Demi God? Crazy... and Loving It!

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    The water tended to get thicker when you dove further beneath the depths of the vast ocean of Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila, and Vodka in a bottle. One either sank, or floated... you never swam in that salty water. Adrift at liquor, you could send a message in the bottle, but cut off, and alone, the bottle would simply bob, and tumble along the waves with you, and your note inside. "Heh... ain't that some shitty poetic versing from a man... glass in hand, and kidney rot a decade out." With a dry chuckle, Jason "Bass" Kitcher swirls the contents of his glass slowly, and takes a very long drag from his cigarrete, halving it in one motion. As he exhales it, he takes that hand, and slowly cuts through the thick mist like a knife. The people in the Diner still watching him... thinking him not to be normal. Which was much closer to the truth than they realized.

    He was one of few. An Ascended. Humans who'd gained the use of the majority of their brain, not necessarily all of it, granting themselves fantastic powers over matter, the elements, and even energy. No one really understood it completely, but certain organizations were trying.

    Leaning his head back, Jason squinted at the pair of well dressed men that entered through the side door. "Well... speak of an Armani Devil..." he murmurs, and downs what's left of his Bourbon.

    The men were overdressed for this little hole in the wall, and they didn't look like they'd enjoy the fine cuisine of Kroll's Diner. Their sunshaded gaze instantly turns to Jason, and the calmly made their way towards the booth he sat at. Sitting down, amongst all the stares of those present, the two men calmly leaned back, with a blank expression on their faces. "Well Mr. Kitcher... I must admit... You gave us quite the run around these past two years."

    "Yeah. Not many people cover their tracks as well as you." The second man piped in.

    "But one thing that makes me curious... of all the places, and all the times... why would you choose today to come back into the fold?"

    The second man leaned in, and eyed Jason intently "Fugitives aren't exactly take back with open arms, and the director's not going to have very pretty words for you."

    Smirking a moment, Jason leaned back, closed his eyes, and just laughed gently. "Oh you boys just tickle me something fierce with your high walk, and tough talk. You two should really tone it down. There's no need for being serious all the time."

    Removing his sunglasses, the lead man narrowed his eyes. "Serious? That's not what she said when we dragged her back into the program."

    Clenching his fists, the sound of knuckles popping drifted up from the table, as Jason drilled them with a hate filled gaze. "And that brings me to my reason for getting in touch with you two... You've got what... twelve? No... fourteen men outside?"

    The two men look at one another, and then turn to Jason again, their hands slowly sliding to their firearms which are concealed at their hip by their jackets. "You don't want to do this, Jason... not with so many innocent people."

    Finishing his cigarette, Jason exhaled it slowly, creating a thick cloud in front of him. "Not yesterday, but things change. Give my regards to the director, and tell Clayton that, I'm coming home." A high pitched whine then filled the air, as Jason lifted a hand, and from the palm a purple sphere of light formed, only to then fly forward punching a hole cleanly though the wall of smoke, and send the two men opposite of him, flying through the air to slam into a booth with a bone shattering crunch.

    Then... then there was the gunfire. The entire diner was lit up with armored piercing rounds. The bullets were literally sprayed into the air, filling the diner with lead death. People were torn from their chairs, others were lifted up over the counter to crash into the shelving, while others took shelter under their tables.

    Throwing both hands up, Jason slowly made his way towards the door, with bullets whizzing by, and bouncing off the construct of energy. "Yeah boys! Let it hail, and let it rain!" He yelled out into the air as the bullets continued raining into the diner. This was what Jason had wanted... an all out war to disrupt the status-quo. He wouldn't let them have their weapons any more, and there was a hole lot of hurt he had to put on them before he was finished. Removing a hand from the blue energy shield, he snapped his fingers creating a spark, which he threw overhand out the windows. The small spark hit the ground, and exploded sending cars end over end, as well as a few men who appeared to be dressed in swat gear.

    Running out the diner with the brief pause of gunfire, Jason slammed the energy shield into the ground to create cover. "The police gig again!? You're not that much different that those government types fellas!"
  2. "There was an army of adults, whose motives and movements I just couldn't understand and who made no effort to understand mine..."

