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    London, 2012.

    The Castle Demento calls her name.

    In the dark of night, when Eve thinks she is safe, the
    nightmares come for her. In her sleep. When she wakes.
    There is never a moment when she doesn't feel the pull
    of that dark and ancient force, foreign yet oddly
    familiar all the same. She never wants to
    find the source of those horrors.

    But the source finds her.

    WARNING: This roleplay deals with very dark and
    macabre themes. Read at your own risk.
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  2. Lilith Sage

    Ultimately it was the cold that woke her up. Feather-light tendrils of frigid air curling against her skin, the gentle touch urging goosebumps to rise on pale flesh, adding blemish to the otherwise unmarked skin and making the girl's sleeping form shiver, peaceful face suddenly scrunching in discomfort.

    When it got to the point of being so uncomfortable that sleep could no longer keep hold of her Lilith found her eyes fluttering open, lids falling over and revealing pale eyes rapidly as the orbs struggled to find focus. The moment they succeeded however, bringing their surroundings into clear view, Lilith found herself wishing they hadn't.

    The room she found herself in was completely unfamiliar to her. The decor was all strangely old looking. Oil paintings hung on papered walls and flowers sat in beautiful vases on elegant oak desks. At the far end of the room, across from where Lilith lay, there was a window, opened to let the cool night air dance into the room, accompanying the flimsy white curtains in a clumsy waltz that sent the fabric blowing and fluttering about. Despite the age the furniture seemed to have it was all remarkably well-maintained, clean and free of blemish or ware. Whoever room care of this room, this place, apparently took great pride in it.

    Once she'd finally begun to regain her bearings enough to clear some of the static in her fuzzy head Lilith attempted to sit up, only to feel a rough tug on her wrists prevent her from getting very far in that endeavor.

    "Oof!" Lilith let out a grunt as the sudden tug pulled her back into a laying position. Brow scrunching the young woman let her gaze drift upwards to see what exactly it was that held her in her place, only to find her eyes widening and a feeling of panic set in as she did.

    'Are those handcuffs?' The thought frightened her. Whoever had brought her here apparently did not want her getting away. If waking up in an unfamiliar place with no memory as to how she had gotten here nor where here could be wasn't enough of an indication, it was abundantly clear now that there was something very wrong.

    Tugging and pulling, struggling and straining, Lilith began trying to find a way to escape the chains that bound her to the bed she'd awoken in. It seemed strange, to be given such a comfortable place to stay but to be confined to it so roughly. Of course, Lilith didn't care for such things now - all she cared about in the moment was getting out of here.

    Soft grunts passed through clenched teeth as the girl continued to struggle, twisting and turning with all of the strength her tired body could muster. And slowly, ever so slowly, the work that was beginning to wear her out and rub her delicate wrists raw, began to pay off.

    "Almost there... almost." Lilith muttered to herself, quiet encouragements as she continued to pull her wrists down, forcing her hands to push together as much as they could to help worm them through the cuffs. Whoever had closed them around her had not done so very tightly and Lilith was sure that, with the wiggle room she had, if she pulled hard enough she would be able to...

    "Aha!" Feeling a sudden slip as the rest of the thicker part of her hand managed to scrape through the metal restraints Lilith knew had finally won back the freedom of her hands. Upon examining them she found the long-fingered limbs red and raw from their battle for freedom, but mostly unharmed. The redness and heat would surely disappear soon and the small scrapes would soon follow. It was a small price to pay for (what Lilith currently thought was) freedom.

    With her first obstacle out of the way Lilith stood from the plush bed she'd awoken on, wrapping one of the bedsheets tightly around her bare form. She knew not where her clothes had gone nor who had taken them and while that was disconcerting she felt no pain and saw no other physical signs that would give cause for worry and thus pushed to to the back of her mind. As curious a matter as it was (what need would anyone have for her clothes? Why, and where, had they been taken?) it's importance was minimal in comparison to the other issues Lilith was currently facing. Hopefully she could find something to wear somewhere, but she needed to figure out what was going on more than she needed to be concerned with her attire. A sheet would suffice for now - at least it would keep her covered and provide some form of protection against the cold air.

    Her first steps were small and slow, her mind and body still a little groggy. Lilith hadn't any idea how long she'd been sleeping but apparently it had been long enough to make her body struggle to wake up, legs seeming to want to reject the thought of trying to hold up their owners weight after getting up such a short time ago. Her earlier struggle for freedom from her cuffs certainly hadn't helped her fatigue.

    After sparing a quick look around the room, as if to make sure she hadn't missed anything important, Lilith headed to the door. Her hand clutched the cold of the metal knob, wrist twisting to turn it. Unfortunately it didn't cooperate, knob stopping only a short ways into the twist, refusing to budge no matter how much Lilith jiggled it.


