about that," she apologized, offering him a kind smile in hopes that he didn't try to attack her, "Guess I was in a rush and didn't see you there."

    Not wanting to take too many chances, she continued her way into the dormitories.
  5. The initial shock of the girl made Desmond jump and look at her, his eyes opened wide and flared almost. He kept the look until she started off. "'s alright. I have that affect on people...not being noticed that is." He stood there to see if she would stop or not. He felt a string of numbness through his body that only ever happened once before. Desmond muttered to himself, "Keep it cool, damnit."
  6. Max stopped when she heard his reply, turning her head to look back at him before she realized that he had actually said something to her...and didn't attack her! Maybe he wasn't so bad then...maybe. She gave a sideways grin and turned to face him fully, actually making her way back towards him, but cautiously.

    "Hey, I didn't mean it like that," she reiterated, giving him a friendly grin, "I'm just careless like that sometimes. Get my head so far up in the clouds sometimes that I end up running into poles, haha."
  7. He looked at her, normally now, but kept a straight face before finally giving a slight smile. " Are you ok? I mean I saw you were in that area they were all fighting in." He looked back over only to see it had cleared up and people were freely walking to their destinations. " I'm Desmond, by the way." He didn't show any other form of greeting besides his name. He was not accustomed to much interaction, even in high school. His appearance was always the reason. Although he never showed signs of being anything other that human, at least that anyone knew, his eyes always freaked people out. Desmond picked up his things and walked by the girl, inviting her to walk along.
  8. "I'm Max," she replied, quickly ducking down to open the zipper of her luggage just a little bit before grabbing hold of the handle and following after him, effortlessly falling into step with him, "It's nice to meet you, Desmond. And yeah, I'm okay; I was pretty close to the action, almost got kicked a couple of times now that I think about it, but they were so busy just fighting amongst themselves that I was able to just slip away."

    She looked up at him from the side, moving her curls behind her ear to see him better, her golden-green eyes glimmering with curiosity, "So, what do you think of the university so far? I mean...crazy riot just inside the school gate aside. I think it's pretty nice and we'll probably have a lot to gain from it. Tolerance and acceptance being among the main things...I hope."
  9. " In addition to leaving my parents, the campus looks promising. I've lived in oppression my whole life. I hope I can find acceptance here as well." He looked at her and smiled for the first time in what seemed like forever. " Talking to you is a great start." He laughed slightly and fixed with his hair to avoid awkwardness while walking. He wanted to ask what seemed like the all important question before they arrived at the dorm building. The question everyone wanted to ask he was sure, "Are you a demi?" He however avoided it seeing as how the staff would have to clarify whether you were or weren't anyway. Which made him feel sick to the stomach, because he wasn't quite sure what he was. His past left this question to be determined, and the future scared him. That feeling he felt earlier, that numbness, what was it. He had only felt it once before back in his childhood. He doesn't remember everything about that day. Just that dreaded numbness.
  10. "Aww, you're a refreshing sense of company yourself, my friend," Max declared with a wide smile; she had always been one to find a certain happiness in other people's smile because it made her feel that they liked her enough to show it to her.

    At his explaining of living in oppression, she couldn't help but find it ironic. "It's almost like we're complete opposites. You lived under oppression; I lived the life of a traveler with my grandparents. We just recently settled down in a little town not too far from here and this university sounded interesting enough to keep my attention for longer than five minutes, heehee."

    She remained quiet for a little while before she looked at him again, "Now, you know I want to ask you this question, right?" She peered into his eyes in all seriousness, "Are you...ya know...a demi or a human? I'll accept you either way since you seemed to have accepted me and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I was just curious."
  11. Kira made a slightly too obvious crescent shape around the area where the fighting had been taking place, not wanting to go anywhere near the few people who were still picking themselves up incase she was noticed. Glancing down though, she noticed how calm Kilala was so decided it was safe enough and continued on the naturally straight path to the front double doors that led to the dorms. She got a few strange looks as she passed, people noting how one eye was different from the other color-wise. It could of just been a natural thing inherrited from her parents though. Not like she knew... A sudden memory of a blinding light stopped her in her tracks, bringing Kilala to a curious halt as well. A moment later it passed and she hurried down the halls at a slightly faster pace. Her glasses had started to slip down her nose unknowingly, making her unconsciencely push them back up again.
  12. Desmond stopped stiffly at the question she spoke. He felt nervous for whatever reason, as if his dad himself asked. " I..uh...I," He took took a deep breathe and exhaled causing an still quiet moment before speaking again," I don't know." He stood there staring away from her at the ground. His hands were in fists and he was shaking slightly. He had never answered that question before, and he wasn't lying. He never knew what happen that day he can never remember. " I think I am, it runs in my family. My mom..." he stopped talking and rethought some things. " I don't know..." He then stood quietly.
  13. Max blinked as she watched him, figuring that she had touched on a VERY sensitive subject for Desmond in particular and deciding that it would be dropped for now until he was ready to talk about it again. With a light laugh, she took his hand and loosened his trembling fingers from the tight fist they made before letting it fall back to his side.