    It was a nice night for a stroll, but even nicer to sit at the park with a good novel. Valkari sat on a wooden park bench with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing opened on her lap, a pair of sunglasses atop her head. Habitually, she wore those even in the dark. They hid her icy blue eyes that were a considerably unnatural colour for humans. Sometimes, she got away with calling them expensive contact lenses. The less questions, though... The better.

    Valkari's silent reading didn't go uninterrupted, unfortunately. There was commotion beyond the park; sirens screaming, radios yelling, civilians fleeing... This was no ordinary pursuit.

    The bookmark was quickly slipped in between the two pages she wanted to go back to. With the book in hand, she smoothed out her snowy white blouse and checked herself for all her belongings. Purse, glasses, book, wallet... The last time she left her wallet behind, she never got it back. Since that day, she's been more careful.

    Finding the crime scene was not difficult. Those red and blue lights could be seen from the damn park bench! Valkari was more curious than anything. However... Something else was drawing her. There was a disturbance she could sense, but at the same time, it was familiar. She had to admit, it frightened her. It had her pondering on whether or not she should turn around and leave.

    The woman silently cursed at her feet; she was in heels. All this running provided some annoying aches.

    That foot pain didn't last for too much longer. She stopped to hide behind an oak tree, so she could privately investigate what was going on. Something colourful caught her eye; it wasn't the car lights. It was peculiar... Not something you see everyday, either. From her stand point, it was a person shielding from something.

    'The police?'

    Valkari bit her lower lip. This person was special, just like her. He was also in danger, yet there was the possibility that he too was dangerous. Not every powered being was going to be her friend. This would be her first time even meeting one!

    Conjuring the courage to walk closer, she showed up behind a trio of cops. One turned around to tell her to back away, and that everything was under control, so she didn't have to worry. Valkari ignored him, though.

    After seconds passed, her breath became completely visible, the atmosphere around her significantly colder. After a deep breath, she exhaled a wave of freezing air towards her target. They shivered in response, evidently confused about the sudden change in temperature. Before too long, they were encased with ice, posing as frozen statues with their weapons still in hand.
  3. [size=+2]Bass[/size]

    "Yeah, mother fuckers! GET SOME!" Bass yelled in the hail of gunfire, and reached forward for the wall of energy he'd braced before him, taking it much like a medieval shield. Leaning back slightly in order to balance himself, he then charged forward, wielding the energy at his arm much like a giant tower shield, battering into his assailants with reckless abandon. Bullets zinged past him, ricocheted off the energy shield, and some even sank into it. Noting the fact they were beginning to break through, Bass gritted his teeth, and pumped his legs even harder, carrying him faster towards their perimeter.

    "She's a Demi!" A soldier called out as the blonde woman exposed her ability to the men before it. "Alpha, round her up!" the soldier barked, as he leveled his weapon on her, and slowly began squeezing the trigger. The sound of heavy booted feet, cause him to lift his gaze over his shoulder where Bass careened into him shield first, sending the man clean through the windows of the swat truck. He landed dead in the street with glass shards littering his body, and a giant crater in his chest from the impact.

    "Leave the lady alone! Y'all want me!" Bass hollared, and turned throwing his hand out, a blade of energy swept out decapitating another soldier leveling his sights on Valkari, though another managed to fire off a burst, all of which littered Bass's left arm. "Argh!" his hand loosened, dropping the energy shield, which flickered and died out. Throwing both hands forward, a stream of raw energy surged forward from his palms, and punched a hole clean through the man's chest igniting his body. Drawing heavier breaths, Bass fell to one knee, and held his hand out once more, creating another shield, though this one was smaller, and thinner than before. The power required was obviously taxing, and it was obvious that his blows were all becoming one shots. Clutching the shield as closely to his frame as he could, his eyes moved to Valkari.