    "Blast." Lilith wasn't surprised but she was irritated, taking her frustrations out with a fairly light punch to the wood of her failed exit. Now what? She had to get out of here, but there was only one door connected to the room. There was the window, but it was clear that, wherever she was, it was not the first floor of this building. Lilith wasn't about to jump out of a window to her death who knows how many feet below. She wasn't that desperate - not yet, at least.
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  3. enter demento
    ~ narrator ~

    The wind whistled through the cracks in the broken window that protected the room from sheets of rain. The shutters rattled against the outer stone walls of the castle. The drip from a faucet filled the little bedroom with subtle noise, drip, drip, drip, constant and repetitive from the open bathroom. The chandelier lights flickered. Fractured electricity pulsed throughout the room. A breeze of ice and daggers coursed through the small space and turned Lilith's skin to gooseflesh.

    Shortly after, the lights went out entirely. Only the moonlight illuminated her surroundings.

    A ring of rusty keys rested on the table beside a letter written in a woman's hand. Beside the letter sat a tall glass of water with lip markings on the side of the rim, as if someone had already taken a sip.

    Slow footsteps approach from the hallway. They were be heard through the wood of the door, patient and quiet, made by someone of delicate size. Probably a woman. When she walked along the wood flooring, the sound of heels clicked and fabric shifted, the movement of a large dress.

    "Miss," said a voice in monotone. The footsteps came to a halt. "Miss...may I come in?"
  4. Lilith Sage
    Once it was clear that there would be no walking out of the door that easily Lilith sighed and turned to look around the room. She had no intent to make herself comfortable here as she absolutely refused even the thought of sticking around, but perhaps she could find something useful here.

    It wasn't long before the young woman managed to spot the keys on the table, decorated by rust but still looking sturdy enough to be functional. Everything in this room had a similar look to it. It was all old, very old, showing signs of wear and tear that only age could bring yet still diligently serving its purpose. It was a juxtaposition that Lilith found strangely unnerving. There was just something so... off about this place. Something so wrong. But she couldn't put her finger on it.

    Wasting little time Lilith rushed to the keys, hearing their dull jingles as she flipped through them, taking in the different keys here. Why would someone leave these in here with her? Was she supposed to escape, to explore? Why? If she was to wander to find only God knew what, what was the purpose of chaining her up? And, was it worth the exploration? Being uncomfortable even in this unassuming room, Lilith wasn't sure she wanted to know what the rest of this castle held in store for her.

    A moment later Lilith took note of the paper lying on the desk, held down safe from the push of the wind by a cup. Though there was no one else in here there was a stain on the rim - someone else had been drinking it. A spike of discomfort rose in Lilith at the thought, grabbing at her stomach, but she tried not to think too much of it. She had bigger problems than a glass of water.

    Though it took a great deal of willpower, with sticking throat and mouth so dry it almost stung, Lilith turned away from the glass (sampled or not she would not trust such a strange offering. Even the keys seemed suspicious but they were her only hope in getting out of here and it was a chance she had no remaining option but to take.)

    Lilith had just picked up the note, eyes beginning to scan the almost unnaturally neat loops and swirls of the perfect, symmetrical writing when she heard footsteps beginning to come her way. At first she froze, hoping they would pass her by, but when they stopped right before the door to her room it was clear that that was not an option.

    When whoever it was who had stopped on the other side of the door spoke Lilith stiffened, dropping the note before she could get much past the first line. Something about the mear speech of that person, presumably a woman on the other side of the door, made a shudder pass through Lilith's body. Something about the emptiness of that voice had turned her spine to ice, so cold it was almost painful.

    "Who's there?" Lilith questioned, voice shakier and less assured than she would have liked it to be. It was clear that the woman on the other side of the door knew that Lilith was there so there was no point in pretending not to be.

    'The keys!' The thought occurred to Lilith suddenly. If this strange person was going to be coming in Lilith would need to hide those keys. She couldn't risk having them taken away, not now. But... where to hide them? She hadn't any proper attire to smuggle them around in and didn't possess a chest large enough to even bother attempting to hide anything there as she'd seen other women do in the past.

    "U-um, I'm not decent!" Lilith tried to buy herself time as her eyes scanned the room frantically, pale grey scanning about the browns, faded whites and other bland tones that marked the room, looking for anywhere she could hide them.

    Finally, her eyes settled on the pillow. It wasn't the greatest spot to hide them but Lilith had the feeling that she didn't have enough time to think of anywhere else - that woman would be coming in whether Lilith wanted her to or not. Drawers were loud, the bed to high to put anything under and vases too thin for her to want to risk attempting to force the keys down into them. So under the pillows it would have to be. Hopefully she would be able to keep her visitor's attention away from there.

    "I suppose you may come in." Lilith tried to sound determined and strong but she could feel the way her voice shook in trepidation, tremor finding its way into her words. The brunette had put a solid amount of distance between herself and the door and thus herself and whoever was on the other side of it.

    As the door handle turned, metal creaking and whining at the use as it was jiggled, Lilith felt herself tense. Her shoulders rose, back straightened and her jaw was clenched so tightly it was beginning to hurt her teeth. There was no telling who was on the other side and what they would do when they found her wandering about the room, free of her cuffs. The thought made her pale.

    "Who are you? What do you want from me?" Lilith couldn't stop the question as it worked its way through her throat, pushing and climbing until it had forced itself out of her mouth. She had posed it the second the door had opened to reveal the woman on the other side, firing her questions as if they, combined with the harsh tone in which she asked them, would somehow protect her from whatever -and whomever- this place had in store for her.

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