Demi University

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  1. "It is no secret in this world, that humans are not alone. Moreover, some humans share the gift, or curse, of their ancestors. Long ago, there were constant conflicts between what normal humans called, "Demi's" and themselves. However recently there has been mild acceptance and one has even gone as far as to start a University for both humans and demi's alike. Being a new University, not many are able to be accepted. But the few that have will be enriched in it's beautiful campus features and excellent educational staff. Professors who all strongly believe in the unity of humans and demi's. Many professors are actually normal. Demi University is the first of it's kind and hopes to successively prove that demi's and humans can live hand in hand."

    Here are some rules:
    * Anything goes when it comes to language and interaction (Romance, Friendship, Enemies)
    * Don't make yourself a God
    * Please make as many characters as you wish. At anytime
    * If you could, please post at least once a day, if not more
    * Have fun!

    I don't require a bio, for it's adds to the mystery of the students accepted. Instead, you can just jump in and only show your name from the start. You can wait until you meet people before you can explain whether you are normal or a demi.

    The demi's for this can be anything that makes you special. A special power obtained from someone in your linage or if you are a half-human or half-demon spawn. Whatever you want is possible. Just make it realistic to the point where you don't appear as a God itself.

  2. I'd definitely have a go :D
  3. That's a good thing to hear! If I can gather enough people. I will perfect this and get it running!
  4. I'm in man. This looks promising.
  5. Sounds cool, I'm in!
  6. I am very pleased to see you all are in for this. I will post the link to the actual roleplay soon. So be prepared I suppose, ha!
  7. I'm excited about this idea. I don't want to be the first one to post though lol :p
  8. Well, the roleplay is quite open and has a few people posting. Please join at anytime. I am at a state where newcomers can really help progress the story. I am going to wait a few hours or more to post again. I don't want to leave people on here behind. Please, please post! It would make me a happy RPer haha.
  9. I'm not entirely certain if my character will be suitable, so let me know and I'll be happy to change to someone else.
  10. I am not one to judge characters, really. Just as long as you don't appear like you will rule all our lives with your ability(s). That aside, your character seems just what we need. I like it, and please enjoy the roleplay. You can post whenever you want to and there aren't any rules besides the obvious ones that would break a roleplay :)
  11. Great. I do love my little Tamsin xD And, a little later on, would it be okay to bring in a second character?
  12. Oh, good point! Jeez, I knew I was rusty. For anyone who reads this (might as well make a rule list now) you can have a second, or if you're up to it, a third character. Do as you please!
  13. Yay! Okay, I was actually wondering about that because everyone else only had one so I thought I might be braking some kind of rule if I made another. ^^
  14. I might as well bring a second character. It could really expand the role play. Not problem there for me :D
  15. I'm just going to lurk for a bit, might jump in a bit later.
  16. That's fine. We've hit a climax it seems. It'll die down soon! I hope this role play can last for a good while, as it did when I did it years ago. It had to have been 3000 posts deep. Not saying thats what I'm expecting here! haha :P