    "What the hell are you doing you blonde ditz!? You're gonna get yourself killed!? Go on! RUN!" The last thing he needed was for the woman to get involved. It was bad enough they had followed him, but he didn't like the idea of them getting their hands on yet another Demi.
  4. Bimbo, idiot, blonde, ditz... They were terms she began to live by, for her own safety. No one expected a pretty lady to think a situation through, or be able to defend herself. Demeaning as this society was, she used it to her advantage.

    But okay. Her first wasn't the best move...

    The hand not holding her book reached outward, displaying a bright blue the same colour as her irises. An attack was quickly preparing itself; they didn't know what was coming to them. Unfortunately, her victims were being pulled out of view. In what only felt like seconds, the man she was trying to help was shielding the both of them from angry authorities, and griping at her.

    "Asni!" she muttered to herself, her foreign word for 'jackass'.

    Deciding to proceed with her attack, she stepped away from him to lunge her arm forward, several shards of ice zooming from her palm. They looked like flying icicles, if anything. A good number of their attackers were impaled, their screams loud and clear in her ears. Although this guy didn't seem to want her around, she didn't plan on taking off, even at the risk of dying. Something told her they should stay together, especially since he was injured because of her.

    "If we run, we run together," she told him seriously, her voice thick with a Norse accent. Icelandic, more specifically. Valkari always found her place of origin and her powers so ironic. "I will try to slow them down so that we can."

    Swiftly, her book was put into her handbag so she could make use of both hands. A flurry of snow blew straight from her palms, just like the ice, immediately blanketing the soldiers. While not as harmful of an attack, not much could be accomplished when you're being frozen in place. Valkari was glad for the bottle of water she finished off before going to the park earlier. Otherwise, this wouldn't be quite as effective. Val's hope was that they would be slowed enough for them to make an escape. Or at the very least, make them shiver enough to drop their firearms into the snow. That energy shield of Jason's was looking weak.

    The moment her brief blizzard ended, she took some steps behind Jason with an ice weapon forming in her right hand. It looked to be shaping into a scythe. A pole extended from her grasp, water molecules piecing together to make the blade. She intended to use this for any unaffected enemies looking for a fight.

  5. 'These ones interest me.'
    'One of them is an ice manipulation user, yes very interesting.'
    'The other is an energy manipulation and force wielder, very interesting indeed.'
    'Shall I introduce ourselves?'
    'No! That would be unwise, we need to survive.'
    'But these government types are neophytes, they can't hurt me.'
    'We are not invincible, we need to live.'
    'And we will.'
    'If they turn on us?'
    'I kill them all.'

    The raging battle within the onlooker subsided, it could not be seen but a wicked grin broke out underneath the gas mask as he stepped towards the agents that were trying to pin down the two others. Taking a breath underneath the gas mask he started to levitate off the ground, "Hello" he said in a raspy voice as an officer screamed, his chest bursting with blood as if an invisible claw had ripped itself through. He savored the feeling of killing another man, it happened only so often. He was good at hiding so he could avoid these sort of situations. But today he was interested, today he wanted to aide these ones. He continued floating, arms spread out like he was a cross as his violent attack on the officers continued. The frozen ones were easy pickings and he ignored those, but the ones by him in the back were all his.

    He gave a large breathe once more as a soldier near him grasped at his chest like he was having a heart attack. In a moment he shook and shudder and stood back up. His body moved in sluggish movements as he took out his gun and sprayed the surrounding soldiers with gunfire. Soon they put down the man shattering his joints, relinquishing control of his psychic claws for a moment, he aimed his attention towards his maybe allies. His thought pinched their mind as if he was speaking to them through mind power alone. "I will kill them." said the voice as the man in the trench coat still levitated continuing his fight against their attempting kidnappers.

    'So much fun!'
    "You call this fun?'
    'Yes, the violence! The blood feeds me!"
    "Be careful, remember why you wanted to go here.'
    "To meet them but off course!"

