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Everything that Bass explained to them was giving Val a headache. He mentioned not being human and having a number for a name. She was aware of how scientists tried to improve human beings with their farfetched experiments, but never expected them to be anything like this. Harvested abilities, too? The concept was mad! She could not help but wonder what purpose there was for these numbered creations.

As the other woman, Julie, gave the brief on her story, Valkari was rubbing at one of her eyes. Emotion was hard to see in the brilliant icy blue of her irises. From afar, they probably looked malicious. To see anything other than a threat, a person would have to be awfully close to her face. Spotting any feeling in those eyes took some dedicated searching. Right now, her eyes contained sleepiness, as well as stress because of one question:

What was she supposed to do from here?

The powers she hid from this country were now exposed. She'd have to move again, to avoid anymore unwanted deaths and a possible arrest. A life of hiding was a difficult one, but wherever she could, she found happiness in it.

"That is too bad. I assure you, no one here would take advantage of your abilities," Valkari said to Julie, a terrifying coolness in her confident statement. Only an idiot wouldn't notice her intention to keep any and all abusers off of the girl. Including their new found... Friends? Well, allies, at the very least, she assumed.

"You can handle this quest alone? You can free your fellow Ascended by your lonesome?" she inquired with interest, making a challenging stare at Bass.

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SIGMUND look onward as Bass confirmed what he already knew. An Ascended in the vicinity, it was a twisting irony SIGMUND enjoyed. How he was thrown together especially with himself. The group that Bass was talking about in particular was something of a enigma to most, he had heard whispers of their newest projects after many failed attempts at creating a hybrid Demi. But to make a full artificial Demi was something of a shock to him, how far they had come in developing their goals. He never knew what was going down in the other parts of the lab, his tank was his own. Until his escape, and then it dawned on him and he realized it. Bass was the one, he was the catalyst. He started to laugh, he couldn't stop laughing just how fate was a funny thing. "Bass, I feel our paths were destined to cross. Number 17." he said slipping the sleeve to one of his coat arms back showing his white pale skin, however multiple bolts stuck into him. Conductors for his ability and power. His psychic energy was not a natural gift but a given one. " So you are the next line. The Ascended? Interesting, actually we should be both be thanking each other. I mean I am apart of the experiments that led the way." he said letting his coat drop fully to expose his chest, all bolts inside sticking out all over his bodies, to amplify his powers. To sustain his body to use them.

"Shocking yes... back then before they made all of you they made us a little more sloppy. Humans forced to receive power. You see before they made you androids, they used real life people. But soon they found out they use us, so with that data they started your line of experimentation. We were all locked away, until a certain experiment caused alot of ruckus and allowed us to escape. Are the lines connecting?" he said looking at Bass. He was the key to it all, Bass was the Ascended and he was forced to help him on his mission. He did owe him after all. "Well 17, I need to help you now."

(Sorry been sick for a bit, tried to give a little more backstory attaching it to the plot. Sorry if it wasn't a direction you wanted taken for him. Thought it would be cool to be one of the old old experiments.)


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Cringing slightly at the sight SIGMUND showed them, Bass then pointed a finger at him as he corrected him "Call me an android again, and I'll fucking kill you." The tone was mater of fact, and he knew damn well he could kill SIGMUND even though the older model would give him a run for his money. "I may not be human, but I'm not a machine, and neither are the others. We're still just as alive, and I'll be damn if we start getting treated like second class citizens this early." Then turning to Valkari's question, he shrugged. "I can make a really Big hole that can probably free them, though I doubt I'll live to get them out of there, and get them on their feet..." Glancing back to SIGMUND "But I'm sure pops here wouldn't mind helping out since he's so curious how the new generation works..."

Cracking his knuckles, Bass turned to them, and looked them over intensely as if he were sizing them up. "But you two... I'm not so sure you should get involved. You aren't even involved with situation other than killing a few cops, and that's easy to run from." Looking at Julie "You... you shouldn't even be here, and you haven't said much so I take it you want out, and I can't blame you. Where I'm going isn't going to be fun, and I doubt you've got the stomach to see what goes on in there."



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Hmph! Well that just showed how little Bass knew about -her-! "I plan on tagging along, Bass. If anything happens to any of you I'll do my best to heal you, and defend against any attackers. Now as for my stomach, I guarantee it's not at all squeamish. If I'm quiet, it only means I'm lost in thought. So I hope you don't mind, that I insist on going with you. I'm always glad to help." And she wouldn't let herself pass out like she did earlier in the diner. That was probably making her look like a liability. Well, she'd prove she wasn't! She hoped Bass, and the others got the message that she was staying to help them, not hinder them! Naturally, she was glad for the other girl, Valkari's protectiveness. She'd definitely not mind making another friend. Friends were a bit rare for her even on a good day.~