    "Don't worry about it too much now, Desmond. I'm sure you'll figure it out in your own time; I'll even help you if you want. Don't rush it, okay?" she told him with an encouraging smile before grabbing her bag again and nodding down the hall, "Shall we try to find our rooms now?"
  14. Desmond looked at her with gloomy eyes before following her, now noticing the girl he had seen earlier. She seemed frantic about something and he caught up with Max. " Hey, that girl their was crying earlier. We should introduce ourselves to her." Desmond was thinking he was crazy, he never had any friends and now he was starting to ask others to be friends. Maybe this school was exactly what he needed to open up and learnt he truth about himself. He shouted towards the girl that he saw earlier and with a hand waving to come to himself and Max he said, " Hey miss, over here. Are you alright? I saw you earlier and now you're running. Is everything ok?" He nodded at Max at follow him as he pursued the girl.
  15. Max moved to give the illusion of following behind him, but stopped momentarily to crouch in front of her luggage and open up the main part of it. She smiled warmly as two red eyes, resembling shimmering rubies, peered back at her from the darkness of her bag.

    "Hey, are you okay?" she whispered to the creature inside the bag.

    She received a nod from the creature and a gentle caress from a scaly tail that rose up from the bag, gaining assurance that they were indeed okay before she zipped it up part way again and stood straight. She wondered if anyone had seen her talking to the creature in her luggage, but pushed the thought aside to join Desmond and the other girl. She stopped beside the boy, reaching out to take hold of the rushing girl's shoulder to stop her.

    "Woah, there, haha! Hold your horses! Where are you trying to get to so quickly?" she teased the girl to try and get her mood to lighten up.
  16. Kira jumped in shock as the boy who had been sitting on the bench when she first arrived a few minutes ago and another girl came towards her. She bowed her head down equally out of respect as much as shyness. "Y-yes, I'm fine," she lied hurriedly. "It was just- nothing. A memory." She shrugged her shoulders slightly as if it were normal and dared a look up at the two, feeling her face burn across her cheekbones. It wasn't often that they freaked her out so much, especially one that seemed as simple as light, but she had learned not to judge them to rashly. Her mis-fitted glasses were sliding again but didn't bother to fix them this time, letting the blurriness fog up at least one of her senses. Kilala had stopped as well as was now calmly cleaning her nails with her tongue, not paying much attention at the moment. The whole place smelled like demis here and it was taking some concentration to ignore it by focusing on the smell of the humans, which was much more mild to her nose.
  17. Desmond, noticing her shy behavior, stared at her with bold eyes. He sensed the alarmed nature of her and spoke gently and softly. " If it means anything, I'm not going to hurt you. We're not going to hurt you. Are you demi? You don't seem like you are. Or is it you wish not to be?" He looked down at the nonchalant cat before fixating his eyes on the girl.
  18. Kira flinched at the question, trying to keep her eyes steadily on the boy's instead of letting them dart around the corridor. They settled on Kilala for a split second but the feline only blinked, not even recognising her mistresses obvious need of assistance. Kira hesitated. "Mixed..." she answered quietly, losing her confidence. That had been what she had been told to tell anyone who really wanted to know and that was all that she knew herself. "I was born normal though, I think. Later- only three quarters. S-sorry." Her hands fidged nervously by her sides and her voice continued to get quieter the more she said. "I can't really say- It's complicated...." She finished awkwardly, knowing that what she said hadn't really made much sense. Her eyes had returned back to staring at her black, blurry blotches for shoes, her eyes watering up in frustration at not being able to explain herself properly.
  19. Desmond took in what was said, and realized how similar she was to him. They both could not explain their truth. Desmond simply did not know. He walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, " Don't worry, I understand. We are not so different, you and I." He removed his hand and placed it down by his side. His eyes were almost glowing a bright purple at this point. The numbness was beginning to return, but Desmond simply tried to ignore it. He looked at his hands, which were slightly abnormal. Maybe he was just seeing things. The vast array of emotions that were sweeping through him was not helping. He shook his hand a bit, and looked back up at the girl. " I'm Desmond."
  20. Kira looked up from her shoes in time for their eyes to briefly meet, a somewhat sad smile playing on her lips. "Thank you.... Desmond," she said slowly. One of the tears finally came down her cheek which she abruptly brushed away with the back of her sleeve. Even if he and she weren't exactly the same or came from the same place, at least they could understand, to a degree, how the other felt. Not exactly a demi but not a human either, rejected from the majority of both; how she had felt ever since the 'adoption'. "My name is Kira. Not Satsu. Never Satsu." Her voice had grown more firm about the statement even though a visible shiver ran across her skin at the alias.