    Grinning to himself again, the trench coat man looked at one of the bodies on the ground. Willing it to float in the air, he used it to banter the barrage of bullets that went in way. It was a meat-shield, how adorable. These humans were pathetic always trying to defy what was obviously better to them, they were the future, they were the hunters and now they would be surpassed by people like him.
  6. [size=+2]Bass[/size]

    Looking at the woman, Bass glanced over his shoulder at the men she littered with ice, and the blank of snow she laid out. "Huh... Takk en, Gorgeous." he said in thanks speaking Icelandic after hearing the woman's accent clearly. He'd been there before, and the chances of finding another Demi, along with knowing her language was a rare thing indeed. 'Can't pass up these odds then.' Bass thought, as he slowly stood up. "Alright toots! Let's make it interesting then!" His free hand ignited with a brilliant blue light launching a wave of energy into the ground before her that rose up to encase her in a protective cube. Placing a hand against it to lean on it, Bass looked directly at her eyes hidden behind her glasses, his own having a pale fuchsia glow. "When you hear the bang, run like hell. Viscoli's Pizza Parlor at the corner of 11th, and Hindle. Tell Anthony you know Jason, and he sent you there. You can hide there."

    Pushing off the cube, Bass turned, and swung his arm, throwing the small shield he's held onto, it's path slammed into a van, flipping it over causing several gunmen to dive out of the way. As he continued forward, he began spinning, his arms waving out in odd angles, his right hand clenched in a fist which began to glow with a bright white light.

    "He's amplifying! Take him out before he gets that shock wave ready!" Another soldier called out, as they all began to focus themselves on Bass, even those occupied with the third assailant that had came down upon them.

    "I will kill them all."

    The voice crept into his mind, and cause Bass to slow a moment, a bullet tore into his left shoulder. "Ah, [size=+1]FUCK![/size]" he screamed, and began the strange serious of movements once more. However had spoken to him, wasn't going to get much time to talk to him just yet. Focusing back on the situation at hand, Bass's speed continued to increase, as the bullets continued to whiz by him... and then....


    Bass had jumped up into the air, and drove his fist straight into the ground, releasing a brilliant light, and a wave of sound that shattered glass, rippled metal, and collapsed a few lungs, mostly it had send the gunmen several yards backwards, and left a painful ringing in their ears, like someone had taken a thousand bass amplifiers, and cranked them all to eleven.

    Slowly rising to his feet, Bass wobbly looked around taking note of the destruction, not to mention the completely annihilated diner. What caught his eye though, was something levitating in the air... something wearing a heavy coat... it appeared to be a man, though he was surrounded by torn, and broken bodies. Piecing two, and two together, Bass had an idea of what he, or she was... Not knowing if the person was friend of foe, he began to stumble backwards to join Valkari in the dead sprint back to his safe house.
  7. Another ascended girl, no more than 5'3, with pale gold hair in a braid at her waist, shimmery violet eyes, and a heart-shaped face was hiding under the table at the Diner. She had been given amazing healing powers when the ascention hit humanity, along with very strong fire -and- telekinetic abilities. However, she couldn't use either power too often or she fainted from exhaustion. Worse than this, was if she stayed unconscious more than a few hours, she stayed out -for days-. Rather useless in her opinion. She stayed under the very last table left of the diner, most of the ordinary people had run home, terrified completely of all the chaos that had taken place in what used to be a calm, run-of-the-mill restaraunt. Her name was Julie Freeman, and she'd been ascended since the age of 12, had healed many people, and could easily defend herself if necessary. But this guy taking out the people after ascended... she didn't know -what- to make of him, or the others. She'd been raised not to trust anyone, since most would use her powers, enemy or not, for their own reasons. She frowned, undecided as of what to do.

    She knew however, she didn't have a lot of time to decide... Two armed men were fast approaching her, ready to haul her off as their next experiment. She glowered, cupping her hands, as a wave of brilliant -blue- fire shot out from her palms straight at her attackers. They screamed, instantly burning to ashes, without remains, in less than 5 seconds. She decided then that it was a good time to get out from under the table and -run.-
  8. Valkari wasn't going to argue this time. Sticking around for anything that went bang couldn't be safe. She did her best to keep the soldiers away from them; him especially since he was defending her. The scythe in her hands had enough length to swipe at their bodies, either cutting them or knocking them off their feet. The weapon then broke at her command, turning into hundreds of sharp, little pieces of ice that she sent flying towards the troops in front of them.

    A shiver crawled up her spine, in response to an eerie voice speaking to her. She could sense it to be friendly, but there was still something strange about it. Valkari wished she could analyze it more. She had to get running, though! Seeing Jason move his hands the way he did was going to lead to something highly destructive. She just knew it.

    Right when his fist met the ground, she fled the scene with her handbag still in tow. Not a single moment was taken to look back. She knew they weren't the only ones there. There was someone else outside killing those men with them, and if she wasn't mistaken, another one was just beyond the killing. In the diner, perhaps? Or hiding behind a tree like she'd done before?

    Strange, how that situation of Jason's attracted more 'Demis'.

    Valkari's pace slowed down when a home came into view, a hand reaching out to press against the door while she slouched and tried to catch her breath. Her sunglasses slid down the bridge of her nose, giving a peek at her glittery eyes of light blue. After a light knock on the door, she adjusted her posture and made a heavy sigh of relief. She waited for this Anthony person to invite her inside.
  9. [size=+2]Anthony Scilelley[/size]


    "What the fuck is it now?" Anthony called out towards the door, as he heard a light knocking. Getting up from the counter, he set the paper he was reading down, and carried his glass of scotch with him. Flinging the door open, a blonde woman was standing there... a [size=+1]good[/size] looking one too. Leaning his massive muscled frame against the side of the door, Anthony dipped his head down slightly to look at Valkari in her eyes, if the sunglasses hadn't been there. "Parlor's closed miss. We'll shut down at two in, and it's three now." Yawning, he brought a large gloved hand to stifle it, and then lightly rubbed his face, before taking another sip of scotch.


    Picking himself up from amidst the debris from the large shock wave, he found himself several yards from the diner, with a girl passed out next to him. Leaning over to get a better look at her, he then noticed a slight orange glow to her hand, where small sparks of fire flickered! "Another Demi? Jesus, how many are there these days?" Bass murmured more in amazement. The groans of the gunmen he'd attacked reminded him that this wasn't the best place to be losing himself in thought. "Well they ain't gonna get her too." Scooping the unconscious woman up, Bass slowly stumbled to a decent fast walk.

    Hoping to lose any followers in the maze of back alleys, he darted in, out, and through the honey comb that littered New York City. Exiting out behind Viscoli's, he stopped for a moment, and leaned his back up against a brick wall to catch his breath. Looking back down at the woman he was carrying, she was still unconscious, and saw the blood that trickled down his arm, had stained the majority of her clothing. "Oh yeah... that's why I'm feeling light headed... heh."

    Stumbling off the wall, he managed to make it within earshot of the front door, where Valkari, and Anthony were standing, and fell to one knee, just at the stairs. His breathing was heavy, and exhausted. "If... you two'd be so kind.... can y'all kindly get out of the way? I'm... really fuckin' tired... and hungry... and thirsty." Bass said, his head tilted back to the side. He looked like he might pass out at any minute.


  10. (Sorry for the late post guys.)

    The last of the mens' scream were silenced by an explosion that overcame and destroyed most of thesurroundingareas. The figure known as SIGMUND looked around as he took in every detail of the now decrepit landscape. Letting himself slowly enjoy himself with the men who had survived, he lost himself in his own madness as he saw everyone had gone from the location of battle including the female from before. He let his eyes adjust for a second before homing on the running demi, the one who had drawn him to the battle as it was. He was holding someone. My, this was getting interesting by the second, he smiled under his mask for a second before flying towards the direction the others had ran. He wanted to find them, it was rare when he met another like him. They were providing more enjoyment than he had originally thought.

    Letting them guide him it wasn't long till he reached what seemed like their base of operations where he beheld the rest from before. Masking himself in darkness he watched before sending them his thought, his way of speaking. "My we are in some sort of trouble aren't we?" said SIGMUND as he stepped from the shadows letting his feet finally touch the ground since he started fighting. He looked at them as if he were studying them. They each had different varieties of abilities which he had never seen before. "Your good at running" he said to Bass "But how long till they catch you? You can't run forever."

  11. "The hell's going on out here" The cook, steve, had stepped from the kitchen to the spectacle at the doorway; A gorgeous blonde; Bass whom he only knew as one of Anthony's friends, carrying an unconscious woman and bleeding profusely, and someone wearing a mask. "Looks like we had a fun night." he added sarcastically, striding over to Bass and helping him inside. He caught himself thinking that he could heal him with barely a thought, but stopped it dead. He'd had enough issues with his power already, and he didn't feel like leaving his third city behind only a few months after getting there.

    "So, I take it we ain't calling an ambulance on this one."
  12. Needless to say, the blonde named Julie was slowly waking her up, taking her time about it so she didn't get the awful head- rush she usually had whenever her power blasts knocked her out. She blinked and realized her surroundings were vastly different from when she'd previously been in the diner, but something told her she didn't need to be -too- worried just yet. She stared at everyone, seeming to catch their vibes, and frowned. "Alright... thanks, for getting me out of there. I think I can stand on my feet now." She was totally honest, since after briefly considering her own condition, she realized the dizzy feeling had passed, and now all she really wanted, were answers. "Is this... a refuge?" She asked, her bright purple eyes a little scary to look at for long since not only the color, but the depths of them were pretty intense. She supposed it was to make up for her lack of height. Hopefully, someone would explain soon! She was starting to get just a tad... uneasy to say the least.
  13. The man who answered the door was not at all what she was expecting. Quite muscular, from what she could see. He also looked tired... This was more than a house? Valkari didn't even take the time to see if there was anything symbolizing that it was a shop of some kind. Though, she did recall a mentioning of pizza...

    "Nei, Jason sent me," she told him, curiously tilting her head. "I won't stay for too long, if you don't want me to. I just wanted to talk to him for a moment, assuming he comes here."

    Giving a charming smile, she shuffled a bit to move her novel, setting it beneath her other arm. After all of that, she managed to keep it safe. Crazy as it seemed to protect a book, of all things, she begged to differ. Valkari as highly passionate about books. Cover art, vocabulary, plots, character development, even the different font styles on the pages! All of it was fascinating to her.

    Before she could be invited in, the other powered beings made their way towards her. Jason looked beyond exhausted. There was another woman with him, who also looked tired, but at least in better shape. Along with them was that mysterious man that spoke into her mind with that eerie voice. It looked like she would be learning about more than Jason tonight.

    There was also a voice coming from inside of the restaurant. This scene was looking busy.

    "Do you need a hand?" Valkari offered to Jason, an arm extending to his direction. The poor guy looked like he was going to collapse right in the doorway. If not her, she expected this other friend of his to assist him. With her book still in the other hand, she pushed her glasses off her face to sit them on her head, letting her glowing eyes of ice blue be seen. They were amongst others like her, so she saw no reason to hide. Besides, they just saw her kill a bunch of men with her powers.

    "So you are all, as the people here call us... 'Demis'?" she inquired out loud, still a bit of a stranger to that term.
  14. [size=+2]Anthony Scilelley[/size]


    "God dammit." Anthony said softly, though it was apparent that he was royally pissed. "Get inside, all of you." He said, and shut the door behind them, locking the deadbolts behind them. Flipping a few chairs over for them all to sit at a table, he rubbed his head, and slightly, and then hurled his glass across the room, and grunted, before grabbing clean glasses for everyone there. Setting them down on the table, he filled them all with scotch, and rested the bottle on the counter once more.

    "I'm serious, Bass. This had better not be what I think it fucking is."


    Deposited into a chair, Bass, snatched the glass, and drank the contents greedily, slamming the glass back down, and leaned back in the chair heavily a moment. "It's exactly what you think it is, and I ain't sorry for it!" Turning to Valkari, he leaned in close to her, and tapped his cheek lightly. "You... you're icy aren't you? Yeah... Demi. It's what you free types are called outside the compounds. Y'all were born with those powers, unlike me." Leaning back, he looked at them all. Of all of them, he knew Anthony to be a normal human being, the others he assumed weren't, though he wasn't sure about Steve. He only knew him from Anthony.

    Looking to Julie, Bass opened his mouth, but was cut off by Anthony before he could answer.

    "No, it isn't, and no we're not getting EMTs here. Go get a clean knife, a lighter, and a bottle of vodka, Steve. We're doing this here." The big man said matter of factly.

    Tossing a nervous glance to Anthony, Bass eventually returned to his little speech. "Y'all got yourselves involved in something that's between me, and them, so I'm not expecting any of you to do shit after you leave here, you understand me? But I'm going to do what I did back there, a hundred times over. I'm gonna rip this whole system up, and make you, and your's a better tomorrow. Cause eventually we'll all be all special and shit." He said with distaste, and lit a cigarette.

    "There's no smoking in the parlor, Ba-"

    "You're gonna dig bullets out of my arm with a fucking knife! Let me have this!" Bass yelled cutting Anthony off, how just nodded. "Now, I ain't runnin', Sideshow." he said to Sigmund. "I'm just drawing a whole lotta moths to a big flame." Exhaling deeply, he ashed on the ground, the sound of Anthony's large knuckles popping followed. "I'll sweep it up later, but y'all following me? I didn't mean to get y'all involved, so y'all are free to walk. Each and everyone. Though a few of you, I'd like to keep in contact with." He said glancing at Valkari with a wink.
  15. Julie instantly saw an opportunity to help someone with her 'gift'. Ordinarily, she despised using a lot of her powers, preferring to keep them hidden and out of mind, but tonight just didn't seem like one of those good ideas. For every bullet that was dug out of Bass' body, she healed every wound, completely. She had no way of restoring the blood, so he'd still be tired and possibly dizzy. But the skin itself repaired without a single flaw. She kept going at this until all the bullets were gone, and healed. "As for us, walking free, well.. I don't mind helping out on whatever we're doing." She shrugged, trying not to look as tired as she felt. She'd used up more energy tonight than she'd had to in a while, but she didn't mind, when it came to returning favors and just helping out.

  16. SIGMUND looked at the man known as Bass and then to the rest of them. He chuckled at Bass' response to him, that was a new nickname he had never heard before. "Well to be perfectly honest, you loudmouthed bastard. I think our best bets are on you, I think all of us one or another have been looking for payback. We just needed someone to start the fire." he said letting the glass float to him before he lifted his mask for a second to reveal his mouth, it was pale, and wrinkled. The scotch tipped forward in his mouth as he gulped it down. He let out a loud yell, "That hit the spot." He collected the bullets and examined it for a second. He continued to stand, he didn't like to sit. "You must understand they've been chasing everyone like us, not just you. We all have shit to finish with them." at that moment SIGMUND examined the crowd carefully. "Which leads me to ask, Bass is it and the rest of you, are you naturals or artificial ascended?"‚Äč
  17. The glass of Scotch was held in Valkari's hands, a long fingernail tapping idly at the rim of the cup. She didn't intend to drink it... Simply, it was in her hand so she wouldn't seem rude for ignoring the offer. She figured someone in the room might take it from her once they noticed she wouldn't be having it. Not drinking any was for the best, she being someone who was highly dependent on water to use her powers.

    At Bass's wink, she arched a brow and made a smirk, then lightly shook her head. The coquettish charm was amusing, but nothing she wasn't used to. If she were 'normal', she might actually have a happy relationship with someone. A worthy sacrifice to not be imprisoned, though. Or endanger any loved ones. That reminder made her glum at times; it's why she left her homeland in the first place.

    A glance was made to the one known as SIGMUND. "I was born this way," she answered, also curious about how and why everyone had special abilities like herself. "My family connects my powers to the story of Ymir. It's an old legend about the birth of frost giants."

    Valkari made a shrug after her brief explanation, deciding to leave it at to spare boring details. If not boring, then emotionally conflicting. She was the sort that preferred to weep in private, because showing tears to others was pathetic. That's what she grew up to believe, anyway.

    Spotting a vacant chair, she stepped over to it to take a seat, setting her glass down on the table beside her. Her book and handbag were set onto her lap, her eyes falling to read the title of her novel. "My name is Valkari Hafthorsson," she said to the group, nodding respectfully. Val thought they deserved to know.
  18. Others? They were like him, only more reckless.

    He slammed the scotch he was offered, and got the required instruments, making sure the edge was sharp on the knife he grabbed. Instinct told him of the non drinker, which he generously liberated of her scotch before downing that too.
    "Never a dull moment anymore, not since the Demi's started showing up." he handed Bass a freshly opened fifth of whiskey to help with the pain.

    "So, before someone busts down the door and blows us all the fuck away, what exactly happened? So I can at least die knowing why the bullets will be flying my direction."

    Striding over to a nearby window, he peered through to keep watch for any unfriendlies that may be showing up.

    Same old shit, different damn day
  19. [size=+2]Bass[/size]

    "I ain't doing this for any of y'all. This is for the few that were grown like a scientifically engineered crop of resources!" Bass yelled, slamming his fist onto the table, literally turning it into sawdust from the energy his hand emitted. "You can either keep running, or lay low until I finish this shit!" He finished while standing, only to be sent to the ground as Anthony unleased his large fist into Bass's face.

    "Cut that shit out! You're going to get yourself killed? Fine, but dammit, I'm not going to be dragged into this bullshit again! You owe me a sister you mother fucker, and I expect you to pay up, or I'm gonna kick your fucking teeth so far down your throat you'll have to drop your pants to chew your food!" The large Italian yelled as his arms were locked in a white knuckle clench. "You dragged these people into this shit, and now you've got the responsibility to help them out, not leave them in the dark."

    Running a gloved hand across his mouth, to clean the blood, Bass slowly stood up, and walked straight up to his old friend. "Only once can I, or shall I let that go? Don't fuck with me anymore Normal boy. I'm not trying to make things worse. I'm just doing what I was made for. None of you could understand." Bass said waving a hand dismissively. As he sat back down, he took the whiskey from Steve, and looked at it with heavy eyes as he slowly moved his left shoulder. "Heh... good as new eh?" His eyes looked to Julie. "Thanks."

    A moment of silence passed before Bass looked to them all in turn. Looking to SIGMUND "I'm entirely created from genetic modifications. There isn't anything human about me." He then pointed to a black brand looking tattoo that was along his neck. "Number Seventeen is my actual name. Sixteen others were created, to have their abilities harvested, and put into me. I was to go into number Eighteen."

    Taking a sip of whiskey, Bass sighed slightly, and rubbed his chin. "I... I decided to draw their attention on me, so I could lead them on a wild goose chase before I returned to the Bunker, to set it on fire, and free the rest of the Ascended. That's what we're called. You naturals are called Demi's."

  20. Raising her eyebrows, Julie was -not- impressed with all the temper-tantrum throwing males! She shifted her gaze to the other quiet girl, and managed a small smile, which she hid in case it turned out the girl didn't like other females or something. She was definitely pretty enough to have her pick of the guys here, that was for sure. Calmly, Julie informed the group she'd been born this way, with healing and blue fire. She didn't share her other gifts just then. Something held her back. As a child, she'd used her gifts freely, the way innocent children often did, without hardened hearts or caution. Eventually, she was taken advantage of so many times for her healing powers, that she was sick, for almost an entire year at the hospital from overuse of energy. She learned the hard way as everyone did sooner or later, that being powerful, or gifted in anyway, got yourself noticed. In the wrong ways. She moved away from her home town as soon as she graduated high-school, and made an honest living wherever she traveled. Why she was here now, was really beyond her. But at that point, she had a feeling it would all lead to something big if she stuck around. She didn't tell the group her past, naturally. She felt it sounded too much like an emo-sob story, and naturally, kept most things to herself. Needless to say, the lack of making friends ability was one of them. Still, this wasn't too bad of a group to be around. She'd be wallflower for a bit and just figure things out as they went along.~